6 Mar 2017

Dior By Christian Dior: 1947-1957

Dior by Christian Dior on vickiarcher.com

Dior by Christian Dior, the latest from the house of Assouline, is superb.

Adjectives to describe the debut volume cannot do justice to the genius within the pages.

The book is a magnificent overview, a divine tribute to a man with an eye for beauty and an understanding of the feminine form.

I was given this beautiful book last weekend as a thank you gift from my daughters’ friends. Did he get it absolutely right? Talk about the way to a mother’s heart.

As soon as I saw it I could barely contain my excitement; Dior by Christian Dior has been on the top of my wish list as soon as it was released. It is the first in a series of volumes to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the House of Dior. The volumes will be devoted to each designer of the couture house.

Does that mean I will have to have another six house parties? NO, I am kidding. I will make sure I collect each volume, as like many Assouline editions, this book is truly incredible.

As I settled in to the turning and reading I did ask myself how I would manage to extricate myself from the glorious pages and look after my guests. I was tempted to bury myself in the exquisite design and detail of Christian Dior’s creations and let them all fend for themselves.

I didn’t of course because who could miss out on such gorgeous and vibrant company? Having our children together with their friends is the icing on any cake and if I could, I would love to spend every moment with them. I suspect they may think otherwise.

Dior by Christian Dior on vickiarcher.com

As I lost myself in these pages I was reminded to celebrate the female form more in my fashion choices, especially the nipped in jacket and A-Line skirt. It is a form I have long adored and for whatever reason have neglected. Would I love to be wearing hand embroidered and embellished Dior style?

A very resounding YES is being typed on this keyboard.

The realities of life and budget make that unlikely but I do believe we can adapt and learn from this beauty. We can re-focus our thoughts and refine our style and we can “get the look” if we think on it.

Take some time to admire this book. Every page is a fashion lover’s treat.

Did I mention it is the perfect hostess gift ;) xv

Dior by Dior: Get The Look

embellish with vintage style buttons to create the unique piece

**fold detail peplum jacket  ||  **one button double cloth  ||  texture woven crop

divine inspiration and fine just as they are

balmain double breased blazer  ||  **pierre balmain crepe blazer

a-line and midi all the way; add a single layer tulle petticoat for more fullness

**release pleat full skirt  ||  vince silk midi  ||  floral lace

images dior by christian dior assouline

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Taste of France

Gorgeous. These dresses are works of art, something between sculpture and performance.
All the Assouline books are works of art. Did you ever see their Paris home? I want to move in.

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques

Vicki, I am so happy for you that you spent some delicious time with your children and their friends. Nothing makes our mother hearts happier than hearing the laughter of our adored ones with their friends, does it? Of course a fantastic book like this, about fashion, and one of the most exceptional fashion houses ever could come in a close second! Obviously your girl has amazing taste in friends (!) xo


I literally had to catch my breath when I opened up my email earlier this morning and saw the lovely Dior Christian Dior 1947 – 1957. C’est Magnificent! I am so excited to be visiting the Christian Dior home at Granville, Normandy in late June before staying at “My Happy Place” Le Petit Bijou. And Yes… nothing is better than entertaining the children and their friends. We are Blessed!

Ronnie Hopkinson

I love reading so am so excited to know of this fabulous book. I have recently taken up seeing again after years of never having touched my machines. .I’m loving it and enjoying the gorgeous 50’s nipped in waist and full skirt patterns my mother wore. Thank you so much for sharing.

Trish Murphy

Vicki what a beautiful and thoughtful gift. No doubt for a very thoughtful and lovely hostess. It must have been a very happy and enjoyable time with your family. There is nothing nicer than being surrounded by family. X Trish


What a lovely present from your children’s friends! How well they know what you’d enjoy!
The Assouline publishing company is so impressive. I have a copy of the first book they ever published over 20 years ago – because they adored it so much – “La Colombe d’Or”. It began my love affair with them as we also adore the Colombe d’Or. We’ve never stayed there but have lunch in the beautiful courtyard almost every time we’re in the Midi. Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. It’s always magical. For our next visit we already have a table booked well in advance because it will be during the Cannes Film Festival – and the place gets totally booked out early by the Cannes FF participants. People watching should be v interesting this time.
I love Prosper Assouline’s description of his books and stores – Laduree for the Mind! Love the store in the rue Bonaparte. Not large but gorgeous, eclectically furnished with such wonderful, original objects, rugs, bookshelves – all so exquisite – and so rich. Such depth – layer upon layer upon layer – but no sense of clutter. And then there are the BOOKS. I could spend a whole afternoon there after lunch nearby. Maybe at somewhere completely different, like Ralph’s light filled flowery courtyard.
I already have Thames and Hudson’s beautiful volume of Dior celebrating 60 years, from Dior himself to Galliano. Must indulge at least in turning the pages of the new Assouline Dior while we’re in Paris. But probably best to order by internet as it would almost certainly be impossibly heavy in the hand luggage. Best wishes, Pamela

Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki, you have me dreaming now…..such statements in silence here with these visuals of a master. LOVELY!

Vicki Elliott

I am a Dior fan and have been since the age of 17 – I will be 62 later this year.
What more can I say!

Jocelyn Pinsler

He has always been my favorite designer and still believe him to be the greatest. I look forward to saving up for this.

Leslie in Oregon

I look at this Dior jacket and see my mother. As she was never in a position to buy couture, Dior’s influence on American fashion much has been pervasive. Thank you for evoking this vision of her (she died young, decades ago) and of the joy of hosting adult children and friends at play.


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