23 Feb 2017

Long Live Black And White: Embrace Monochrome

Monochrome: Long Live Black And White on vickiarcher.com

My day, with a comment about Trousers, was made.
“I’m only wearing so much black until they invent a darker color.” I did laugh when Mimi said this because I can relate.

I desperately want to wear the lighter shades on the bottom half but the sad truth is, the darker the better. I wear white jeans at a pinch and only if they are boyfriend style. The days of tight white are relegated to memory unless the yoga and gym results in some kind of miracle.

What I have noticed is I have a penchant for monochrome lately; especially the white blouse. I am not wearing the classic button down man-style shirt but the more feminine, embellished with adorned sleeve style of blouse with the dark pants.

This morning I unpacked my suitcase and found three white blouses, jeans and black pants plus my favourite Bella Freud sweater. I packed in a rush; an early flight does that to you and subconsciously reverted to monochrome for my speedy get away.

It’s warmer in Provence than London so blouses and pants with the addition of a sweater for the evening should be about right. I find the white blouse with the darker pant such an easy look to wear and as blouses have had a huge comeback in the last few seasons, the choices are fabulous.

Elegant, bohemian, romantic or man style; it is the moment to take your pick of the monochrome. xv

Embrace The Monochrome

at arm’s length 

**madewell tie sleeve  //  pleione bell sleeve  //  fabiana filippi bell sleeve  //  joie metta embroidered blouse

soft as silk

kobi halperin lace sleeve  //  kobi halperin off the shoulder  //  **classiques entier bell sleeve  //  frame draped back  // theory tie neck

images peter lindbergh for vogue

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That is the best way to pack ! I started doing that years ago, black with a few pieces of white or blue. Mixing it up on a trip, no one knows what you wore yesterday anyway :) My biggest problem when packing/traveling is Shoes. I can’t seem to just take one or 2 pairs … sigh ….

Lisa DeNunzio

Yes, as I go on in life I found the monochromatic look more flattering as well as more practical when traveling. As a youth it was more about ‘what I could do for the clothes’ but now it is decidedly about ‘what the clothes can do for me’. You can never go wrong with a white blouse, little black dress or a pair of jeans.

Mimi Gregor

I can never wear lighter colors on the bottom. To do so is like erecting a neon sign saying, “Hey! She has really short legs! And spills stuff on herself like crazy!” I am usually neat enough to make a meal in nice clothes without an apron. But the moment I put on anything white, it creates a vortex, drawing dark-colored dirt to it, even when I am standing still. The exception being my white sundress, which has an immunity to dirt, which I cannot understand. It goes against every law of wardrobe physics. I don’t entirely trust it because of this… but I wear it anyway, because it’s just so damned flattering.


Monochromatic is my middle name! Black/gray/navy/taupe/tan and great white shirts! As much as i LOVE fashion, just find that my life is easier if I stick to a uniform of sorts. Maybe it’s because for years I handled mens suiting and shirting fabrics? I get my punches of color from shoes and scarves and handbags (although I do love my grey flannel Ted Baker suit with the fabulous bright floral lining – always makes me smile!)

Mary Anne

I am doing a reorganization of our closets – great storage bins, etc. I hang all my clothes in color groupings, and gosh – I have a ton of black, white, and blue – with some raspberry colors thrown in there. Every thing works together – love the black and white – and if I want a splash of color I wear a colored shoe – most of my shoes are black, but I have a beautiful pair of new raspberry suede flats that are going to look smashing this spring with all that black/white and jeans.


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