22 Feb 2017

Wearing The Pants: Back From Black

Wearing The Pants: Back From The Black on vickiarcher.com

At least, wearing the jeans.

What I wanted to say is I haven’t been wearing them, the jeans. For some reason my pants du jour have become the long forgotten in my wardrobe.

I have been walking out in black pants, leather pants or dresses. The jeans have been stuck in the back and relegated to memory. Strange how something I wore every day can suddenly lose it’s appeal.

Until now, fashion week and what those in the know are sporting have me re-focussed.

The jeans need to come to the front and I need to squeeze back into them again. Those boyfriends are mighty comfortable but it’s the slimmer fit to keep me in check. I need a re-look and that means a higher waist and a slightly wider leg; not a full on pyjama leg but not a total skinny. I want them to sit just above the ankles so they look equally as flash with the block heel of my boot or a pair of mules.

Jeans re-invent themselves over the decades but looking back there aren’t many styles we haven’t heard from before. Think Jean Shrimpton in the boot cut, patches and frays in the ’70s and what about Bardot in her skinny capris with high waist and white tee? Jean Seberg looked wonderful in the boyfriend and even darling Lucille Ball did a turn in those on Broadway.

Wearing The Pants: Back From The Black on vickiarcher.com

I have done the search and I will admit finding the right pair of jeans is not my most loved job. Why is it the pulling up and fastening is so exhausting? That entire holding in is not only a morale buster but also extremely fatiguing. After trying on hundreds of pairs, ok slight exaggeration, but many I found what I was looking for.

Look no further; these three were by far my winners. xv

(plus a pair I found online which are the best value of all)

Back From The Black

***wit & wisdom straight leg  //  **current elliot let out hem  //  frame high rise straight leg  //  citizens of humanity

images, jon kortajarena for donna karan


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I like the jeans featured side-on in the photograph that look as if they are made of two colours of denim. The grain in the photograph also helps by making the fabric looking a little suede-like. I like the idea of comfort by way of texture. When I was a young thing (and you never know how good you’ve got it at that age!) I could wear the tightest trimmest cuts of denim. Now I am very choosy, very picky and hard to please. My body is not the same! And I’m okay with that. So the cut needs to be way different. And I’m coming to terms with that. I love the idea of denims but they need to be very comfortable as certain styles pinch in the stomach area or sit too loose in the lower back area. I find the boyfriend cut very appealing. I am looking for just the right pair. I like the idea of the heels with boyfriends – style, a bit of sass, a bit of class and comfort for walking and eating. I don’t want to get home and let out a big breath of relief as I peel off a pair of jeans and jump in the shower for recovery. How many times have I done that! But I looked good – at a price. Looking good but feeling uncomfortable and not sexy at all. Will the younger generations in decades to come look back on this trend the way we look back at our grandmothers in their corsets? Will they have their moment of revelation the way the flappers did in the 1930’s and throw out the garments that bind to go ahead and dance the night away…? In the meantime I search the racks of jeans for just the right pair in each style, the same way a hunter searches the fields for game. I have kept a picture of Kate Moss in a pair of black denims. low cut and decorated with dark glistening lace cut-outs. Worn with a creamy ruffled peasant shirt. Looking forward to finding the right jeans for THAT outfit.

Taste of France

Some years ago I discovered that the Loft had two cuts for pants: Marisa and Julie. To me, Marisa was the enemy. She has straight hips, and I would have to go up two or three sizes to be able to pull them up, only to end up looking like a diet ad, with the waist so loose you could get another person or two in there.
Julie, on the other hand, has a small waist and curvy hips. I could go down a size or two in Julie.
I have tried and failed to buy trousers and jeans from the big chains. It’s not about them–they aim for an in-between cut that is good enough for a maximum number of customers.
Switching to high waist from low, flared legs from skinny is a small detail if the rest of the fit works. Once you find a brand that works for your body type, the big battle is over. Tailoring can only go so far.


I cannot bring myself to EVER wear high heels with jeans but I pretty much wear jeans every day. I bought a few pair while living in Buenos Aires and they are my favorites but a soft worn out baggy pair of Gap jeans still come out of the closet for a lazy day when no one cares how baggy my jeans are :)

Mimi Gregor

Even my jeans are black. I’m only wearing so much black until they invent a darker color….

Terrel Drendel

Vicki, Shopping for jeans, is for me, as bad as shopping for a swimsuit. When the rise of the jeans became ever lower a few years back, I just stopped shopping for them. I did not need to be walking around with what we call a muffin top, even if it was not that bad or wondering if someone could see the top of my underwear when I sat down. At 60 +, no one would want to see any of that anyway. So my uniform was always black pants, until 2 summers ago when I discovered the slim ankle jeans at a store we have here in the states called Talbots. Higher rise, fun summer colors, great price point and they look great with the ballet flats, sandals or mules. With a white blouse you can be ready to go in 5 minutes. And a fun necklace! They are something you can throw in the washer and dryer, but just remember to soak them in a white vinegar and water solution before you wash them as that will prevent the color from fading. They helped me introduce color back into my summer wardrobe. For winter I wear straight leg or boot cut in navy, black, grey or military green with boots. These jeans work for my body. The black knit pants I usually just wear now if we are going out in the evening. I look forward to checking out that one jean next time I am near a Nordi. Having gone to college in Seattle, Nordi is what we all called Nordstroms.

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques

Jeans, they are always a classic staple. I too am on the search for a pair of jeans with a slightly wider than skinny leg, not too long, for spring. While every season I seem to sway for a pair of pants in a color {I am apparently a slow learner} it is the basic blacks, whites and jeans that I actually wear. The rest I will wear once in awhile, but they generally get passed on to a friend who is not as classically minded.

Vicki, you are not alone in finding it exhausting to find the perfect pair of jeans. But the rewards are many! I think we should just buy two pairs of the “perfect fit”, after all jeans can go everywhere with anything, even out on dates.


Nothing beats a pair of jeans that have been well-loved, well-worn and FIT, but why does the whole endeavor have to be as stressful as swimsuit shopping? Personally not a fan of anything that crops above the ankle, prefer a longer line from hip to shoe. Also refuse to pay big bucks for jeans that look as though I’ve allowed my Doberman pups to chew on for hours. A great-fitting jean with a slightly wider leg should not be as hard to find as it is – the ‘stuffed sausage’ look is not a great one for those of us over, er, 35…


I love my jeans! I wear skinnies, straight and baby boot cut. They have to be a dark indigo or black though and none of the distressing that is so popular these days. A fifty / sixty year old needs to be mindful of fads that will look like she is trying to recapture her youth. No judging here just my personal preference.

Anita Rivera

You know, me too; I have left my jeans in my drawer, but I think with the warmer weather, I will bring them out again. I agree that not the full skinny, but something that is gentle on the frame will do. Oh the decisions to make on what type of jean to wear! Lovely photos, Vicki. I should try my hand at some B and W photography!

candice feinberg

Instead of jeans today, it is raining, I am wearing a pair of wonderfully stretchy black ( of course) jodhpurs .. but without the padding .. so imagine leggings but heavier .. with a black top and my Burberry raincoat..and my favorite ballet flats from Buenos Aires that are black with gold studs all over them.
Poifect !!


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