16 Apr 2017

Travel Diaries: She Won’t Mind If I Tell You

Travel Diaries on vickiarcher.com

She won’t mind, I know she won’t.

The best part of travelling with a girlfriend is the talk time.

Having an extended length of time with none of the normal day-to-day responsibilities is the greatest luxury of all. It is the kind of time that doesn’t come around that often but when it does it means everything and more.

We travelled together for ten days and I don’t think we stopped talking other than to sleep. We talked the big, the small and all the in-between. Living thousands of miles and many years apart means nothing in the grand scheme of things; when you are friends, you are friends. Distance means nothing and time together is a precious commodity.

And yes, there were plenty of nights when the “pyjama party” was the evening of choice.

Travel Diaries on vickiarcher.com

We talked make-up, beauty and shared our routines.

She went home with my favourite Giorgio Armani CC Cream and new Tom Ford lipstick in Ruby Rush and I went home with her Stila Lush Lips Primer and Stay All Day Liquid lipstick.

This Stila Primer for the lips is superb. It has a creamy finish, dries matte and keeps the lipstick in place all day. We gave it all we had, walking all day and barely stopping for a touch up. I liked it on its own too; it made the lips look smooth and maybe even a bit plumper. Who knows, all I can tell you is I am a convert. Plus it takes seconds to apply so a non-taker-of-precious- time. Very important.

I particularly liked it with the stay all day liquid lipstick in Caramello; a beautiful nude pink that I am so partial to. The primer worked equally well with my reds as well.

Something we decided; we must and we will meet each year and spend time some “talking” time together. xv

She Won’t Mind If I tell You

stila lush lips primer  ||  stila stay all day in caramello  ||  giorgio armani cc cream no.2  ||  tom ford lip colour matte in ruby rush

images ellen von unwerth for vogue russia april 2016

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Anita Rivera

How fun that must have been! I have never traveled with a girlfriend; perhaps it was best I never did because I have the sneaking suspicion that we’d get ourselves into MISCHIEF with me at the helm! I reunited with my high school pal on Instagram recently, and we laughed while remembering an incident I incited one evening. Goodness, when you are friends with that special person, you are friends for life. Well Vicki, your travels have been greatly admired and now I want to go back to Japan! The pinks…..swoon!

Enjoy a lush and relaxing Easter holiday. Anita

Taste of France

That sounds like great fun. I find that a trip, including a visit to someone’s home, is often the best way to have some heart-to-hearts. It’s why I always prefer to stay with friends and relatives when traveling to visit them–those unguarded moments happen easily and often, and I wouldn’t want to miss them by being in a hotel, even if that were more comfortable.


I spent 2 weeks in Paris with my best girlfriend from 7th grade. We were both celebrating our 60th birthday. We rented an apartment in the Marais and had the best of times. Our talks together about everything were the highlight of our trip together, I think we watched Pride and Prejudice at least 3 times….gotta love Lizzie. I feel very lucky to have her in my life after so many years and so many other acquaintances.

D. A. Wolf

I haven’t traveled with a girlfriend since spring break in grad school. I admit that was fun… and definitely, the age for a little tropical trouble! I’ve mostly traveled alone — and loved it — but I can well imagine it would be fun once again, with the right friend. (That’s always the trick, isn’t it?)

The image above strikes me as nostalgically (prettily, pleasantly) 1974. (I was 12 then, of course… ahem…)

A lovely look. Fresh, romantic, playful.



Beautiful photos! Love the colours and florals! Haven’t travelled with a girlfriend since before I was married. Let’s draw a veil over how long ago that was. But did meet up with a fabulous group of women on a UK Garden Tour – and we’re still friends.
Apart from travelling with my hubby – I travelled alone a lot for work – and sometimes with male colleagues. In our limited free hours we did some amazing sightseeing (eg walking on the Great Wall, exploring the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the historic sites at Gallipoli, etc) and also fun shopping times. Because, unlike my husband,some of these guys did shop – for wives, daughters, themselves etc. Over time we came home with Turkish carpets, ceramics, clothes, jewellery, etc. They were great – but it’s not the same of course. Once waiting for our flight home at Rome airport the computers went down – an Embassy staffer was with us so we got through to the lounge but had no boarding passes so couldn’t shop easily. Luckily we were friends with another delegation returning from the same conference. Their PM (who was with them) lent us his boarding pass and we all used it at the airport shop to do our duty free purchases. Fun times. Best wishes, Pamela


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