11 May 2017

Foundation Made Easy: Tips And Tricks

Foundation Made Easy on vickiarcher.com

There are some tips and tricks to foundation.
There are 4 easy ways to make sure the make -up not only looks perfect but stays in place until you decide otherwise.

When it comes to applying makeup, one of my biggest struggles has been with foundation.

I have lost count of the brands, the types and the shades of creams lining my bathroom shelves in the quest for a flawless finish. I have tried the matts, the sheers and the tinted tubes; truthfully I feel like I have sampled enough cover-ups to last a lifetime. At the same time I will admit to being tricky when it comes to foundation. I like a texture that is not too thick and not to dry; the mask-like feeling tightening over the face as some foundations dry is not for me. Nor do I want to appear as if I am wearing a mask. Did I mention if a foundation is highly fragranced, that is out too?

It is a beauty land mine of negotiations and it’s only now that I am learning the difference between products.

Finally I know what I want to wear.

By Day

The Giorgio Armani Luminessence CC cream in No 2.

This will depend on coverage requirements but the texture of this cream is fine, sheer enough and evens out the complexion. This CC cream is the best I have found to date and the sun protection is excellent. I have been using this one for some years now and am so happy with the result.

By Night 

The “Luminous Silk” foundation from Giorgio Armani in shade 3.75.

The texture is superb giving a dewy but more defining look for evening.

Selecting the shade is the hard part.

In my experience consultants usually sell me a shade too deep; now I try one lighter and it is generally the correct one.

Once you know your foundations and have determined the tints best suited, there are a few tips and tricks that really help.

 Tips And Tricks

1. Prepare the base.

 Applied after the skin care routine, the Tom Ford Illuminating primer makes all the difference and prepares the skin for the foundation layer.

2. Create a dewy finish and a glowing complexion. (Optional Step)

On the palm of the hand mix a small amount of Mac Strobe Cream with moisturiser and using fingertips apply the blend to the face from the middle outwards.

* The strobe cream is a secret of make-up professionals. The difference between using moisturiser alone and this product is the light reflecting properties. It is not sparkly just enhancing.

If you can be bothered to add another product to your routine it’s a very worthwhile addition. It is one for special events or an added touch of glamour.

3. Apply foundation.

Add a small drop of night cream for a finer effect. This works brilliantly for a seamless coverage.

4. Set the foundation with a thermal water spray.

The Avene Thermal Water Spray is one of the fasting selling beauty products in France. It really does works. Spray a fine mist over the entire face after foundation and blush, before the eyes and lips for a longer lasting finish.


Foundation Made Easy

cc cream  ||  luminessence silk foundation  ||  illuminating primer  ||  thermal water spray  ||  strobe cream

image, emma thompson by dennis van tine

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I started using Mac a few years ago and I love that stuff ! I also had a shock when they discontinued the perfect for my skin tone color foundation. Now I just look a bit more pale than I used to but with my hair color, it still works. I just make sure I have lipstick on :)
My new favorite lipsticks and mascara are Dior , Tarte Primer is Brilliant ! and Laura Mercier Secret Finish, it takes off the dull powdery look.
I admit to buying cosmetics online when I am bored :)

Melanie LeFever

I love the Giorgio Armani Luminessence CC bright moisturizer. I don’t always use foundation , or even need it all over my face, but when I do, I love the texture and finish of this one. Thank you for another informative post.

Lorraine - Australia

Hi Vicki from Australia,

Thank for this blog, this has always been one of my challenges having fair skin tone. Looked up the G Armani luminous silk and much more expensive at my nearest departments store so will choose a colour there when next in the city and then buy online. Thank you for the links. Have you purchased through Nordstrom? Cheers Lorraine


Nordstrom is one of the most well regarded store in the US… according to my American girlfriends and my experience… great service, competitive price and full refund policy… I admit I have bought a bit from N… ;)


Hi, Vicki. You’re right about the shades for bb and cc creams. There is not a lot of variation in specific brands. One definitely has to hunt around. I go with the 45 SPF version of Dr. Jart just because of the higher sun protection. Many other brands are simply too dark for me, and few go up as high as SPF 45. I see them as similar to tinted moisturizers but with more coverage and protection. Lucky you to curate handbags at Nordstrom! You’re right. They are a terrific store with wonderful service, esp. online. I bought a handbag and minidress on Carnaby street although I can’t remember my first handbag. I was lucky enough to buy 2 Paco Rabanne handbags (or perhaps they were knockoffs??) around that time, too. It was a big regret to miss the Biba superstore in those days.

Deborah Miles

Good article! I only use organic products & love Juice skincare & use some of her makeup line. Love it & totally organic!


So far after years of experimentation. My favorite is. All of oil for removing make up and Eye make up with a warm washcloth.
Then foaming face wash by Estée Lauder
Followed by A toner by Keihls
La Blanc serum by Chanel
La Blanc face cream
To brighten and remove spots tighten pores
Estée Lauder has a perfect SPF 50 sunscreen without any zinc and it it keeps my face from breaking out it’s the only SPF that doesn’t break my face out it has a chemical barrier instead of zinc oxide.
Estée Lauder has it SPF 35 BB cream
And if I feel I just want to lighter feeling I used Bobby Brown 4.5 it’s the perfect base make up under all of that it doesn’t feel like you have anything on and my skin is flawless now.
Together with laser treatments every three months seems to do the trick!
That hey at 61– I have the time the money and it’s worth it! Lol
Really no kidding the Bobby Brown is really wonderful It has more of a natural base color not so pink or rosy. So it looks like you’ve been in the sun just a little.
I use it and the BB for eye make base. It really holds the make up.


I believe it’s very important to use products that are safe and free of toxic ingredients. When I find it difficult to determine the ingredients due to lack of information provided by a company, it’s a red flag to me.


I just realized talking into my phone doesn’t work very well!
I meant olive oil to remove eye and face make- up.
Estée Lauder perfectly clean multi action foam cleanser
Kiehl’s Calendula herbal extract toner
Le Blanc serum Clarte’
And day night cream Le Blanc
For day Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Radiant Base protective SPF 50
Bobbie Brown make- up over all my serum, cream etc.
Or the Estée Lauder Clear Difference BB cream
Broad spectrum 35
I had a lot of problems with breakouts when the girl at the Chanel counter helped me figure out that it was the zinc in all the products breaking my skin out
What a revelation!! It seems like a lot of things to put on but it’s very small amounts. It’s all very light and I get plenty of moisture without blackheads or my skin breaking out which is wonderful. It’s also helped with fine lines and texture. I don’t know if this’ll help anyone else but it really has helped me!


I have just discovered Young Blood liquid mineral foundation and absolutely love it. Best foundation ever and I do not look like I am wearing make up. I recommend trying it. My daughter suggested it and as I often find, our daughters are our most valuable asset for keeping us ” on trend”.

Anita Rivera

Good morning, Vicki! I have never used foundation except for when I danced on stage! I keep thinking that one day, one day, when I feel my age has caught up to my skin that I’d investigate foundation. But so far, so good, and I don’t think I need it yet. But I know where to turn when I do need it! Oh, isn’t Emma just a gorgeous woman?


You are very lucky you don’t need it but do try the CC Anita… you will absolutely love the difference.. :)

Taste of France

I really like Clinique–my skin is so sensitive. Lately I’ve been using Avène, which also is good for sensitive skin. The point isn’t to cover but to reduce imperfections. They’re still there but they aren’t the first thing you see.


There is a sunscreen in the CC cream which is enough if not in full sun… for everyday in other words.
If it is full sun then I apply first and wait a while then go with the routine… :)


Hi Vicki,
What moisturizer do you use with the the strobe cream and with your foundation? Also which night cream do you prefer? Thank you very much.


I’ll do an article on that soon Janie..
I like Filorga and Lierac .. but also Darphin…
I swap about a bit :)


Emma Thompson looks wonderful here! Wrinkles and all. Think she may have had work done on her teeth in the last 15 years or so – but her face still looks as though it hasn’t succumbed to the scalpel. Radiant!
Best wishes to all for Mothers’ Day! Pamela


I love reading your makeup posts Vicki. After recently cleaning out a drawer full of foundation mistakes, I am on the hunt for something beyond Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, which I keep coming back to. I find it increasingly difficult to get a professional colour match at makeup counters in department stores. Staff are usually inexperienced or I am immediately put off by their heavy mask like faces! But I will prevail and I love the sound of the Armani CC cream. Thank you for sharing the shades you wear, this will really help me as another mature fair skinned grey hair girl. Thank you Vicki.


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