31 Jan 2017

Bella Freud: Wear It Out Loud

Bella Freud: Wear It Out Loud on vickiarcher.com

I have been wearing it out loud.

The Bella Freud, sweater that is.

I have been crushing on these slogan sweaters for some time now; I am not exactly sure why, I simply have. They look pretty great over any pair of pants and help transform the all black with that extra little edge.

I started with the classic “1970” and it was one of those sweaters that everybody complimented. Mine is the black and white and as a wear-black-nearly-every-day girl it came in very handy. There is something striking about these knits and plus they are the right kind of size; not too big and not too small.

Wear It Out Loud on vickiarcher.comWear It Out Loud on vickiarcher.com


































When the finer, slightly Lurex model came out this season I fell for that one too. It is a lighter weight and falls well with all types of trousers.

Did I ever think I would “wear it out loud’? Not really, actually not at all. If you asked me about appearing with slogans across my chest I would have replied quite negatively. Now, I can’t get enough of these sweaters and consider them a collector’s item. That’s the fickle side of fashion, or of me in this case.

These Bella Freud sweaters are hard to come by; they sell out as fast as they re-stock. I am still umming and ahhring over the dog illustration; I think it’s a must for the sweater collection.

When I packed for this trip I also included the lightweight Lurex sweater and the merino wool style; I am very grateful as the weather has been nowhere near as hot as I thought. They have come in handy every day. I may have worn the same piece each evening but I have been cosy and again, this sweater is a fun talking point.

With Bella Freud I find it is a case of never too many; they are dangerous little sweaters. Really. ;) xv

Wear It Out Loud

little hint: go up one size

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david terry

Oddly enough, my favorite photograph among all those in your first two books is the one of that lanky, disheveled, charmingly gawky French guy….selling Christmas trees and wearing a sweater/sweatshirt with “Talented Guitarist” emblazoned across the front.

It’s a wonderful photograph.

—-david terry


After watching the marches over the past two weekends on tv, I am respectfully ‘sloganed out’. Give me a (basic) black cashmere turtleneck or crisp white shirt any day and I’m a happy girl. But for those who love logo’d sweaters and can rock them: you go Girl!


I want a tee (or sweatshirt) that says “comme ci, comme ca”. My grandfather was French and that is the only thing I can remember him saying in French.


How interesting that your grandfather was French. No wonder you have such a penchant for France and have made it your second home!
My father was Australian but he spoke French (he had francophone friends when he was in the army based in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East during WWII) – and that was one of his favourite expressions too. In addition when he told me to do something as a child he usually finished up with “and toute suite – the touter the sweeter”. So he always encouraged me with my French classes and to travel there. He had had French girlfriends overseas and had learned a lot about women from them. His favourite perfumes were Joy by Jean Patou and Schiaparelli Shocking which he bought for my mother whom he met and married back in Oz at the end of the War. He told me as a teenager never to wear cheap perfumes, only good French brands.

But I’m not into slogan anythings. Specially sweaters, Tees etc as I like to wear a scarf or jewellery – and they wouldn’t work over a slogan. No political reasons though – if other people want to wear slogans, good luck to them.
The only ones that have really horrified me I saw in the National Air and Space Museum Museum in Washington: two enormous guys with broad shoulders swaggered around (no other word for it). One T-shirt read “I shoot and I vote” the other T-shirt read :”Charlton Heston (then President of the NRA) is my President”. We noticed everyone kept their distance from these guys. They were seriously scary – and enough to put me off Tshirts with political slogans.
Best wishes, Pamela


I totally agree with Joan !

I forgot who said it but some celeb or witty man said If you want to send a message, use Western Union.
and that is all I will say :)


Hi Pamela, I really enjoyed reading your grandfather’s interest in all things French. I can totally related to not buying into cheap perfumes. French perfumes all the way.

As for slogan t-shirts and jumpers, I can see myself wearing them into my seventies and eighties.


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