31 Dec 2016

Happy Holidays on vickiarcher.com

What a year it has been and can you tell me, WHERE did it go?


When I think about the year that will soon be relegated to past memory in one way I am surprised with the speed in which it has vanished; in other ways it has felt like forever.

There has been great joy and equally deep sadness to mark 2016 and the year has not been the easiest for many. Our world has seen some great loss, major changes and what the future holds as these unfold are unclear.

What I do know is, I love, love every second I spend here writing and creating content to share with you.

How did I find myself in my 50’s working in the heart of digital publishing? All I can say, (change that), all I can scream is, I am the LUCKIEST woman in the world.

There are days when I think what more is there to say, but those days are so few and so infrequent, they don’t count. My greatest challenge is finding the time to cover all the chat and the beauty I want to share with you. There is never enough time for my follow through.

We have covered many miles together this year and I am grateful for your friendship and loyalty. You continue to inspire me with your generous natures and willingness to travel with me, in every way.

What I really want to say is, yes I am at the helm and it is me writing to you most days, but without your commitment and engagement I wouldn’t have half as much to say.

We are a team and you are my most cherished players.

Adventures are awaiting us next year and I can’t wait to see where they lead us. In the meantime I am taking a break and heading into the sunshine. The caftans are folded, the swimsuits in the bag and the sunglasses ready.

Can you tell I AM excited?

I want to wish you the happiest and most joyous of holiday seasons. Much love, Vicki xv

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Dae Williams

Thank you for the enrichment you add into my life without even knowing me! I love the inspired subjects, the delectable images and above all the way in which you string your words together. My life is all the better for what you add to the mix. Looking forward to more………

Richard Hacker

Hi Vicki,
Thanks for another year of entertainment, I always get a buzz when your name pops up in my inbox. Long may you continue to entertain your many fans and please enjoy your break in the sun. Looking forward to reading you again.

Vicki Ford

Your infectious joy in living is a tonic and a blessing dear Vicki. Have a great time with your family, rest well, be blessed!

Anne Christopher

Enjoy your well deserved warm break, Vicki and most especially enjoy the precious family time that Christmas offers. Look forward to more adventures with you in 2017!!

Elizabeth St.Clait

Thank you so much for the daily dose of beauty, glamour, culture, ideas and always, always encouraging us to appreciate life, raise our game and revel in sensory delights. Can’t tell you what a joy it is to receive that uplift each day. When days are not so bright, your daily click reminds me that there are other ways to be. Have a wonderfully festive holiday and I look forward to lots more Vicki Archer in 2017

Tracie O'Brien

I am so happy that Sharon, from My French Country Home introduced me to you and your blog. Can’t wait to dig in! (and would looove to win that trip :D ) Thank you


They say ‘Christmas is a time of giving’, but…….dear Vicki you give us so much throughout the year! It’s not just Santa I look forward to but your emails when they pop up – always varied, always interesting and selected just for us! Thank you for another wonderful year – my fav folder is overflowing with fantastic tips, where to buys and all other things we women love. Celebrate, love and enjoy your Christmas festivities with precious family and friends.

Donna De Luca

Merry Christmas Vicki to you and your family….
As you are heading towards sunshine, I am heading towards the cold!
Enjoy a well earned holiday and looking forward to more adventures together in 2017.


Merry Christmas to you Vicki and good health in the New Year! Thank you for all the joy created in my life by sending me all this wonderful news.
Warmest regards from Susana K.

Mona Turner

Merry Christmas Vicki, and a joyous New Year to you and your lovely family.
Another inspiring year and looking forward to many more. You’ve been a blessing! Love, Mona xo


Many blessings Vicki for a happy 2017!!! Thank you for such a beautiful blog. Looking forward to reading next year! Enjoy your time in the sun. :)


Looking forward to hearing all about your hols in the new year. Have fun , Vicki and enjoy a well earned rest! 😎

Mary Levy

Merry Christmas Vicki.
Thank-you for the joy you bring to your readers. I look forward to my daily dose of beauty. As a 52 year old woman, it’s nice to be reminded that I’m in the prime of my life.
Best to you and your family,

Kate Gumbley

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for all the effort you put into giving us your readers much joy. Hopefully your coming down our way…Australia and NZ are having a gorgeous hot summer. Have a very happy holiday Vicki and thank you once again. X

Esther George

Hi Vicki, I just wanted to say, Thank You for bringing lightness and beauty into our lives, we are the luckiest girls for having you in our lives. May I take this opportunity to Wish you and your family A Merry Christmas and A Happy, Healthy and Proprous New Year. Regards Esther from Sydney🌲 PS have you ever seen Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries its filmed in Melbourne stories are based around the 20s/30s the outfits are beautiful and those hats perfection.


Happy Christmas, Vicki to you and David and all your family. Have a wonderful holiday in the sun! Best wishes, Pamela


Reading the notes many have written you dear Vicki leaves me wondering what I may add. I feel the need to thank you for the gift of you which you give in numerous dimensions to many. Your gift beautifully wrapped with warmth and wisdom tied with a bow which ties women together.
Merry Christmas. May 2017 be filled with love, laughter, special memories we can hold in the treasure chest of our hearts when our grey matter may be fading. xox

Anita Rivera

Dearest friend, you have been a consistent source of inspiration for beauty in all dimensions. For wisdom, you rank as the top editor in chief. For beauty products, you are a maven. For spreading inspiration in this world of ours, you are generous. If not for you, many new faces that have come into my life would not be….thank you for sharing my world with your readers, thank you for always being classy, elegant, beautiful. Peace and most of all, great LOVE to you dear Vicki! Anita

Stephanie Guillory

Thank you for bringing a little glamour into my life?
Merry Christmas from Louisiana.


The love for what you do shines through each and every post. I anxiously dig to each waiting to see what you have brought us, it’s like Christmas every day! Enjoy your holiday with your family.

Linda B

I too want to express my deep gratitude for what you have created here on your blog, including the community of excellent readers who make additional interesting comments for me and others to learn from. You inspire us with wise thoughts AND practical ideas (e.g. I recently took your advice on the Charlotte Tilberry eye pencils and they have made a huge difference in my life! And I won’t apologize for thinking that some bit of make up is important!)
So. . . wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year and a fabulous holiday in the sun! And a whole wonderful 2017 ahead!

Anita Rivera

Happy Christmas morning, Vicki! YES, where did it go? It seemed to come so much faster than ever, and as I woke up this morning, I realized how fast yesterday’s Christmas eve just flew by. I spent the day baking, making final decorations, we ate, it was delicious, but so fleeting! I wish you another day of restful fun and the countdown to a new and hopefully peaceful year.


Thank you Vicki for another inspirational year of your blogs and beautiful photos. It’s a treat to open your blogs and be inspired and motivated to enjoy all the new avenues presented to us.

Wishing you and your family and very blessed and special New Year 2017. Thank you So Much.

Anita Rivera

Late again am I, but let me just say that knowing you and getting to know you better in 2016 has been a blessing, Vicki. May the new year bring you much happiness and health. Where did it all go? We are made of such mysteries. Much love to YOU!


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