2 Apr 2017

Q & A With VA: Beauty Routine In The Clouds


Is there such a thing as a beauty routine in the clouds?

I have one.

How do we manage the beauty routine up in the clouds?

My answer and having just landed in Tokyo after 2 flights, an 8 hour time change and 20 hours since I left home I thought it as good a time as any to tackle this one.

I don’t like to carry too much with me on the airplane so the beauty routine is minimal. I try and double up on creams so the face can do the hands, can do the arms and all with one small pot. I make sure my skin is well cleansed and prepared before I leave home and then I can relax on the flight and not be jumping up and down like a yo yo. Drinking water is the key and the less alcohol consumed the better; sad but true. When it comes to dehydration, the delicious glass of wine or cocktail is the devil. Or look at it this way, enjoy the vino and drink extra water.

The beauty routine up in the clouds is a simple one; serum, serum and more serum. Then a rich moisturising cream and for long haul flights, like the one I have just taken, I add a mask. When the lights go down, the SK II facial treatment comes on. I saw Cate Blanchett apply this mask on a flight and if she can, I can. Besides I need it much more than her :)

The only other beauty product I carry is a lip balm; I have that with me always so it kind of doesn’t count.

I don’t usually wear make-up until just before landing and then the minimum; a good shade of lipstick and a pair of glasses usually provides enough respectability.  When I arrive at my destination and the bag is unpacked I start up with my regular routine. I can’t wait to run that bath and get myself primping and pampering.

The “up in the clouds” routine is a shortcut but I find it works.

The application of extra serum and a rich emollient compensates for the lack of cleansing by guarding against dehydration. As much as I love a good cleanse I cannot stand the feeling of dehydrated skin, so it is a trade off that works for me.

Do you take “beauty” shortcuts when travelling? xv


these are unbelievably effective and the perfect pick me up afterwards; i never leave home without these in the suitcase

Beauty Routine In The Clouds

valmont dna repair serum  ||  **darphin 8 flower nectar cream  ||  sk II facial treatment mask  ||  by terry baume de rose

image, rihanna for harpers bazaar us march 2017 shot by mariano vivanco.

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A few hours after long haul take-off, when all the bustle of drinks and dinner is over, I cleanse my face thoroughly, just sitting in my seat, and then apply one of the Sephora relaxing and hydrating fibre facemasks, recline the seat right back and relax. It’s bliss and sets me up well for some sleep. I don’t really care who passes by and sees it.
For late afternoon/early evening the day after arrival I pre-book a full body massage at the hotel spa and then the next night a hydrating facial. Bliss again and does so much good in repairing the ravages of long long haul travel – like close to 28 hours of it.
Fingers crossed you have good weather for Japan. Best wishes, Pamela

Anita Rivera

My beauty “short cut” when traveling is to drink lots of water. Those flights are dehydrating! Minimal make-up and a small container of moisturizer are in a pocket, on my person, not in my luggage! Cleansing is the key, but I still need to look into these serums, Vicki! I’ll be 59 this month, so it’s about time. AND….take lots of photos of Tokyo!

david terry

“Do you take “beauty” shortcuts when traveling?”…..

Yes, Vicki, I actually do.

In my case?…..”shortcuts” would involve not wearing a belt (I’d, also, just as soon not wear any shoes, since I never do at home, anyway….but it turns out that you can’t board a plane while you’re barefoot).

In addition, I always get a very severe, military-style haircut before I go abroad. Presumably, everyone else will be much more glamorous than I ever am….so why worry about the matter? As far as I’m concerned, the whole POINT of traveling is to see people and places that are better-looking and more interesting than you are. Plus (and while I’m technically certified by Duke’s Doctoral Program as “fluent” in French), I have no idea how to talk to French plumbers, barbers, or electricians. I’ve learned by experience that it’s best to simply have everything chopped off before I get on a plane to any foreign country…..particularly France.

My main “beauty secret” involves my always carrying heavy-duty, deer-hunting ear-plugs. Nobody looks his/her very-best when he/she is suddenly coming over the seat to snarl at the-person-behind-you “Do SOMETHING to shut-up that F*****G baby for the next eight hours!!!!!”.

I do try to do my best to be polite and grateful to the flight-attendants…..reminding myself that they didn’t make this particular airflight-world…..they just have to work and live in it.
Quite sincerely,

David Terry

Trish murphy

Great tips Vicki. I avoid alcohol 😂😂 and drink lots of water. Cleansing wipes are great and not wearing makeup. Have a wonderful visit to Japan with your girlfriend. Holidays with girl pals are great sshhhh ! x Trish

Wendy Going Forward

I like a moisturizer, lip balm, a mask and head phones. Wishing you an amazing trip!


I avoid alcohol – even one drink – I am a nervous flyer these days and alcohol seems tempting at first but will keep me awake later and I need to escape with sleep. I drink lots of water. Headphones, good music, favorite new magazines. I bring little fold up ballet slippers to put on for moving about within the aircraft.


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