5 Feb 2017

Travel Diaries #6: The Cover Up To Cover Up

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I found a cover up to cover up.

Not another camouflage jacket but camouflage nevertheless.


I have been test-driving Shiseido foundation, the Synchro Skin Luminizing Fluid Broad Spectrum; what a handful of a name.

Despite the lengthy description, this cover up foundation is really very good and I am enjoying wearing it.

It has a great texture; good coverage (the Goldilocks kind we love; not too much and not too little) and a delicious feel like serum. The fluid blends to your skin requirements, maintains the glow and hydrates all at the same time. There is also a welcome sunscreen factor.

Shiseido is a change from my usual Giorgio Armani cover-ups but a welcome one. Their smoothing eye patches are a given in my travel bag and this foundation might just be another one. With long days on the move, this really saved the day.

The shades are fabulous and blend in easily, particularly the N’s, which are my favourites; slightly rose without the dreaded peach.

This is one for your make-up bag when you are ready for a change, xv.

Cover Up To Cover Up

shiseido syncro foundation  //  shiseido smoothing eye mask

image at la residence in franschhoek, south africa

more about my adventures there and elsewhere with serena, next week


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Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki! Oh my goodness that photo…..

You have introduced me to the serum and I still have to investigate this added bonus to my skin regimen. I have always been proud of my “porcelain” type skin but lately, I do need help! I need to go to Nordstroms and actually see and feel it, but since I will be 59 in April, I have to come to terms with the reality that my skin IS changing. Onward with a smile!

Terrel Drendel

Vicki, so interesting that you are asking this question as my sister gave me a new “full coverage” cream for Christmas. This CC+ illumination, SPF 50, full color correction, Anti-aging Hydrating Serum, (yes, all this is on the label), is from: it cosmetics. When we were together before Christmas, we pulled up the website as someone had told my sister about this line of makeup. And you know what? I think I really really like it. Developed by a young lady, Jamie Kern Lima. Good ingredients, great coverage, feels good and lasts all day. I do put a little bit of serum or lotion on first as it seems a tiny bit thick at first, but then is fine. I probably need to buy a brush to buff it on my skin as they say. I used to use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, but I like this better. I saw some place talk of Jouer Liminating cover, so that could be something to check out. Here in states you can buy it cosmetics at Ulta and maybe Sephora. If you can’t find it I would be happy to send it to you so you can try it out.


Fabulous picture. Love the chandelier and the beams and high ceilings. Looks as though you’re staying at some amazing places. Best wishes, Pamela

Terrel Drendel

Vicki, I sent a reply to your question, but I don’t see it on the posts, so it’s probably in outer space. But yes, it cosmetics, like it for Italy. Young lady who developed this line with science professionals has won awards. She has problem skin and set out to develop products that are good for your skin. It even covers age spots. I said I will be in Paris last week in March and can bring some there to ship to you from Paris, drop off with someone or send from the states.


Terrel… that is so lovely of you..
I see it is available at Sephora so I am going to go and have a look and try… Excited! Thank you xv


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