29 Mar 2017

3 Things We Need To Know

3 Things We Need to Know on vickiarcher.com

3 things we need to know, Starting with pink.

There are 3 things we need to know about the coming spring/summer fashion season.

At the start of every season I like to analyse the trends. I see what’s up and coming, what has been given the thumbs down and what I like and those ideas I don’t believe will work for us. I read the magazines, visit all my online haunts regularly and generally do the rounds of the press shows and my favourite shopping destinations in London and Paris, if I am lucky enough to be there at the right time.

It gives me an idea, a feel of how we might adapt the latest to feel in touch without losing our personal style. Adapting every fashion move won’t work in my favour; the art is to decipher and curate.

Also, the fun.

3 Things We Need To Know

1. Think Pink.

Pink is the colour of this season and is percolating right through accessories and clothing.

Handbags, sunglasses, shoes, sweaters and just about everything you could possibly think of is showing pink. The soft shades, the nude and the cherry blossom, are the tones I am favouring. A delicate pink worn with grey or black is a very flattering combination.

I will definitely be thinking pink this spring summer.

2. The Sleeve is the Hero.

Blouses are continuing to show elaborate sleeve detail.

The longer tapering bell shapes and the blouson arms are an easy trend for us to simulate. Arms are lengthened and waists narrowed with these shapes. The only comment I would make is the body of the blouse needs to be slim fitting if the sleeves are gloriously flowing. Otherwise this style is one we should wear all the time.


3. Beware of Floral.

Floral is big and bright this year and while I love them in a caftan or a casual summer dress they can be tricky and thorny to figure out. I wear floral with caution, which is not to say I don’t adore it but I am also respectful towards them. As pretty as they seem on the hangar and as tempting as all things flora and fauna are, be warned. I have made many an expensive mistake by falling in love with a print and then seeing the feelings not reciprocated.

Go floral but go easy.

**longchamp pinky pliage  ||  **belle sleeve tulle top  ||  **gucci princetown mule

image, vogue paris, march 2016 eva herzigova by mikael jansson 


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Anita Rivera

Good morning, Vicki! I am loving your ideas on pink. I especially love the nude tone and I think I can wear that. In the past when I’ve worn the softer pinks, it adds such liveliness to my olive but fair skin, which is very tricky to compliment. I have always stayed away from pastels such as yellow, but the softer tones of pink could be my ticket to color this year. Florals, OH I agree with you! I’m too small to wear large floral prints, and small, delicate prints are not my urban style of dress. Proceed with caution, for sure! I do have a great, light pull-over that has bell sleeves and I love it. What a great 60s era comeback!

Thank you Vicki for your insight! Anita


I agree Anita, about yellow… I love the colour on others but on me.. horror! I thought with my new hair colour, grey, it might work better… I do love yellow and grey… no luck… so all the soft shades of pink it is… :)

Anita Rivera

For sure. Pink offers that “life” that for some reason, yellow takes out of my complexion! And I love your suggestion of pink and my love: BLACK!

Taste of France

I’ve seen Amal Clooney photographed a few times with abstractly floral shoes. Hers have stiletto heels, but I would do them as ballerinas. My summer wish.


I used to be allergic to pink, yet I am leaning towards some of the shades with a touch of warmth to them!
Btw, just ordered the bell sleeve top from NM! It is 25% off this week! Thank you, Vicki , for this au courant edit! xx


Floral scarves and or a bag, or shoes can go floral without looking frumpy. I prefer the classic when it comes to looks. With touches of the new color trends each year. Sweaters etc. the older I get the more ridiculous I feel in really trendy clothes.
Maybe a trendy blouse but only if it works with my proportions. At 5’2 I have to watch for to much material or I get lost. I just recently purchased a Vince Camuto shift dress in a very soft peach with silk overlay With a capelet top over it in a sheer silk for a wedding. It’s so forgiving in all the right places!


Love pink in all it’s shades and hues…one exception, neon. Love florals except the ones that look like my beloved Grandma might have favoured. Dislike the bell sleeves..they get in the way, you can’t shove them up your arm and when my hairdresser wears them and washes my hair, they keep hitting me in the face! No to that trend.


I do love the details on sleeves this season. But, I find the bell sleeve gets in the way, and it is hard to get a coat/jacket over it without being a wrinkly mess. I’ll pass on that one, as well as the cold shoulder top.
I’ve never been a pink girl, much preferring red. The new blush pink, almost a nude, has peaked my interest though. I now have one hanging in my closet waiting for some warm temps.
I’m not big on florals, either. I do get the odd top in my summer wardrobe. It has to have a mostly cream or black background to give it a more modern look. I am a grandmother, many times over, but I don’t like that granny look.
I love knowing the trends, but pick and choice those that suit my lifestyle, body type and personality.


How interesting that from your survey of the latest fashion scene and what’s on offer in your fave shops, you’ve found it’s pink that is the fashion colour. So many of the glossies I’ve picked up seemed to say it was red. Agree about yellow. Would say, to adapt Maggie Smith’s ad libbed line in Gosford Park, “difficult colour, yellow”. I think as we age it’s harder to wear – can be very unflattering with greying hair and older skin tones. I do rather like it as an accent colour but for me it needs to be more in the amber/honey range rather than lemons or daffodils. Agree it does look good contrasted with black.
Weather in Japan can be very iffy. I caught a dreadful cold once after walking the fabulous gardens in Kyoto in the rain of a sudden cool front and typhoon rapidly approaching. Found afterwards my trusty old rain coat had torn at the back after getting caught on a branch – and had let all the rain in. I’d walked in it all day, from garden to garden, as we decided not to go back to the hotel to change. Good waterproof walking shoes and a warmish waterproof coat are standby necessities. But still it’s so beautiful and hopefully the weather will be kind. As it was for us once the typhoon had veered away. Best wishes, Pamela

Mimi Gregor

I agree with the others about bell sleeves: they get in the way. Ditto kimono sleeves. If it’s at all loose, I find it irritating. I tend to avoid pink. It strikes me as a “little girl” color, and at 5′ tall, I have to watch that sort of thing, or end up looking jejeune. I like womanly details, but not girly details.


Yes, inclined to think one needs to have the right colouring to wear pale pink – or nude too. Even movie stars on the red carpet sometimes look very washed out in nude, particularly if they wear nude lipstick as well. Probably works better with dark hair and a tan. I have neither. For pink my preference is for the stronger tones, even fuchsia, particularly combined with black. I used to love my fuchsia Carla Zampatti (Oz designer) jacket with black pants. Also like a slightly more toned down pink with red. Not so little girl – though I do love it on my darling ten- year old grand-daughter who always looks adorable. Best wishes, Pamela


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