23 Feb 2017

Long Live Black And White: Embrace Monochrome

Monochrome: Long Live Black And White on vickiarcher.com

My day, with a comment about Trousers, was made.
“I’m only wearing so much black until they invent a darker color.” I did laugh when Mimi said this because I can relate.

I desperately want to wear the lighter shades on the bottom half but the sad truth is, the darker the better. I wear white jeans at a pinch and only if they are boyfriend style. The days of tight white are relegated to memory unless the yoga and gym results in some kind of miracle.

What I have noticed is I have a penchant for monochrome lately; especially the white blouse. I am not wearing the classic button down man-style shirt but the more feminine, embellished with adorned sleeve style of blouse with the dark pants.

This morning I unpacked my suitcase and found three white blouses, jeans and black pants plus my favourite Bella Freud sweater. I packed in a rush; an early flight does that to you and subconsciously reverted to monochrome for my speedy get away.

It’s warmer in Provence than London so blouses and pants with the addition of a sweater for the evening should be about right. I find the white blouse with the darker pant such an easy look to wear and as blouses have had a huge comeback in the last few seasons, the choices are fabulous.

Elegant, bohemian, romantic or man style; it is the moment to take your pick of the monochrome. xv

Embrace The Monochrome

at arm’s length 

**madewell tie sleeve  //  pleione bell sleeve  //  fabiana filippi bell sleeve  //  joie metta embroidered blouse

soft as silk

kobi halperin lace sleeve  //  kobi halperin off the shoulder  //  **classiques entier bell sleeve  //  frame draped back  // theory tie neck

images peter lindbergh for vogue

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That is the best way to pack ! I started doing that years ago, black with a few pieces of white or blue. Mixing it up on a trip, no one knows what you wore yesterday anyway :) My biggest problem when packing/traveling is Shoes. I can’t seem to just take one or 2 pairs … sigh ….

Lisa DeNunzio

Yes, as I go on in life I found the monochromatic look more flattering as well as more practical when traveling. As a youth it was more about ‘what I could do for the clothes’ but now it is decidedly about ‘what the clothes can do for me’. You can never go wrong with a white blouse, little black dress or a pair of jeans.

Mimi Gregor

I can never wear lighter colors on the bottom. To do so is like erecting a neon sign saying, “Hey! She has really short legs! And spills stuff on herself like crazy!” I am usually neat enough to make a meal in nice clothes without an apron. But the moment I put on anything white, it creates a vortex, drawing dark-colored dirt to it, even when I am standing still. The exception being my white sundress, which has an immunity to dirt, which I cannot understand. It goes against every law of wardrobe physics. I don’t entirely trust it because of this… but I wear it anyway, because it’s just so damned flattering.


Monochromatic is my middle name! Black/gray/navy/taupe/tan and great white shirts! As much as i LOVE fashion, just find that my life is easier if I stick to a uniform of sorts. Maybe it’s because for years I handled mens suiting and shirting fabrics? I get my punches of color from shoes and scarves and handbags (although I do love my grey flannel Ted Baker suit with the fabulous bright floral lining – always makes me smile!)

Mary Anne

I am doing a reorganization of our closets – great storage bins, etc. I hang all my clothes in color groupings, and gosh – I have a ton of black, white, and blue – with some raspberry colors thrown in there. Every thing works together – love the black and white – and if I want a splash of color I wear a colored shoe – most of my shoes are black, but I have a beautiful pair of new raspberry suede flats that are going to look smashing this spring with all that black/white and jeans.


Great idea, Mary Ann

I bought a shocking pink pair of suede kitten heel slingbacks late last fall and put them away for spring. I hadn’t thought to pair them with black and white. Think I’ll steal your idea!



Is there any way to view all of your picks on one page, such as Polyvore? I love to look at everything, but sometimes I am too rushed to click on the individual links to each piece.


I’m afraid not.. I don’t use Polyvore.. but I’ll have a look… I always prefer to write and talk rather than make outfit collages…
It would be so good if there was some technology to do this.. but there isn’t right now.. Lots of people are working on a “global basket” but nothing yet..


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