30 Apr 2017

Borrowing From The Boys: Jane Birkin knows How

Borrowing From The boys: Jane Bikin Knows How on vickiarcher.com

Jane Birkin knows how to borrow from the boys.

Specifically I was thinking about khaki trousers or chinos as some call them; those boy style trousers that are back in full force. Did they ever really go out? Only for an instant and like the denim jacket they make their appearance like clockwork every few seasons.

Khaki or any of those stone/cream with a sludge of green style colours are a brilliant base to work with. The chino style trouser is one I particularly like because it can be worn with just about everything. Everything that is, except frills. This is just my feeling and perhaps others can make this combination work; I have never liked a chino or cargo pant with a feminine blouse. A bell sleeve maybe but I prefer these type of pants to look cute and boyish. Flats, sneakers or heels work every time.

Try the chino with a pinstripe jacket.

Borrow from the boy’s wardrobe completely and add a button up shirt with a pair of trainers; it is a very cute look. Get the old Converse boot out and see; I think you will love it.

I have mine ready for a weekend, the chinos and the shirt with the blazer and high top sneakers. Taking the train to Paris and spending the long weekend was an impromptu decision; other than an extra sweater and a pair of slim black pants that is pretty much my wardrobe for the weekend.

Borrowing From The boys: Jane Bikin Knows How on vickiarcher.com

The wide leg/ high-waisted chino pants have hit the attention of many fashionistas.

They sit much higher on the waist and the cropped legs flare out; super cute if you can wear a wider pant. I’m not the right shape so I prefer a slimmer or straight cut.

There are also many designer brands of khaki pants available this year. Chino pants are the one place where we can save by buying the high street brands. Let’s save our powder for something we can’t shop down. Chino pants, like black pants are such a classic it is not necessary to break the bank over them.

How is your weekend wardrobe looking? xv

Borrow From The Boys: Jane Birkin Knows How

billie shadow green stretch twill  ||  vince khaki chino  ||  sanctuary cadet straight leg  ||  riley stone stretch

images, jane birkin

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Taste of France

I’m not the shape either. But I still like chinos! The preppy look is just a cleaned-up version of this, and one that has held up pretty well over the years.


I have always liked the preppy look too… it is a good one to adapt and mix up.. :)

Anita Rivera

Oh, she looks wonderful these days! It does take a lot of skill and precise tweaking to steal from the boys. I have not yet mastered that since I DO wear some of my husband’s jackets but it just looks like I’m wearing one of my husband’s jackets, and nothing more….hehehehhe

Mimi Gregor

She can get away with that outfit. Maybe she’s tall and willowy. It’s obvious that the pieces are all of the best quality. But if I wore that exact outfit, I would be mistaken for a homeless person who raided a rich person’s dumpster. I think that short people look better with more fitted clothes.


I agree… fitted and shorter are best together.. I like to re-fashion a look, take the feel and make it work for me… Always the challenge!


My taste runs more toward the fitted articles of clothing. I would wear the same thing as what is shown but not so big and baggy. I am not tall enough to do that, I would look like I was wearing my brothers hand me downs :)


Even though I can and like to dress a bit more femininely at times, since being retired, I do enjoy not having to dress to go to work. My mother being a seamstress, I never lacked to have any style or colour that I wanted, but…I started venturing into my father and brothers’ closets and eventually my husband much to their dismay! Tailoring to me is very important, even if tall and willowy, the clothes sits better on the body that way. The past few years, cargo pants have been my uniform with either sweaters or loose t-shirts and I finish it all off with either colourful or muted scarves depending on my mood. As you mention Vicki – “It’s all about the tweaking.”.


Vicki and Anita…. Why do you think Jane looks wonderful in these pictures? I am not being snarky, I really do want to understand! Other than the expensive Birkin bag, the clothes…and her hair…. ?She would pass for a homeless woman in my city. She doesn’t even look very CLEAN. I really don’t understand the adoration at all. There are many more women who aspire to that Tomboy Look who are far better examples. Yes, she was once an icon….but no longer. She could still be, if only…


Hello Gloria,
Simply I think she looks happy and content in herself.
I don’t know her personally so cannot speak to who she really is or what she feels but in her photograph I think she appears to shine bright from within.
Her style is her own and we can agree it is “baggy and messy ” and not for all but the relevance is her confidence to wear what she likes and appear joyful at the same time. :)


Agree. She’s radiant in these pics. She has her own effortless style and it suits her – she doesn’t need to dress to impress. Best wishes, Pamela


I don’t know what city anyone lives in today that has such well dressed homeless people lol ..
She looks great, casual, not all fussy and obviously not so worried about her lines and wrinkles, her hair is natural and soft looking and she looks younger because of it.
I and my husband were both in the beauty/advertising business and believe me, clients/the public, is more attracted to someone who is “like them”, rather than some old fashioned idea of hair does and perfect make up and wearing clothes that are from a 1950s idea of ” how you should look when you go out “


I MUST comment on the unkempt American! Wow just returned from Las Vegas. Casual is the look of the day no matter a woman’s age but GRACIOUS!!! Slobby, slouchy, bad hair, no make up, horrid tee shirts! Would that they looked like the incandescent Jane Birkin. I am plus sized…3X and depend much upon Eileen Fisher and terrific accessories…also in my late 60’s. But I KNOW what grooming is….all women should and plus sized women can depend on good grooming to feel bien en sa peau! Let’s fix up America. It’s bad!


I love that very casual and relaxed look in clothes and I think she looks fabulous!


In a way it is true, if most people saw a photo of her on the street, dressed that way, hair and no make up that way, she would be just a plain mess with a nice bag :)
But knowing it is Jane Birkin, to a lot of women, means something more.
Personally, I would love to have the confidence to walk out the door with no make up .. but I wear sunglasses which cover a multitude of sins :)


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