26 Apr 2017

3 Things We Need To Know

3 Things We Need To Know on vickiarcher.com


Three things, we need to know; random, not connected and ALL have nothing to do with the fabulous photograph by Karen Knorr.

There are 3 things I wanted to mention today and when I started to think how I would visually interpret this piece I somehow stumbled on Knorr’s work and have been lost for the last two hours. If you are unfamiliar, have a Google and become transported into her creative world.

My search started with flamingos and has ended in Durbar Hall, Rajasthan. The joys of the internet and you will understand my flamingo reference in a bit.

3 Things We Need To Know

Have you heard of Japanese beauty brand Tatcha?

It originates in Kyoto and is inspired by Geisha beauty rituals. The founder believes in a “less is more” philosophy and is creating products to reflect this.

The Luminous Dewy Skin Mist has had rave reviews from beauty aficionados and I agree, it is perfect for an extra dose of moisture when needed and an ideal addition to the travel beauty bag.

2. A Flamingo kind of summer.

Here is the bit about the flamingos.

This coming summer I want to float with flamingos as often as I can. Okay, not the real deals but the very cute blow up plastic kind we can lounge about on and decorate with.

A serious crush, an ode to down time and a bit of fun all at the same time. I’m in.

3. The Denim Jacket is back big time.

I have lost count of the times this little piece has been a fashion statement. I suppose for many it has never left the scene.

Have you kept yours because they are back in style and in a big way? Of course mine have long disappeared, despite the numerous times I have collected them. Denim jackets must have come and gone in my closet more than any other piece of fashion.

Does this mean we should never clean out our wardrobes and re-cycle? ;) xv

tatcha luminous dewy skin mist here and Tatcha here  ||  the ‘rosie’ flamingo float  ||  the denim jacket

image,’the flight to freedom, durbar hall, juna mahal, dungarpur by karen knorr

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I’m so glad to have you as my mentor. I religiously look at your posts and get a montage of neat things I really need to know. Merci Beaucoup et Bonne Journee!

Nelso Bartley

Denim jackets are one thing I never have tossed. Still have one from the early 80s (late 70s?) that, in spite of constant wear, looks still new. There’s another slimmer one from the 90s and then a donated cropped one that some teenager left at the house and never claimed. And it just happens to be my size! Plus a denim shirt that in my skinnier days qualified as a jacket but is a teeny tiny bit snug with anything underneath now.
There may be years they don’t get worn but they always come back in style eventually.


Wow – Karen Knorr !! My goodness why haven’t I heard of her before Vicky? Thanks, I’ll be delving into her photography that’s for sure- stunning.
I’ll visit Sephora they are here on the Gold Coast, Tatcho mist


Gorgeous image from Karen Knorr…love the pale pink flamingo, but no pool for it and still have a denim jacket…they are always out there whatever year it is!

Trish Murphy

Lovely images. Still have two old denim jackets and love them. You keep us all up to date in the fashion stakes it is fantastic.


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