9 Feb 2017

Going, Going Gone: The Importance of Cleansing

Going, Going, Gone: The Importance of Cleansing on vickiarcher.com

Cleansing is probably my most important beauty routine.

A big statement but it is how I feel.

If my face is well cleansed I feel my skin looks brighter and I feel so much better.

Generally I am religious in my routine and give my face a thorough cleansing morning and night. The last few weeks I have not been as applied and this morning when I looked in the mirror I can see the results. Not so great.

We had very early start times for game drives and latish nights to bed, so without excuses, the cleansing was a little neglected. I wasn’t entirely wicked but I was not as thorough as I could have been.

I use two products in my routine.

I have been using the Darphin cleanser since I can remember and the Filorga Foam for a couple of years now. I like the contrast between the textures of the two and the different benefits they bring. The cleansing milk is gentle when my skin feels more sensitive whereas the foam is still light but enriched with hyaluronic acid, an anti-aging feature. This foaming cleanser does feel incredible to use and does not have the drying feel of many others.

They are both exceptional cleansers and I alternate them. Generally I like to swap and experiment with skincare products but I always come back to these. I also use the Clarisonic brush to aid my routine but I never take it in my suitcase. I missed that too.

Now I am back to reality there are no more excuses. xv

Going, Going Gone: The Importance of Cleansing

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Mimi Gregor

Cleansing is vitally important. But I find that more important than the product one uses is the method… which in this case involves a tool. The Clarisonic face brush is a godsend! Since I have been using it on a nightly basis, my skin has shown a remarkable improvement. I no longer break out as much, and my pores look smaller. (Though I know that pores can’t actually get smaller, I’ll take a good optical illusion when it comes my way!) I use it even when not wearing “makeup”, per se, as sunscreen can be a bear to remove as well.

In the morning, I feel that I don’t need such measures, as my face is clean but for moisturizer. I use food-grade rosewater on a cotton ball, and I just wipe away any oil with that. I find that using rosewater rather than tap water makes a difference, as it tightens the pores without drying my skin out, and leaves it with a soft feel. I think that some women make a mistake by “over-cleansing”, which can strip the skin of natural oils, making the oil glands work harder to compensate, thereby causing the very problems they are trying to avoid.


This is such a “great” post because recently I have changed my cleansing regiment products to Skin&Co Roma. I believe it’s out of Umbria, Italy. I actually enjoy cleasing my skin multiple times a day. I may start with Truffle Gommage Exfoliating Face Scrub. Next, I use the Whipped Cleasing Cream (Whipped Polishing Cleansing Cream with Truffle Extract). Then, my favorite…the Truffle Therapy Cleasing Oil. I don’t wear face make up (maybe a little blush) so I carry a small amount of the Truffle Therapy Oil in my purse and a cotton ball. I feel more confident (my skin is showing its age) and these products have made a difference! ❤️

Liz Detrich

Cleansing is nearly as important as an excellent sunscreen – both are indispensable. I remove makeup with either Neutrogena face wipes or Tatcha Camellia Cleansing oil and then follow with an enzyme exfoliant, usually its Rice Enzyme Powder, also by Tatcha.
Once weekly, I like to have an old-fashioned scrub, Boots No 7 Total Renewal MicroDermabrasion Exfoliator and a face massage using Tatcha Camellia Cleansing oil, for about 15 minutes, I then follow with a warm wash cloth to let the ingredients soak in for a few minutes. I swear my skin glows when I’m done!

Anita Rivera

Absolutely; clean skin requires little make-up also! Clean skin, red lipstick and a smile for work(with those teenagers!) and clean skin, a bit of eye make-up and red lipstick for going out. That’s my routine!


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