23 Dec 2016

‘Tis The Season To Dress Jolly

Tis The Season To Dress Jolly on vickiarcher.com

If we can’t dress up in the holidays, when can we?

I do love the building excitement and sense of wonder that still keeps me buzzing during the holidays. I also love the frenetic need to catch up and make merry with every single friend before the holidays turn into rest and relaxation. I’m not sure why we all gain such momentum come December but I do feel energised by it.

I will use any excuse to dress up.

I am an all or nothing girl in just about everything; which is why I probably need to learn moderation. (This is not going to happen 3 days before Christmas.) When it comes to dressing up I think the all or nothing approach is just about right. Making the big effort at this time of the year is one way to celebrate the festive.

Dressing up doesn’t have to be all black-tie glam; dressing up for me is wearing something that makes me not only feel special but also makes that little extra effort. The dress-up might involve a truly fabulous LBD or equally it might mean a bright and shiny pair of shoes. (Be still my heart when I look at these.) Some of us become ecstatic over a new handbag (that would be me) others live for the right fit in their most-loved blue jeans.

It’s not the “dress” part of the dress-up that counts it’s the “up”; if you see what I mean.

Tis The Season To Dress Jolly on vickiarcher.com

I want to introduce you to one of my go-to resources online; style.com and I go way back.

I read a great deal online and I have my bookmarked sites ready to go; I check in most mornings to browse the latest fashion and beauty news. It is the way I stay up to date and am able to edit what I want to showcase for fashion and beauty.

Style.com has now introduced online shopping which basically means the pieces you browse in their features or the beauty raves they rate are available to purchase. Another online shopping site to navigate could seem daunting except this one is very well laid out and has curated sections for your browsing pleasure.

Paris might seem like a distant dream but with the click of your finger, a selection from Colette on the rue Faubourg Saint Honoré, is there for your perusal. I am not saying I wouldn’t prefer to be running around the 1st arrondissement with my arms aching from the weight of my shopping bags but this is the next best thing.

And another treasure is the access to European brands.

When I come to the US I get super excited for the brands I cannot find in Europe; now if you are in the US you can see what is happening over the pond. If you are not familiar Camilla Elphick‘s incredible shoes then you are in for a real treat.

Tis The Season To Dress Jolly on vickiarcher.com

That’s my news for today.

I wanted to share this favourite site with you and mention a few sale items that could appeal for a “dress-up”

The holidays are only just starting and ’tis the season to dress jolly. xv

‘Tis The Season To Dress Jolly

solace london lulu dress  //  solace london poppy dress  // solace london dakota midi  //  solace london top  //  petar petrov sweater

camilla elphick boots  //  camilla elphick english garden  //  camilla elphick falling leaves  //  camilla elphick miss tweedy  //  camilla elphick beetle

images, kylie minogue by ellen von unwerth for stylist magazine.

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Sadly, it appears style.com only ships to UK and Europe. Great fun to browse, thanks for the inspiration!

Anita Rivera

I am decking myself out today at school. Why not? Some of my girls always complement my attire, and today, I will WOW them with a sequined sweater. Let’s dress up jolly anytime of the year! Happy holidays dearest Vicki!


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