13 Dec 2016

The Finishing Touch


What’s your finishing touch?

When it comes to getting going-out-ready, do you have one particular piece you see as your finishing touch? ‘Tis the season to be jolly, after all. Time to deck the halls.

This year I have added one to my wardrobe.

I have been skirting around the edges with this particular “finishing” touch for a while. Last year I admired a faux fur accessory my daughter wore frequently. It was a wrap scarf in a double band of colour and when she added it to the neckline of her coats and jackets it immediately transformed them into something really special; that small touch, big impact addition.

Yes, she does look great in pretty much everything but this ‘finishing touch’ did make a difference. I am a little late to the party, it has only taken me a year to emulate her faux fabulousness, but better late than never. Right?

Now I am officially faux-furring up my cold weather coats or I am finishing a party ensemble with a little capelet style stole.



“Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle.” Don’t you love this?

I don’t know about you but at this time of year my tinsel can well and truly be in a tangle. The idea is to stress less and enjoy more, I think we all know that, but sometimes we lose the memo.

That’s where an easy accessory, a finishing touch can take the pain out of the whole “what to wear” question. Dressing up with a striking faux scarf or wrap can solve the problem pronto.

Have you thought of the faux fur scarf as a gift for your girlfriends?

I know mine will love one; it’s individual, unusual and something personal.

It’s the thought that counts ;) xv

The Finishing Touch

***ted baker faux stole  //  **charlotte simone popsicle faux scarf  //  **charlotte simone popsicle faux scarf  //  **halogen faux stole

eliza j faux fur caplet   //  glint faux fur shrug  //  sole society faux stole

and when in doubt, this is my go-to, my what-to-give-when-i-don’t-know-what-to-give

The Perfect Hostess Gift: Give A Bauble Or Two

eiffel tower in silver  //  collegiate snowman  //  joy to the world doggies  //  travel suitcases

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Taste of France

That is a tough one because it all depends WHERE. A dinner party last weekend was in a room I know to be drafty, so I took a cashmere wrap. Other times, I’d say the finishing touch is dangling earrings, or a bold lipstick–something that steps things up and out of the ordinary. The faux fur stole sounds wonderful, and you have me thinking about necklines and how that would work out…..Thanks for the tip!

Esther George

Hi Vicki, everything is so beautiful, its hard to make a choice. Talking about finishing touch, I remember one year I was going to a wedding in an off shoulder black dress, it felt like I needed a finishing touch this I complained to my French friend, who solved the problem by lending me the most beautiful scarf I have ever seen, it made me feel wonderful, of course it was from France. You know it is so hot over here that wearing fur would be unimaginable. Thank you for sharing beauty. Till next time, regards Esther from Sydney.

Vicki Ford

For me it depends on the setting and the nature of the people attending. In a low-lit crowded venue with a lot of younger people, its got to be immediate bling like my rose gold chain mail Swarovski drop earrings and lots of smokey and gold eye colouring. In a more intimate setting I play up the hair and any bare shoulders and collarbone with a soft dusting of gold powder. In a subtropical setting like Brisbane QLD I usually exfoliate the arms, manicure ans pedicure the nails and apply a scented oil for pure beguilment. The light and vibrant printed dresses and strappy jewelled sandles appear. Of course if we have a quick hit of winter mid year out comes slinky velvet knit tops, an opulent knit and a sassy pair of boots to express ourselves, just for that brief moment we are given, in our own edited version of European formality. I can only imagine the delights of winter in Europe and its many beautiful settings with its bustle of people moving from place to place, enjoying the moments and each bringing their colour and beauty as a peagantry of its own. Wonderful! Vicki could you do a post of people celebrating end of year through their own colour and splendor.over there where you are? We are celebrating here with cotton dresses, sunscreen and cold drinks (double giggle!) Vicki.

Anita Rivera

Oh yes, I saw a lovely faux scarf the other day and it was even on sale. My husband liked it too so I wonder, if we went back to the mall, if he’d spring for it….and my finishing touches? Always, always diamonds. OH YEAH!

Mimi Gregor

My “finishing touches” actually take place before I even put my actual party clothes on; for me, my makeup is the “finishing touch”. I figure that most people will focus on my face and not remember what I am wearing. So I pay extra attention to a more dramatic eye or red lips. And I concentrate on the area surrounding my face: hair, earrings, and neckwear. One must have a nice frame for a painting, after all.


Love faux fur stoles! Of the ones you’ve listed I like cream and also the crazy popsicle with hot pink. Every autumn I buy one or two because it’s cold enough in Canberra to wear them over a coat or maybe over a sweater. Have them in black, red, navy, pale dusty pink (they might once have called this colour ashes of roses – lovely name) etc. When I think about it they’re not really faux fur – they’re wool, knitted but with long curly dangling fringes that LOOK like money fur. The first time one of my grand-daughters saw one she asked “What kind of dead animal are you wearing Nonna?” But I was able to reassure her it was wool from a LIVE sheep. My DIL began training the girls very early about the evils of fur. Would never dare wear real fur as they would be so disappointed in me.
Last June in the Sonia Rykiel sale I bought an amazing boa in emerald green that I just love over a black jacket. Can also be worn over white, navy or grey. It works perfectly with the emerald handbag I also bought in Paris this year.
Of course other finishing touches would be the lovely new Chanel ink lipsticks. They have a small but stunning range of colours. Specially love their reds. Also jewellery of course. I never go anywhere without my silver Georg Jensen bangles and rings. And then there’s perfume! So many finishing touches. Best wishes, Pamela

Our French Oasis

I love the trend for faux fur scarves, I have a lovely grey one which I wear whenever the thermometer drops a little here, plus it’s snuggly and also makes me feel very glam, regardless of whether I am or not really! Finishing touch, always earrings, most days I wear simple diamond studs or simple diamond hoops, so for any special occasion it has to be big and bold earrings.

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques

Vicki, isn’t it so great to be able to “steal” some fabulous ideas from our daughters? We’ve raise confident, beautiful young women, and they seem to have such a way with knowing their style. I actually bought a beautiful fur scarf a few years ago, although here in California I don’t wear it as often as I’d like! My finishing touch is always the accessories, a necklace, a stunning bangle. One of my all time favorites is a leopard silk scarf that can also be worn as a wrap should it get chilly. Wishing you a gorgeous day today! Xo Lidy


Hello Vicki, I’ve often thought I’d like one of these faux fur scarves, and living in Tasmania I can justify owning one, but never been brave enough to buy one. Thanks to your post I’ve just ordered a nifty little faux leopard fur one today! It’s summer here, but I look forward to jazzing up the winter clothes when winter comes around. I love your blogg, and have been a fan since I bought your 2 books years ago. Jeanette


I have a couple of faux fur “scarves”/ wraps that I love but now in Florida I am just wrapping a long silk scarf around my neck a few times.
I don’t miss the cold of New York winters yet

Deborah Main

Great post, especially the “Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle”. I’m definitely using that this holiday season. I’m with you, and love a vintage fur scarf or stole as the finishing touch. My go-to is a 1960’s baby blue car coat with open bell sleeves trimmed in light blue fox. Its such a statement coat that I wear it like a stole. It catches people’s attention real quick. I also wear a vintage brooch on it as well. Definitely a conversation starter and cozy finishing touch. I also recently started wearing a black feather fascinator hat…a real winner. Love the links you shared! Happy holidays 🎄🎁🎄


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