31 Mar 2017

Travel Diaries: The One And Only Duster

Travel diaries: The One and Only Duster on vickiarcher.com

I had forgotten about the duster jacket, Until recently.
It is the newest addition to my wardrobe and will be my “going out” jacket at night while I am away and a different style to alternate with my blazer. Way back when, too many years to remember, I wore a duster coat often.

The knee length or just above knee length simple coat is a shape that works well for many women. The length of the coat is slimming and the generosity of style dresses up what is worn underneath.

Now this jacket, re-found and re-fashioned this season is back in my wardrobe, I am wondering why on earth I stopped wearing it.

I recently discovered LA designer Raquel Allegra and her tie-dyed pieces. Her beautiful store interior is featured above. I love her designs but probably can’t do many of them justice.

The duster coat however is another story. Her coat is a cross between a classic duster style and an old fashioned dressing gown; as an outer layer it is glorious. Two colour ways of dusty pink and black make the choice impossible. Dream worthy. You know of course which one I would choose.

This style of jacket will work well over a tee and 3/4 black pants or even the more relaxed style of pants we mentioned yesterday. I will throw it over a shell top and jeans also. It is an easy lightweight piece to pack which counts in its favour.

Here is the really good news. I found the most amazing duster jackets in both dusty rose and black on sale. Ok, of course they aren’t as incredible as the Rachel Allegra but the price point is unbeatable. The fabric will travel well and the style most flattering. In this case there are no hard decisions to make. 

I will take both, please. xv

Steal The Style: The One And Only Duster

bobeau duster jacket   ||  rachel allegra pink silk damask  || rachel allegra black silk damask

images rachel allegra boutique sam johnson

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Anita Rivera

Oh, now isn’t that pretty, and in that fabulous pink shade we discussed the other day! Glamorous, lush.


Such a beautiful shade.. I think it is very you, Anita :) :).. I want to see you in it on Instagram… :)

Mimi Gregor

I like the length of the duster, but not the voluminousness of it. I would feel as if I were wearing a robe in public. I like something that is a compromise between closer fit and enough room to get it over a long-sleeved sweater. I have a couple “spring coats” in this length: one is more of a frock coat; the other a sweater coat with a ruffle around the wrists, neck, and down the front. Both in black. How springlike. ;-)


Love your choice of the duster on sale! RA makes some nice pieces, but not fond of these dusters. They look like old bathrobes! I am not a fan of the pajama game trend that is playing out in street wear right now!
You will look fab on your trip for sure!
What relaxed pant style were you referring to? I missed that somewhere.
Happy packing, xx


I have one of natural colored linen that is gorgeous and makes an outfit perfect. But it is linen.
5 minutes after putting it on, it looks like an old housecoat :)
I do like the look though.


Yes I know what you mean… and normally I am not a huge fan of synthetics but in this case I think they might work :)

Deborah Peterson Milne

All three are terrific pieces Vicki. The Rachel Allegra version is very similar to the dress I wore for my eldest daughter’s wedding in Sept. I am not a pink woman, but I do love that shade. Gorgeous! Once again, choices that are timeless and chic!! xx


Too pyjama like for me Vickie but they are sumptuous and love the fit out of the LA store. Concrete is one of my favourite materials but challenging to make it look beautiful as so much can go wrong with it when pouring!


Catherine, the “trick” is to wear very form fitting pieces under it then it won’t look so loose and ready for bed :)
The shop in Portland Oregon where we lived for a short time, was called Babette and I will hang on to those beautiful linen pieces for life ! a pair of jeans and a white tee shirt with a light floaty jacket over it is a fabulous look.

D. A. Wolf

That duster is very pretty, in the light color as well as Black. And that price! Pretty incredible. It’s almost worth just trying one to see how it looks… in both colors! 😊

I actually picked up something not too different very recently, on sale, in a light color which is something I don’t normally do. (Oh, you know how that goes. We all feel slimmer in black black black or the occasional navy.) I was quite surprised that the cut was as flattering as it was, even given my very diminutive stature. Proportion is always key to how something plays to our advantage — or quite the opposite.

Now I just need somewhere to wear my duster jacket, and yes, over all black, of course.

Beautiful selections, as always.



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