20 Apr 2017

The Tuxedo: Still Borrowing From The Boys

Borrowing From The boys: The Tuxedo on vickiarcher.com

There is one other piece I borrow from the boys.

The tuxedo jacket.

For all the same reasons I find the suit a most brilliant of wardrobe pieces so is the tuxedo jacket. It’s part of the same family but can stand alone; the tux is an ideal travelling companion and can take you pretty much anywhere you want to go. It is an ageless, season-less and permanently in fashion piece.

It is one of those save-the-day jackets and confidence boosters at the same time. Way back when I was a little braver and a lot more willing to show off, I would wear mine with a fabulous bra beneath and simply button up. Not much showed through but the illusion was enough to make the outfit work well enough.

These days I wear mine more like Charlotte Rampling, with a blouse or silk camisole and still find it an appealing look. I also throw the coat on over casual trousers or jeans with a tee if that’s where I am headed.

The tuxedo is a different look to the suit but both share elegance and classic form.

I admit to liking the ambiguity of a tuxedo style jacket; I have always thought women wearing men’s form is a beguiling statement. I think Yves Saint Laurent knew exactly what he was on about.

What else is brilliant about the tuxedo?

Add a bow tie, silk blouse and killer shoes for a formal black tie affair. Sometimes it is easier to wear this than invest heavily in an evening dress, let alone find one you feel comfortable in.

What not to forget?

With this one (on sale and a great shape) I would wear the best and brightest red lips of all. xv

Still Borrowing From The Boys

don’t refrain

***slouch tuxedo jacket on sale  ||  after six stretch wool jacket  ||  halston heritage white jacket

divine inspiration

dolce & gabbana crepe tuxedo jacket  ||  saint laurent one button tuxedo jacket

image, charlotte rampling for harpers bazaar april 2014

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She looks wonderful b, still like herself .. not stretched or artificial looking .. I don’t like the heavy black eyeliner on her eyes, eyes like hers don’t do well with that overdone lining .. this makes me want to go find some of her old films and enjoy them again :)


Like Isabelle Huppert, Charlotte Rampling is a superb actress – and just gets better with age. She was wonderful in “The Swimming Pool” and “Under the Sand”. Best wishes, Pamela

Vicki Elliott

Charlotte Rampling, Julie Christie, Helen Mirren – iconic females of our age.
There are no doubt others whose style and class have left an indelible mark on our generation (50-60+)


Yes, all great actresses and outstandingly beautiful. Sadly Julie Christie didn’t seem to get as many good roles as she joined the senior ranks. But perhaps she chose to retire while quite young? Catherine Deneuve still plays a major role in the French film industry, at least one film a year (still looks wonderful in person) and is another cinema icon, with the luminous Juliet Binoche heading in that direction too. Judy Dench too – but more the jolie laide than beautiful. And of course not forgetting Maggie Smith, now famous for her dowager roles, but unforgettable and sublime as Miss Jean Brodie. Best wishes, Pamela


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