25 Mar 2017

Need To Know: A Secret Between Friends

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This is on a need to know basis.

And I think you need to know.

It can be our little secret; the only bad part is I have to come clean with you first.


David Terry, my friend, if you are reading, stop now and close down this page, it’s not for you.

Last week after much putting off, delaying and avoiding I went underwear shopping. Nightmare.

It is the one kind of shopping I detest, even more than swimming costumes and that is making a big statement. Normally I save my dignity and shop for all that lives beneath in Paris. Eccentric I know, to co-ordinate a trip to Paris around underwear, but I do because it’s a whole new world there. Underwear shopping in Paris is almost pleasant; the assistance and the choice is outstanding.

The underwear drawer could not wait for Paris; it needed immediate attention.

I subscribe to the underwear-is-just-as-important school of thought. I grew up worrying about what was underneath as much as what was on the outside. Wrapped up pretty is very important to the way we feel, not to mention adding a certain allure to the private side of our life. Whatever body shape is on show it only looks better with good underwear. We can’t change the excess or the lack of but we can make the most and show ourselves in the best possible light.

Apart from the pretty lace, silk and frills there is a certain amount of practical underwear required. This is where I reveal my new found secret.

Shape wear is legendary, a game changer and I am never going without it.

The art to wearing shape wear is to select when it is on show and when it is not. I am very happy to flash the lace and showcase the pretty, but when I am in the firm and flatter I am best left to my own devices. There is nothing wrong with guarding a little mystery.

The need to know is this.

I found the most amazing hold-in-everything, smooth-it-all-out and knock-off-about-4-kilos-while-you-are-at-it pants. Two different styles that are super comfortable and make me look better and my clothes hang beautifully. The only downside is I don’t think I will ever want to take them off. I liked them so much I went back two days later and bought an extra pair.

I know it would be better to say goodbye to the kilos and never need to wear such things but I’m living in the real world and so, whatever it takes. Right?

  • These new “friends” of mine have made me very happy, not to mention comfortable. I have tried others like them before but we haven’t got on nearly as well.

Too much information? xv

Need To Know: A Secret Between Friends

**wacoal beyond naked seamless brief  ||  wacoal body base smoothing shorts 

image, the ritz paris by mikael jansson for vogue, july 2016

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Anita Rivera

I LOVE THIS. Ok, this is my underwear secret: I wear those boy shorts; I don’t know what they’d call them out your way, but they are like spandex shorts, just a tad shorter. They are for me!


Hello Vicki
…well this is certainly the sort of “too much information” that a girl needs.
Thank you for the tip, cannot wait to order online!


Wow!!! I was so intrigued to find out what you found and I just made a note to myself to pick up a couple of these “under” things. I wear Wacoal when I can afford to and I was surprised that these pieces are quite reasonable for the brand. So I am in. Easy peasy. Thanks for sharing your finds Vicki!!!!


I recently did some shopping for new undies but for different reasons. I have lost enough weight that my underwear is loose and I have this fear of standing in a line , wearing a dress and having my undies fall down around my ankles ( my mom saw this happen many years ago and her story made some impression on me ! lol)
I wear the skimpy string kinds of little nothings .. love them.

Wendy Going Forward

I will have to try the Wacoal. I had tried another brand once and the leg sort of rolled up. It became so tight, I thought I might lose circulation in my thigh!

Mimi Gregor

If David Terry is anything like me, being addressed directly and told not to read something is precisely the thing that would make me read every word!


Like Anita, I wear the spandex-type shorts, but only in summer and only under dresses. Makes me feel a bit more ‘covered’. However … 2 years ago, I tripped in a restaurant and ended up on the floor with a broken arm and shoulder. I was spreadeagled on the floor for over an hour waiting for the ambulance because I literally couldn’t move with the pain. Even though my dress came to well below the knee when standing, all I could think of was: ‘is my dress pulled down’ because I didn’t want the other diners (who incidentally just kept eating … they couldn’t very well do anything else) to think I had ‘old lady pants’ on … the spandex I had on that day were flesh coloured because I had a light coloured dress on! Luckily they put a blanket over me! Since then I have worn black shorts under summer dresses!!!

Mona Turner

Absolutely not “too much information.” We need to talk about these things and share great finds with each other. You are definitely an expert at this!
P.S. I have a feeling that David Terry did continue reading.


I think great underwear does fabulous things for a gal. Even when I wear my favorite outfit of old ripped jeans, white tee shirt and flip flops, everything underneath is in like new condition. I shop 2 or 3 times a year for my favorite Wacoal bras and undies and get rid of anything that doesn’t look good. The French have it spot on – love their luxurious underwear stores.

Deborah McKenzie

I am thrilled to know Wacoal has such under garments. I have been on a year long hunt for a supportive comfortable bra that I can wear everyday that does not remind me that it’s there. I found that in one of the Wacoal styles and now I wear them almost daily. It’s simple and rather pretty. I am looking forward to investigating those supportive comfy bottoms.
Do they sell Wacoal in France?


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