8 Dec 2016

Parisian Style These Holidays With Forzieri

Parisian Style These Holidays with Forzieri on vickiarcher.com

Parisian style? I am ready for An infusion.

We have said it all before, a million times over but there is something about the Parisians and their style that is enviable.

It’s classic with a twist and stylish without effort.

French chic has been around forever and I feel as if I have loved the French way since before then. I think I first fell in love with France when I was ten years old. As a gawky little girl from Sydney, Australia I was mesmerised with all things French. My mother showed me Paris and I have never looked back. I am fortunate enough to say I have lost count of the visits but I can honestly say I remember my first as vividly as if it were yesterday.

Paris is a city where one visit is simply a tease. It is almost as if one is too much and many are never enough.

Parisian Style These Holidays with Forzieri on vickiarcher.com

Forzieri, an online accessories site is new to me.

As I browsed their collection, curating my edit for you, I could not go past Lancaster Paris. Once I saw these handbags I started thinking about the Parisian style subject and well, here I am. Forzieri have a fabulous selection of designer brands, enviable and seriously covetable, but the ones I want to show you are the handbags from Lancaster.

I didn’t know you could buy these gorgeous bags outside of France.

They are beautifully made, wonderful workmanship and excellent quality leather. Not to mention a really fabulous price. Run don’t walk.

Parisian Style These Holidays with Forzieri on vickiarcher.com


I think my favourite is the bucket bag but then I am mad for the coated canvas à la Goyard. They come in several designs and sizes; the wallets and totes in particular would be the best travel companions.

A lesser-known brand, like Lancaster Paris, with all the style and craftsmanship is the definition of Parisian style. Thank you Forzieri for bringing these beauties to us.

Shall we add this as a playful measure these holidays?

We can’t all be in Paris for Christmas but we can bring a little Parisian style home. xv

Parisian Style With Forzieri

**bucket bag  //  **bucket bag in nude  // adele saffiano crossbody  //  bubble pom pom key ring

coated canvas tote  //  **coated canvas bucket bag  //  coated canvas mini clutch  //  coated canvas continental wallet

Thank you Forzieri for partnering with, Parisian Style These Holidays


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Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques

Vicki, I can only imagine how magical Paris is at Christmas time! The bucket bags look beautiful, I’m going to have a look, if I can’t shop on the avenues in Paris, Forzieri is the next best thing! Feeling very chic, already! Thank you for always bringing us the best. Xo Lidy


…even many say the best shopping place is Italy…
shopping in Paris is the best (at least for me).

Taste of France

I must confirm that Lancaster bags are great. I have had one for years, and it doesn’t show its age at all. The zippers don’t catch, the leather holds its shape. Fine quality.
But when you said how to look Parisian, my first thought was: wear a scarf!

Eliza Saunders

Merci bien for the opportunity to apply. I cannot think of a better reprieve from a hectic life than a week in St. Remy. The winner will be able to enjoy being transported to a place of beauty and la joie!

Our French Oasis

I was in Galeries Lafayette yesterday with Millie, we were looking at new bags and I fell in love with a Lancaster one, I told her to take good note and that when we got home she should tell her Father that that was what I wanted for Christmas!!!


My first love as a child was Italy. My father subscribed to the National Geographic for me for my 10th birthday and kept it up till he died – it was where I first read about Italy and admired its beauties. Then an Italian friend of his used to send me beautiful magazines and books on Italian culture and the arts. It really captured my imagination.
It wasn’t until I was 11 and had started secondary school that I fell in love wit h France. Our French teacher was Australian but she had lived and taught in France for years. She had such a great love and enthusiasm for France and French culture that she imparted to us all. She was truly inspirational. When I thought about it later, all the places we visited first in France were inspired by her, eg she told us about how she’d walked through the perfume fields of Provence just before harvesting – and how the scent of all those flowers stayed in her clothes for days. Who wouldn’t want to go to Provence and Grasse after this?! Have never looked back from this first enthusiasm! But I still love Italy too. Best wishes, Pamela

Louisa Savage "Dee"

Oh, to be in France. If I close my eyes, I can remember…..the taste of salad nicoise, Paris decorated for Christmas, great wine and pate and crusty bread. Keeping my fingers crossed to win a week in Remy.


I remember first (and only visit) to Paris… one week only but a lifetime of memories.
Mais ou sont les neiges d’antan?

Eva Ferrell

I’ve always heard that Paris is most beautiful in April, but after viewing these photos, I must say my desire is to visit during the holidays! Exquisite!


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