22 Mar 2017

Raise The Barre: Slide And Tie

Raise The Barre: Slide And Tie on vickiarcher.com

Slides and tie-ups have to be some of MY most loved shoe styles ever.


It was probably because like many little girls, I fancied myself as a ballerina, laughable, really. It was never going to happen. Secondly, because I am a fan of the flat and when they slide on or lace around the ankles they add that little bit of extra detail to the foot. A slide on or mule is a very flattering form and the tie up adds that extra femininity to complete an outfit.

The slide and the tie make all the difference and it means that the heel can stay put, or behind or anywhere else but near our long-suffering toes. This season there are the prettiest slides and mules about so I think we should take advantage. Which is not to say I am relinquishing heels, not at all, just seizing an opportunity when I see one.

Raise The Barre: Slide And Tie on vickiarcher.com

"Ballerina" inspiration has been with me for the longest time.

Years of classes as a small child have paid off in ways I could not have foreseen. I didn't raise the barre, make it past the second position or master the demi plié but the aesthetics must have entered into my subconscious and left me with a love of ballet and all that such a delicate discipline conjures up.

Whenever tulle, nude pink and a satin slipper are involved I am at the front of the queue.

There are two styles from Stuart Weitzman this season, the MULARKY and the SUPERSONIC that have taken my eye. The slide in the softest ballerina shade of pink satin and the tie up in a similar suede tone are for me. No doubt my forthcoming 'cherry blossom tour' is helping to fuel my obsession with all things pink but these are some of the prettiest points I have seen this season.

How to wear them? Ballerina styles are simply the easiest to style. The tie up worn with a longer dress; I am thinking a midi style with an A-line skirt would make for a pretty silhouette. Then a shorter style pant, a wider leg or a slip dress would work as a winning combination. Imagine these with the leopard slip dress we spoke about yesterday. I'm hooked on the pink but the black would look equally fabulous.

The slides make just about everything look great. Simple and less embellished than many mules, the lux of the satin against the stacked heel, gives that delicious contrast in texture. I am wearing these with jeans and a tee or an all black ensemble of ankle pants and blazer. I would love the black satin pair also.

Do you buy multiples when you find something that really works? I am guilty of stocking up when I feel I have found a winner. The right fit, colour or style is not always available when we want so when something resonates I tend to go for it. I think about a style carefully, whether it can form the basis for a season's "uniform" or if it can work with the essentials I consider necessary for a functioning wardrobe and then I decide whether double colours are worthwhile.

These slides definitely fit the bill. Not forgetting they appeal to the "ballerina" in me. xv

Raise The Barre: Slide And Tie


thank you stuart weitzman for partnering with, ‘raise the barre: slide and tie’
images, alexina graham photographed by sy delorme and styled by sonia logerot for mojeh magazine

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mimi Gregor

I sometimes buy multiples — in the same color, no less — if something just looks and fits me perfectly, knowing how manufacturers stop making things, even if they are classic. I have done this with jeans, shoes, and even a sheath dress. Needless to say, I do this with cosmetics as well, since oftentimes they will stop making something that has always been perfect for me. Of course, inevitably, I will run out and have to find a replacement. But it gives me time to audition suitable candidates.


It is the auditioning that is tough Mimi… :)
It is so frustrating when something works well, fits in and suits, only to find it gone and replaced by something not at all alike.
You are a woman after my own heart..

david terry

Oh, Mimi…I am probably the most haphazard-dresser, “Don’t WANT TO THINK ABOUT WHAT I’M WEARING!” guy you could imagine…..which shouldn’t be surprising since (at age 56) I’ve basically been wearing one or two uniforms since I was sent off to school at age six (and afterwards went to a university where the standard uniform was blue-blazer-khakis–white shirt-&tie to class).

A very fine, longtime friend of mine who’s well-known for being The Best Dressed in Charlottesville, wearily told me once (and she’s known me well, since she was my landlady and I was 25): “FINE….you’ve finally found something you actually LIKE????? While you’re at it, will you please just buy FIVE of them?…., so that we don’t have to go through this shopping-hell again with you??????”

Since then (and whenever I’ve found something I actually like), I’ve always bought as many as they have available in my size. That way, I figure I don’t have to shop and scout and furrow-around for new clothes……and the as-yet-unworn remainders can go with me to the rest-home (which I assume I’ll be in sometime around 2037….which isn’t so very far away….).


David Terry

Beth Anderson

I am definitely a “buy in multiple” if I find something I really, really like. Or if it’s a very suitable basic – if you find a really good white T shirt, definitely buy several, white T shirts are ubiquitous but the quality isn’t always there. If I find jeans I like I buy 4-5. I still have a pair from 2014 which are brand new with tags, the 4-5 other ones I bought with it are still serviceable but brand new they were just perfect (I think I even found them here when you did your Nordstrom sale edit – I think they are boyfriend jeans IIRC).

david terry

Okay, good…looking over these responses a few hours after writing mine (see above), I’m glad to see that I’m not completely neurotic (or at least not completely unusual) in buying multiples of anything I actually like.

My friends seem to be split between the “Why do you hate shopping so much? That’s just crazy” and the “Why would anyone buy six of the same shirt? That’s just crazy”…….


David Terry

Anita Rivera

I love this designer’s shoes. Oh if only I could own a pair! And tied shoes have always been special to me, being a dancer. You have piqued my interest now in at least finding an alternative brand so I can enjoy these during the summer months! Gorgeous photos, Vicki!

Katherine Howden

I bought the Stuart Weitzman Supersonic Flat in red on a recent trip to NYC. They are beautiful! I am very tempted to buy another colour. I also tried the Bolshoi Flat in several colours, they were a perfect fit and very prettty. I should have bought a pair!
The good thing about Stuar Weizmann is that they make such a large range of sizes.


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