20 Mar 2017

Leopard Print: Never Change Your Spots

Leopard Print: Never Change Your Spots on vickiarcher.com

Many consider leopard prints a neutral.

I would have to agree.

It is an ageless print that works not only in the fashion arena but also in the home interior. A dab of leopard print in any decor is a winner and a touch of the animal print in our wardrobe can transform the simple into the fabulous.

Leopard Print: Never Change Your Spots on vickiarcher.com

My leopard pieces need an update and pronto.

I’m travelling soon and my baggage will be minimum so a touch of leopard will do just fine. I have had a simple shift dress for so many years, I have worn it endlessly but sadly it looks a little tired around the edges. I found this new one, which looks perfect with any shoes I will be packing and can be worn with a sweater/cardigan or a lightweight coat. Even a puffer jacket can march with this style, if I decide I need a warmer coat.

I love it.

Leopard Print: Never Change Your Spots on vickiarcher.com

The major point to remember with leopard print is to mix it up.

We all know not to wear the print from head to toes but it is helpful to think about what actually works with leopard. To state the obvious, black and white; monochrome additions look beautiful with leopard print.

The colours I like to include are, “cherry blossom pink” and a good red; a red like the lipsticks we search for. Not an orange red or a purple red but one with a touch of blue and a brightness to lift. Leopard print with a dash of red is a winning combination; the same for the lightest of pinks.

I will be obsessed with pink from here on in as I plan for my Japanese tour and all those soufflé blossoms I hope to see. Let’s hope the fruit trees play to our schedule.

There are 3 leopard print pieces I like to include in my wardrobe. The dress is number one, followed by a blouse and a shell style top. Recently I found a totally fab sweatshirt, Gucci-esque without the coma price. This one, a little edgy in its way, will be in the top of the suitcase for everyday with the jeans and sneakers. Or, black pants and a mule; that could equally work in the evening.

How do you feel about leopard print? xv

Leopard Print: Update Your Spots

***equipment connery shift dress  ||  anne klein v neck top  || equipment silk shirt  ||  pam & gela sweatshirt

accessorize the spots

rogue 25 in beechwood  ||  dakotah satchel  ||  double dinky wild tea rose

images architectural digest italia, luis ridao and camilla akrans for vogue japan via this is glamorous

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Taste of France

That sweater is beautiful. So are those interiors.
I really love leopard print shoes. They work with everything and aren’t boring. And they provide just a dash of leopard.


Yes I do love them too… my old loafers are still hanging in… it is my wardrobe pieces that are sorry!
And yes, to those interiors… My problem is I enjoy so many interior styles.. I never know where my mind will lead next… :)

Mimi Gregor

I recently got a leopard print merino wool sweater set that will work well for spring. Not that I will wear the pieces together. A little leopard goes a long way, and I always like to break up sets of things to keep from looking matchy-matchy.


Yes.. a little does go a long way.. but it is that little bit that makes all the difference :)

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques

Vicki, like you, I wear my leopard pieces so much, they need replacing before most things. I adore the silk shirt, silk, and in the classic leopard print. Yum! My current favorite is my leopard flats, they add a touch of elegance and style even to jeans and a simple shirt.


I added my very first piece of leopard print to my wardrobe last fall and can’t believe I have waited this long! The flats I purchased go with everything. And now they’re on sale!

Trish murphy

Love a bit of leopard print as well. Have shoes, a top that I bought last year and a beautiful scarf a friend bought me from S. Africa years ago. I only wear one piece at a time less is definitely more.
Thank you for your post xx

Deborah Peterson Milne

I too adore leopard if it’s the right pattern. I have a leopard coat that never fails me. When you wear a splash of leopard, one definitely feels fierce!! xx


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