16 Feb 2017

The Ten Best ‘House Is The Hero’ Movies On Netflix

The Ten Best House is The Hero on Netflix on vickiarcher.com


It was hard to stop at 10.

If you are a lover of all things decor, then you will appreciate just how precious an immaculately crafted interior can be. Bright white and spacious in the London suburbs, traditional oak with a warming fire in Canada, or maybe an art nouveau inspired loft conversion situated in the heart of New York City.

If there was an inspiration-filled bible of décor and architecture waiting to be appreciated, these movies are certainly ticking boxes.

The Ten Best ‘House Is The Hero’ Movies On Netflix


Peter Tolkin’s cleverly designed ‘Sherman House’ quickly became our new design crush in this film. Who would not want to wake up to those views every day, and taking a dip in that tempting back-yard pool would be, well, just bliss.

– Sherman House, Encino, Los Angeles –


 Green Card

As if we weren’t already envious of Andie MacDowell, her New York apartment gives us everything we could dream for and more. The red-bricked building had us at hello as we wondered what marvelled inside. The answer being, of course, none other than Bronte’s very own rooftop greenhouse. Could there be anything more romantic?

– Aylsmere, Manhattan, New York –

I Am Love

They say true love is hard to find, they have never explored the sensational décor of the Villa Necchi Campiglio. Deep golden upholsters and glistening chandeliers fill the home of the Recchi family as the stories of their life unfold before our eyes. Never once have remote landscapes looked so enticing.

– Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milan, Italy –


The Duchess

The fairy tale Stately that illuminates our screens is one to never be forgotten, and certainly one fit for aristocracy. Traditional English décor will always express something unique and homely in our eyes, with the added indulgence of that exceptional grand staircase.

Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, England –

 The Intern

Nancy Meyers’ delicious décor preferences shine through in all aspects here, but the real showstopper is the light bearing and all expansive wonderland that homes the ‘About The Fit’ fashion team. Think converted suburban loft meets contemporary spacious living and you are somewhat on your way. Where do we sign up?

– The Bank Note Building, Bronx, New York – 

Under The Tuscan Sun

Every room in this gorgeous retreat is bustling with a certain character and charm that only exists in true Italian craftsmanship. Escaping to Italy was already a dream to be conquered, now to add the finishing touches. Our love for those rolling hills has only fallen deeper.

– Villa Laura, Tuscany, Italy –


The Parent Trap

Equally divided is our love for both the houses in London and California. Reinforcing, there is no need to be single minded when it comes to beautiful interiors. There is something about a traditional London pillared porch, which is irresistible, but then again, the chartreuse climbing ivy in Napa Valley is also stealing our hearts.

– Knightsbridge House, London, England –

– Staglin Family Vineyard, Napa Valley, California –

A Single Man

 A hidden gem amongst the forests awaits us in the story of two lovers. Our emotions are quick to be overshadowed by the blissful views that lie beyond the tessellating glass doors, immersed by the scenes. Living in a redwood residence at the foot of the Verdugo mountains? Simply idyllic.

– The Shaffer Residence, Verdugo Hills, California –


 It’s Complicated

Could we ever forget the stunning hacienda-styled home belonging to Jane Adler? Spanish décor speaks a lot about space here with more than a few wide spreading lawns and a flower sprinkled veranda or two to be enjoyed. Topped off with a freestanding bath, yes please.

– Hidden Valley, Thousand Oaks, California –


 Something’s Gotta Give

How do you have the best pyjama party possible? Begin by inviting Jack Nicholson and stealing the living room setting from Something’s Gotta Give. The enchanting beach house plays home to Erica and is situated in The Hamptons. Although Diane Keaton’s timeless beauty will always be cause for appreciation, this time our eyes are planted firmly on that haven of a house.

– Southampton, The Hamptons, New York – 

The Ten Best ‘House Is The Hero’ Movies On Netflix by Megan Goodey

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Corrina Tough

Under the Tuscan Sun and Somethings Gotta give are two of my favs-
What would my list also have? 1. Chocolat the chocolate shop and the house and garden of Amande
2. The cottage in ‘The Holiday’ 3. The chateau in ‘A good year’ 4. Sense and Sensibility (all the houses)

Taste of France

I always loved Juliette Binoche’s apartment in the movie “Damage” (with Jeremy Irons). Her character works in antiques and art sales at Sotheby’s, so you can just imagine.


Hello dear Vicki

Can you hear me laughing at the trailer or singing ‘Sing a Song’ as the movie starts.. I am just watching your clip of Somethings Gotta Give I love it so much, whenever it is shown all other bets are off and I watch it over again :))
If you are here, do switch to More 4 they have a wonderful documentary ‘Inside Dior’ the second part is tonight. It is fascinating, and just in time for fashion week.
I hope you are well, Spring is almost here I can feel it
Love to you, Sally x

Esther George

Hi Vicki, I am going to have a movie revisited weekends, the question is which one first, I haven’t seen Green Card for a while. A Christmas special aired here on Christmas Eve called Sarah Beeny’s Rise Hall Christmas, it shows how she and her husband renovated Rise Hall and divided it into a family home and a beautiful Wedding venue, I loved their style. The program is about English Christmas Traditions, it’s beautifully done. Thank you for sharing beauty. Till next time, regards Esther from Sydney.

Anita Rivera

How WONDERFUL! I love so many movies for many reasons such as costumes, acting, music, landscape and yes, for the home décor. I think I know what I’ll be doing this weekend in the evenings! Thank you, Vicki!

Trish Murphy

Love the decor of Somethings Gotta Give and Under the Tuscan Sun. Have not seen a couple of the movies so I will put them on the list. Hope that your flu is improving. X Trish


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