18 Feb 2017

Following An Impulse: Are You Guilty?

Following An Impulse" Are You Guilty on vickiarcher.com

Truthfully, I can say 99% of the time I am not an impulse shopper.

I find it never works out in anything other than returns for me, most of the time. I plan my wardrobe pieces; the additions and the replacements because, as I have grown wiser with fashion, I know it is best.

It is a practical approach to fashion but I don’t find it boring. I enjoy adapting what’s “in” to what I already have or finding that particular piece that will elevate my style but be true to me.

Shopping on impulse is generally about everything other than shopping. Well, that’s how it has been for me.

Impulse shopping is often about emotions rather than fashion. I think we have all been there; the exception is the red lipstick. A new red lipstick, despite the 20 other perfectly adequate tubes in the bathroom cupboard, is a winner every time.


I need to backtrack and admit to an impulsive purchase.

When I saw Alexa Chung in this Isabel Marant suit I felt it had my name all over it.

I very much like her style and the Prince of Wales double breasted jacket and pants worn with sneakers, a faux wrap and a skinny belt called to me. Okay, I need to swap the wider leg trouser out for a narrower pair because I am not tall enough to do these beauties justice. I won’t categorically promise I will be wearing the belt (depends on my progress with the whirls and twirls) but I do think she looks fabulous and is a great example of ‘classic with a twist’.

The purchase was an impulse because I did not plan on buying a suit although I have been struggling over what to wear to some dressier dates next week. The suit/sneaker style is very much a well-worn favourite of mine so I can explain it away as not entirely unexpected.

It’s the half way measure of impulse buying. (Feminine justification if ever there was?)

I needed to see Alexa Chung’s suit style to kick mine into gear.

Perhaps impulse isn’t all bad. xv

Following An Impulse

isabel marant prince of wales blazer  //  isabel marant pants  //  lecce knot belt  //  sneaker  // ted baker faux

not quite the same but don’t refrain, just add the trimmings

**line and dot blazer  //  top shop double breasted jacket  //  **rebecca taylor suiting blazer  //  rag & bone ronin blazer


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Taste of France

I have to admit that when I have bought on impulse the purchase turned out to be less satisfying than I hoped. I guess it’s not thinking through. The last one was a red leather backpack. I wanted exactly that–a red leather backpack that was big enough to hold my iPad. This one worked. I bought it. Later, I realized the closure was just a magnetic snap that never stayed shut. I would set down the backpack and it would tip over and everything would spill out. Because I didn’t think through about my rule that all bags should zip closed. I was too excited about the other boxes ticked: red, leather, backpack, iPad.


It helps if the white sneakers are spotless…and yes, I am one of THOSE people who puts their white sneakers in the wash…

Pamela in Portland


A timely post for me. I bought several things yesterday, three of them on the list and two not. Guess what is already sitting by the door waiting to be returned? Yes, the two impulse buys. I am not a big person so have shyed away from some of the oversized styles of the last few years but I’ve found myself in a real fashion funk as I feel out of it. I’ve been on a little shopping spree to try to fix that but I’m finding research online and loading my cart then waiting a few days gives me the best results. What am I adding? Pointy loafers, high waited culottes, some fun frilly striped tops and a few pairs of updated jeans.

Love the suit by the way! And the fact that you’re wearing it in your own way to suit your body style!


All the time. I suffer from Being Impulsive. For example ..
I decided I am moving back to NY.
I decided that one more cat would not make any difference.
I decided that if I never ask for an opinion, no one can offer one.
I decided that I do need Just One More Pair of Boots … I will be back in NY. It is the Smart Thing to do.


Oh, I know impulse buying. Whenever I shop with a friend, I come home with pieces that are simply not MY style. Next day, back they go. I know what suits my body type and personal style but I guess I’m easily swayed. Lesson here is shop alone. But, shopping with a friend is certainly more fun.
I think that suit is lovely, especially with a slimmer pant. I think you’ll find it will be in regular rotation. Impulse buy – yes! Mistake – no!


No impulse buying by this girl. I think (and over think) every purchase – even figure out how many wearings I get out of an expensive item over a period of years and thus, figure out what it costs per wearing. I lusted over a gorgeous pant suit for about 6 months before buying it – I wore it for probably over 10 years in a variety of ways – never regretted it one bit. It was just getting over the price tag that took a while! Regarding the flare leg – I am also petite – I heard years ago that the long flare leg style would make us petites look taller – so I guess it’s a matter of fit and personal preference. All my pant legs now are trimmer but would consider a fuller straight leg.

Mimi Gregor

I’m very petite (5′ even), and I find that flare legs have a shortening effect. The only pant leg that I can wear is straight leg, slim cut (anything the least bit baggy makes me look dumpy because of my lack of height.) And cropped pants — stay the hell away from them at all costs! Wow… completely unflattering to petites.


I am not impulsive in every day life…but must confess I am an impulsive shopper. Particularly with the ease of on-line shopping. What I have found is that as I’ve got older and understand my own style (not to mention body shape & lifestyle) the mistakes have become fewer.
That is a gorgeous suit and I can imagine it will be worn and worn for many years to come.

Mimi Gregor

I prefer to think of the way I shop as serendipitous rather than impulsive. Impulsive implies that you buy just anything simply for the lift the buying gives you. It doesn’t matter if you own anything to go with your purchase, or even if it looks good on you.

Serendipitous buying is going shopping with no expectations. Maybe I’ll buy something… but probably not. Most of the time, I don’t. But on occasion, I will see something that looks interesting, try it on, and fall in love with how I look in it. And that is the most important thing: that I LOVE it and how it makes me look. Just thinking an outfit looks “cute” does not pass muster. It has to knock my socks off. It also must get along with the other clothes in my wardrobe. If I have to buy something else to make it work, back it goes to the rack, even if I love it. Yes, I am one tough cookie.

Surprisingly, I do find clothes that fit my rigid criteria. Just this week, I was browsing the clearance racks at Anthropologie, and found a single espresso brown long knit trumpet skirt with a handkerchief hem. It was my size. I love trumpet skirts, so I tried it on… and WOW! I looked taller and thinner and artsy all at once. And the clearance stuff was on sale with even more drastic cuts. Twenty-some bucks for a skirt that originally sold for five times that. Serendipity, baby!

Anita Rivera

I am like you; that 1% of impulse does kick in once in a while, and you know when it happens? When my husband is with me! He just bought me the more beautiful dress with a lace top and baby blue skirt. I just happened to point it out, say, “OH! Isn’t that beautiful”, and VOILÀ, the man said, “try it on.” SOLD! Typically, I don’t buy an article of clothing unless I feel I need it, but my husband is the heartbeat most of the time for my wardrobe!


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