22 Jan 2017

The Hydrating Hero

The Hydrating Hero on vickiarcher.com

There is a hydrating hero, believe it or not.

Facial oils have been around for a while now and I have tried quite a few.

It was a different concept of skin care and nourishment at first and one that took time to become accustomed to. The texture of the oil felt unusual and the absorption is slightly different to a cream. It took practise to judge the exact application, the amount of drops and how often to use.

It was not love at first sight; a few years later and I cannot go a day without using facial oil. I use a couple of drops each day mixed with my facial cream and at night a few drops more, either alone or with a richer cream, depending on how my skin is feeling.

The market has changed and most beauty brands have now created a range of facial oils to incorporate in our beauty regime. I try many products, especially when I have access to the French pharmacy. I like experimenting and I like to make sure what I share with you is absolutely one of the best on the beauty radar.

My favourite by far is still Rodin Olio Lusso, the only difference is there are two fragrances; the original Jasmine/ Neroli and the latest, Lavender Absolute.

“I created Lavender Absolute to be floral in the most elegant, unexpected and sophisticated way: combining a seductive, warm French lavender absolute, redolent of rich tobacco-hay notes with an ethereal Bulgarian lavender, to create an effect closer to the original plants and flowers in their pure, unadulterated form. All of the base oils are a reprise of the original Jasmine/Neroli olio lusso—this perfect blend has an aromatic, intoxicating purity that leans floral-amber, not medicinal. I apply 2-3 drops every morning after rinsing my face with warm water. At night, I cleanse and semi-dry my face, and again, apply 2-3 drops of the oil.” —Linda Rodin

Last week I picked up the Overnight Recovery facial oil from Caudalie.

I like their products very much on the whole, although sometimes I need something with a little more action and strength.  I am looking forward to trying this one as it comes highly recommended by my local French pharmacy. It is less investment if facial oil is a new adventure.

Who doesn’t need a hydrating hero? xv

The Hydrating Hero

rodin olio lusso jasmine/neroli  //  rodin olio lusso lavender absolute  //  caudalie overnight recovery

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Anita Rivera

I have been using oils for years, probably since I was 15. What a difference it’s made!

Mona Turner

My dermatologist suggested organic extra virgin coconut oil as part of my skin care regime. I’ve had a few patients in their eighties with beautiful skin and at their bedside is a small glass jar with coconut oil written by hand on the lid. I’ve recently started to use oils and I do notice a difference. I just love the beauty rituals to begin and end my day.

Wendy Going Forward

I have been using the Rodin facial oils for a few years now and they have Truely made a difference in my skin. They add much needed moisture and helped with texture and softness. I have begun using Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel a few times a week. This is an alpha beta exfoliating mask. I think it is mostly organic (non gmo etc.). I am trying to eliminate so many chemicals from my beauty routine. Also have you tried Linda Rodin’s lipsticks? They look lovely!

Our French Oasis

I have been using a facial oil as part of my morning and evening routine for about three years now, it did feel strange at first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was quickly hooked and three years later it would take a lot to make me give it up, I really think they make a huge difference.

Taste of France

I just read something about a dermatologist who said there are no bad oils; it’s just a matter of finding the right oil for your skin (kind of like finding the wine you like).


I put olive oil on my hands throughout the day. Makes a world of difference. Since daily sunscreen is part of my routine, I am slightly hesitant to use oil on my face. However, I am always open to trying new ways and I will add a few drops to my night lotion!


I used to use Rodin’s gorgeous oils, but alas, the only supplier to Australia stopped importing it.
I have now started to use SKII’s facial oil and find it even better. My acne prone mature skin has settled down and has mostly cleared up.
I absolutely can’t live without face oil morning and night.
I have also recently added SKII’s Vitamin C serum, and wow, what a difference. I also put it on the back of my hands, and two weeks later they are looking 10 years younger.
I also started using Christie Brinkley’s skin care, and find that the neck cream is working wonders and has actually visibly firmed my neck and improving the texture of my décolletage.


I haven’t tried SKII.. but I will now.. it sounds wonderful… and the Vitamin C… I have been a bit lazy with that so I must start up again..

Terrel Drendel

Thank you for this information! I have been interested and thinking about using facial oils but did not know where to start. Somewhat overwhelming for me. I am happy that you have done the homework for me. I am off to Paris in March and will be going to a Pharmacie. Do you have a favorite one?


Yes.. the one near Le Bon Marche.. :)
As you look at Le Bon Marche front on, it is in the street on the right hand side running up… Not a large one but a very good selection..


Thank you Vicki for the Pharmacy recommendation. As I often shop at LBM this will be really convenient.
Have you tried Aesop Damascan Rose Oil Facial Treatment? Have been using it a couple of times a week for years now for hydration of poor dry aging skin. Also sometimes add a drop or two to regular facial moisturising creams. On all other evenings I use a fabulous Dior moisturising serum.
A lovely body oil is the Cinq Mondes Spa product Huile Somptueuse de l’Orient. I love this and the scent is so relaxing. Began using it after a spa treatment at the hotel where we always stay in Antibes – they use it as a massage oil. I now associate it with an utterly blissful relaxing massage – a great way to recover from long haul flights and jet lag. If I worry I won’t be able to sleep I slather a little along my arms and neck and before I know it I’ve dropped off to dreamland.
Also love a few drops of Aesop’s “Shine”, a lightweight hydrating botanical hair oil after blowdrying. Best wishes, Pamela

Jill Herbst

OH……my “go to” is coconut oil from Whole Foods, their own 365 brand. After trying so many oils, I finally found one that makes a difference. Now in my 60’s, my skin hasn’t changed in 25 years.


I was just introduce to products by Skin&Co Roma. I ❤️ their Truffle Therapy Cleansing Oil and the Truffle Therapy Ultra Pure Facial Oil. I don’t wear any face foundation so I can use the cleansing oil multiple times a day. Best part…people have been commenting on my skin! Finally…! ❤️ Have a lovely weekend, Vicki.


Is there any actual *research* other than advertising and anecdotal claims by celebrities that any of these products do any measurable good? If so, I would dearly love to see any links or references to sources I could review. Thanks in advance.


Maybe because I was born in the desert, I have always had the driest skin possible. Flaky dry and I am sure prone to extra wrinkles.
I am also allergic to just about everything.. including all the fancy expensive or not, skin products.
Oil would clog my pores and make me blotchy.
I have dealt with this for years and with quite a few dermatologists .. plus in my frisky younger years, I was an advertising model .. the crap they piled on my poor face .. I would be breaking out by the time I left the studio
One day on a visit to my umpteenth dermatologist, he suggested I use a mild facial cleanser that is “milky”, no astringents and as pure as I could find .. the preservatives etc can cause problems too.
And too much oil can backfire …

For many many years now, I have been using Lubriderm lotion on my body and face … not one bad reaction. And one day for the hell of it, I tried Ponds Face Cleanser when I had run out of my expensive Recommended by Dermatologists cleanser.

So I use Pond’s cleanser and Lubriderm lotion on my face and the wrinkles are still there but they don’t burn, itch or look red and blotchy.
I am content with that. :)


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