10 May 2017

Can We Ever Have Too Much Denim?

Can We Have Too Much Denim? on vickiarcher.com

Too much denim? I think the answer is a resounding, NO.

I love denim, always have and always will. How about you?

It is an ageless fabric that can be crafted up in so many ways to suit so many different shapes and sizes. Presumably that was its attraction when it was first created, an enduring fabric to fashion for practicality and durability.

When I think about the amount of denim to come through my doors over the decades for not only the children, and myself but also for David I cannot believe one fabric can have so many re-incarnations.

Our denim stories must include pretty much every whim and trim on the market. From memory my first pair snaked over my pudgy frame at the age of ten; I didn’t care about how they looked, I was less sensible then. I have been wearing them ever since in all shades of blue and colour too. Do you remember jeans with high waists, hipsters, flares and straights? There were all sorts of details with embroideries, fringes and patches. Now all that is back for another whirl and twirl.

What was I thinking with those “king” flares? Shoot me now! I looked ridiculous; I forgot to mention I wore them with those chunky platform shoes that had me looking like Herman Munster. Who says younger is better? Not me.

Can We Have Too Much Denim? on vickiarcher.comCan We Have Too Much Denim? on vickiarcher.com



































Now I am more circumspect with my denim. A small rip here and there is about as far as I go and an unfinished hem is my idea of avant-guarde. I am not saying I am not fashion brave, I am, but at the same time I want to maintain a little elegance even in the faded blues.

What should be in the denim wardrobe? If you wear the blue I hope you will agree with me when I say we cannot have too much. The addendum clause is it must be the right denim. It should take us where we want to go and be the type of styles that suit our stage and age. There are certain key pieces a collection should encompass.

Can We Have Too Much Denim? on vickiarcher.comCan We Have Too Much Denim? on vickiarcher.com































The Can’t Have Too Much Denim List

The Skinny Jean.

These better never go out of style and if they do I don’t think I care; they are my go to when I need a go-to. Skinnies are the best friend to our favourite flats and mules.

The Boyfriend Jean.

Boyfriends and Girlfriends, the bagginess is personal, are the kind of jeans we need on those days. You know the ones where comfort is everything and more.

The Bootcut Jean.

Longer and slightly fuller, but not too much flare, when the dressing up and heels need to do a turn or two.

The Capri Jean.

The Capri is summer’s delight with a button detail, unfinished hem or oversized pocket. They are comfortable and casual and a partner to the espadrille and the sandal.

The White Jean.

Every home should have a pair, skinny, bootcut or boyfriend.

The Jean Jacket.

They are back in full and in all shapes and sizes. I like mine slightly over-sized with a shirt or tee-shirt peaking below the hemline. If the urban mood strikes I might even add an exercise style hoodie underneath. Try it, it looks cute and especially with sneakers. Brave enough to double up the denim? This is the way to do it.

Denim knows no bounds and there are skirts, shirts and dresses to add to the collection but they are not pieces I wear repeatedly. I admire them on others but somehow they don’t resonate once I try them on. The jeans are an entirely different story.

What’s your denim piece de resistance? Do you denim? Do tell?

The ‘Must Have’ Denim Edit

bp denim trucker jacket  ||  madewell oversized denim jacket  || vacation embroidered tee  ||  make pullover hoodie

**slim boyfriend  ||  high rise skinny  ||  cali denim bootcut  ||  **raw hem straight  ||  **sailor cropped  ||  white skinny

Thank you Nordstrom for partnering with, “Can We Ever Have Too Much Denim”.

images, Behati Prinsloo – Elle Magazine (Spain) July 2015 Issue, Erica Matthews Cake Magazine, Robin Holzken for Marie Claire Belgium (April 2015) photo shoot by Claudia Trucco, Elsa Hosk by Gilles Bensimon, Elina Ivanova by Suzanne Rensink 

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I have to say yes. I really don’t like denim shirts with denim jeans etc. One piece is sufficient .. I like mixing denim with something that ordinarily doesn’t go with denim, a silk blouse, etc But denim on denim is overkill imo.


Some people get away with it well.. as long as it’s broken up in some way I think… I tried to wear it but wasn’t sure! Probably because I did a denim shirt with the boyfriends… all too much material for me :)

Taste of France

Did you see the new photo of Martha Stewart at the art exhibit? Politics aside, she’s in head-to-toe denim. But then there’s the unfortunate photo of Britney Spears with Justin Timberlake, in matching all-denim outfits that lives on as a major Don’t.
Personally, I prefer to mix shades (white jeans with blue jean jacket, for example).


I like that look too… White jeans are a great one and especially with a darker combination…


Oh I would definitely wear a blue denim shirt with black denim jeans … it is the blue denim top and bottom that I dislike.
But in the end, a nice white shirt/blouse with a pair of slightly distressed blue jeans is a great look. Topped off with a pair of fabulous shoes. :)

Kathleen Ferrigni

A must read. My go to site for everything fashion, décor, travel and life. Thank you. Vicki!

Jeanne Henriques

I am into shades of denim blue at the moment Vicki. Denim jeans, a softer shade of denim in a linen boyfriend shirt and a scarf to break it up. I found a great hand washed soft faded denim cotton scarf (similar to the shirt in your intro pic) with a tassel accent in the Mosman market last weekend…and the list goes on. Love it for Sydney in Autumn. It’s been years since I have worn a denim jacket..I am in the market for a black leather jacket…which of course… has been inspired by you. ;)

Mimi Gregor

Just a couple pairs of black jeans are enough for me. I find denim much too casual for my tastes for “going out” in. I generally wear them at home. I remember when I was a teen, my peer group wore jeans “because they were comfortable”. I never found trousers of any sort to be half as comfortable as a skirt. Yeah… they thought I was weird, too…..

Marg Gibbs

I am presently holidaying in Avignon and my denim jacket came with me for company. I’ve had this one for 15 years and it still looks great. Today after visiting the Palais des Papes I took it off and wrapped at around my waist as I walked across the bridge. Denim makes me feel comfortable and easy going with any outings. How lucky am I to enjoy this historic medieval town with the sun shining and the sky so blue, all the way from Australia. Marg Gibbs


And Denim can calm down a too fussy looking top or outfit .. you know, like a lace blouse or a frilly girly skirt … put a piece of denim with it and it all falls into place :)

Marzi P.

Jeans!!! I could LIVE in them forever. They have been a staple for me since I used to sneak out of the house with my brother’s pair in my purse; faded, ripped, patch strewn…circa 1970, and change into them at school. Mother told me years later that she knew! The denim on denim look is not for me however. We always (insultingly) called that a “Texas Tuxedo.” My child’s first little photo shoot at 6 months was in a denim dress and hat and she loves them as I do. My husband only wears jeans (when he’s not in suit and tie which he also loves…there’s no in between.) Great article extolling the magic of denim. I just discovered your blog, thanks to my fashion conscience sister. Love the photography you use. Hugs!


I love that the word “denim” is derived from the French, “de Nîmes”, the town in France that first manufactured this serge. I always feel more French when wearing my denims! Thank you, Vicki- I just ordered a
denim jacket as a Mother’s Day gift to myself!


I enjoy mixing “lowly” denim jeans that are not new looking at all, with a top that is either very feminine and lacy .. or with a shirt that is very tailored and fitted and neat .. the jeans keep everything from being too serious … I hate “serious” dressing lol.


Can you give the brand /Jean in the first picture with the colorful seam binding?

Caroline Frommhold

My dream wardrobe is: denim (pants, jacket, shirt), black, khaki (tan, not green), and white. it all goes together/mixes-n-matches no matter how you pair it.


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