17 Dec 2016

The “What She Wants” Gift Guide #3

The What She Wants Gift Guide #3 on vickiarcher.com


This final gift guide is about the guilty pleasures; not really, really guilty pleasures but very delicious ones.

It’s about spoiling others or perhaps even spoiling ourselves. When is spoiling someone a guilty pleasure? It is an absolute must.

What’s your most guilty pleasure? I can pretty much tick off 1 through 10. xv

The What She Wants Gift Guide #3 on vickiarcher.com

  • 1. Wear beautiful “lingerie“.
  • These intimates from I.D Sarrieri are seriously feel-good.

2. Sleep in “silk“.

Banish those sleepy creases forever. Wear a silk mask it is a total game changer. Next step a silk pillowcase.

3. Indulge in “inspiration“.

Take time to read about and enjoy fashion photography. It’s so much more than expected.

4. Play “cards“.

As relaxing as watching holiday films can be a good game of cards is not to be missed.

5. Slide into “slippers“.

Forget the high heels; the year is nearly done and we deserve a rest.

The What She Wants Gift Guide #3 on vickiarcher.com

6. Drink tea from pretty “porcelain“.

The cup does make all the difference.

7. Wrap up in “pearls“.

Chokers, or that’s what I called them, are making a major comeback.

8. Dingle in pearls for that extra “dangle“.

You know my love for earrings; these are a real guilty pleasure.

9. Cover up in “silk“.

Cover up but laze around; a silk robe makes that all so comfortable.

10. Transport with a “scent“.

A perfumed candle can evoke all our senses; take a walk down memory lane.

The What She Wants Gift Guide #3

    1.  1. i.d sarrieri lingerie  ||  2. olivia von halle  ||  3. christian dior  ||  4. maison de je cards  ||  5. paris slipper

6. royal albert tea cups  ||  7. mizuki pearl choker ||  8. mizuki drops   ||  9.vivis gabriella silk robe  ||  10. bella freud candle

  1. image vogue japan, kourtney roy

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Quilty! Bought a silk robe recently. It just makes me feel soo good after a bath at night. Started making the effort after watching Claire in House of Cards.


I am loving the Dior book! Fascinating. These ideas are all lovely. And who wouldn’t appreciate new lingerie? Always a great stacking stuffer for women friends and family. Thanks!

Anita Rivera

These spoils sound GOOD TO ME! Oh Vicki, this is a marvelous time of year! My husband has already spoiled me with beautiful sweaters from Ann Taylor and I also spoiled myself….I will reveal it in a couple of months on my Instagram since it will take me a few months to pay for it! Enjoy your day my friend.


If I could have anything I would like a 1940’s style dressing gown for winter. They accentuated a women’s curves, the new ones make you look like a sausage! I keep looking on etsy for one and I know some day I will find it. When you put something beautiful on first thing in the morning it sets the tone for the day. In the summer I have a beautiful Oscar de la Renta robe that I love.


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