14 Dec 2016

The “What She Wants” Gift Guide #2

The What She Wants Gift Guide Part 2 on vickiarcher.com

What she wants when she can have anything she wants.

As you know that’s the question I am asking when making gift suggestions.

My “inner” rule has always been two fold when it comes to gift giving.

I ask myself what would “they” really, really love and would I be excited to receive such a gift. I reason if the answer to those questions is a resounding YES, then there lies the solution.

Today’s gift guide is about beauty.

Yes, guilty these holidays, I have forgotten the boys. I’m sorry (not sorry) but I’m thinking about us this year.

All these “beauties” are my tried and tested or my heart’s desire; from the Invisibobbles to the Supersonic hair dryer. Yes, two extremes of the spectrum but both equally sensational when it comes to hair management.

And the rest? Yes, please. xv

The What She Wants Gift Guide Part 2 on vickiarcher.com

    1. 1.The amazing “Invisibobble“.
    2. Twist and tie up the hair, toss and turn only to release without a wrinkle. Once you wear one you won’t be without. The perfect stocking filler.

    3. 2. Spritz the “Chanel No 5“.
    4. Always and forever a keeper. Sometimes returning to tradition is as refreshing as a new discovery.

    5. 3. Bring out the “Ingenue” and bat the eyelashes.
    6. Purely fun and for the adventurous but when the false lashes flutter, they make all the difference.

    7. 4. An “all sorts” to hold all sorts.
    8. This make-up bag is a brilliant size for travelling. We really don’t need as much as we think we do.

    9. 5. Be “Evermore” delicate in the barest of pinks.
    10. Super matte and long lasting; every shade of the Kevin Aucoin range of lipsticks is a winner.

    11. The What She Wants Gift Guide Part 2 on vickiarcher.com


  1. 6. Luxuriate and nourish with “Rodin Olio Lusso“.
  2. This is still my No 1 facial oil for result, texture and scent.

  3. 7. The “Erno Lazlo” mask feels as delicious as it looks.
  4. Leave the memory mask on overnight and wake up to a more soft and dewy complexion. I won’t argue with that.

  5. 8. Can’t travel without “Shiseido’s Retinol Eye Masks“.
  6. Lifesavers at home and away.

  7. 9. Exfoliate with a “Glyco Extreme Peel“.
  8. One of the best ever products from Natura Bisse and a welcome treatment during the winter months.

  9. 10. The best “blow dryer” to come out in years.
  10. This Dyson Supersonic dryer is as good as all the hype.

  11. The What She Wants Gift Guide #2

  12. 1. invisibobble ||  2. chanel no 5 ||  3. kevin aucoin eyelashes || 4. kate spade case  || 5. kevin aucoin lipstick

  13. 6. || rodin olio lusso || 7. erno lazlo mask || 8. shiseido eyemasks || 9. natura bisse glyco peel || 10. dyson supersonic

    1. image vogue japan, kourtney roy

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Taste of France

The invisibobble is intriguing. Thanks for the tip.
I am skeptical about the Dyson. I have a Dyson vacuum and despise it. I got it to replace an ancient Siemens that had lost a wheel. The Siemens rolled better missing a wheel than the new Dyson does. Also cleaned better. And it’s all plastic. Regrets.


It’s great.. I have used this dryer quite a lot and my hairdresser who is pretty tough on dryers gave it his seal of approval… Have a test.. they have a good warranty to send back if you don’t like it.
I have the vacuum.. and I like it… as much as I will ever like a vacuum ;) ;)


Lovely list of tempting products.
Have friends who have the Dyson vacuum and love it. One friend has both – the smaller one she keeps tucked away in the kitchen for instant clean-ups. A few years ago my husband bought a big heavy duty super heavy expensive cleaner (not Dyson) that will last for 20 years that I can hardly move. So guess what, it’s his job to use it! Or the cleaners’.
Am waiting for the Dyson hairdrier to be on the market a bit longer. Firstly for the feedback from people who use it (and your recommendation is probably all I need there) but also hoping it will come down a bit in price (horribly expensive here in Oz) once it becomes more mass market. Usually new technology does seem to do that after a year or two. Fingers crossed for the hairdrier then. Am sure it would make a great gift. Unluckily my husband never reads blogs.
The invisibobble looks fabulous. Can you buy it over the counter in Paris?
Love Chanel 5. I always take this scent for travel – somehow it always reminds me of great holidays. Also like the latest variant too. Chanel keep giving me samples which is great. Am keeping some of these to attach to presents for my grand-daughters. The older one has begun asking if I have any little sample bottles she could try. Really growing up! But I still have a large full bottle of the classic so am not rushing in to buy the new one. I prefer to wear the complex perfumes like no 5 or Hermes Caleche to the mostly single flower perfumes like rose or jasmine. When on hols I always look around for something that I really love that will be a lovely memory of the places we’re visiting. Best wishes, Pamela


The Invisibobbles will be a nice addition to the spa/beauty stocking I am assembling. On another note, I bought a tuxedo jacket for my daughter and wasn’t sure what to pair with it. Searched ‘tuxedo’ on the blog and there were the suggestions I needed! Your tips are very much appreciated, Vicki.

Mimi Gregor

Dyson? You mean the vacuum cleaner people? As Taste of France experienced, I also used to have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and found it… lacking. Granted, I AM tough on vacuums, what with three rather messy parrots whose detritus must be vacuumed up on a daily basis.

I have come to doubt my hairdresser’s opinions on blow dryers. The one she recommended is great for my husband — whose hair is much like hers, thick and curly. It dries my hair too fast, before I can properly style it, and doesn’t leave it sleek. She said that ionic dryers were just a gimmick, but I have found that they dry my hair sleeker than other dryers. I would never get a dryer that wasn’t ionic. It’s worth the price.

Mimi Gregor

OMG! I clicked on the hair dryer… and I almost did a spit-take… which would have really been a waste of good rye. $400??!! C’mon… there’s only so much a hair dryer can do. If you can’t drive, it doesn’t matter if you own a Ferrari. There’s no substitute for technique.


I agree on the price Mimi .. it’s very exy … but I must agree to disagree on the type of hairdryer.
Technique is one thing but without good tools, no joy. I speak from one with difficult hair .. coarse and needs taming… so the power of the hairdryer and the nozzle is everything to make a good blow dry. :)


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