7 Apr 2017

Travel Diaries: Cherry Blossom Pink + Rouge

Cherry Blossom + Rouge on vickiarcher.com

I remembered something.

I absolutely adore the cherry blossom pink and rouge combination.

Everywhere my eyes rest in Tokyo I see the pairing of these colours. Why had I forgotten the power a sensational red holds when contrasted with a delicate pink? And vice versa.

Tokyo, as a city of surprises, not only challenges the mind with cultural curiosity but also causes me to open my eyes to intricate pairings. In Tokyo the cherry blossom is set against the monolithic. A concrete jungle in the most attractive of ways is foil to the powder puff blossoms that weep and spray themselves all over the city. The cherry blossom trees whether en masse or as a stand-alone are more often than not the lone “green” survivors in an urban jungle. The gardens and parks, while a tranquil oasis, are few and far between in comparison to the density of modern skyscrapers and modern infrastructure that is Tokyo. The cherry blossom is well deserving of its national worship.

Backtracking a little,

Apart from cherry blossom viewing and the local sights of course we hit the shopping areas. Couldn’t help myself. The one piece I noticed frequently was the “bomber” jacket. I am not a huge fan; as much as I like the bomber, it doesn’t like me. The volume around the middle and the cropped cut are difficult to wear and don’t do me any favours. Except,

In Tokyo I found one with a longer length and less blouson, sort of hitting at the top of the thigh and not cutting me in half like a sausage around the middle. Triumph. The best news it is cherry blossom pink.

How do I wear it?

With a matte red lipstick and the slouchy silk crepe ankle pant.

It looks just like this, xv.

Cherry Blossom + Rouge

**lace back bomber jacket  ||  boucle tweed for a different cut  ||  nars audacious in charlotte

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Wonderful photo, Vicki. Love the combination of the delicate pretty and urban ugly, the soft pinks, the red lanterns and the dark shop fronts! Magical! Pamela


Lace bomber…now…that’s a juxtaposition!! I just bought two jackets…one black with huge pink cabbage roses…*sigh* franki

Taste of France

I love your observations from Japan.
I also love to mix red and pink, though often the pink is fuchsia. Not easy to combine, but when it works, it’s great. For those more-is-more days.

Cécile, Paris

A lovely combination.
It’s funny because I’ve just landed in Tokyo this morning.
First time in Japan and it’s quite overwhelming!
So happy the cherry blossoms is still in full swing.
Have fun Vicki!

Anita Rivera

Good morning, Vicki! Yes, Japan is a surprise and a thrill in pinks. I will never forget. AND…I absolutely loved Ginza Square…the shopping! Back in the day however, it seemed like everything was too small for me, however! But Japan is a delight for the eyes, through rose-colored glasses.


I loved some of the traditional handicraft stores where you could buy remnants of old kimonos – gorgeous large squares of patterned and hand embroidered silks – and obis. Particularly in Kyoto. Best wishes, Pamela

Lynn Groves

This brings back such wonderful memories of my Pan Am flying days…2 Tokyo Trips a month & a month each visiting a dear friend from college, our travel adventures, taking trains into the mountains for Cherry Blossom Festivals…I loved & still collect Japanese antiques…Japan is a magical place- thanks for the memories


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