18 May 2017

Going Nude

Going Nude on vickiarcher.com

Going nude??

5 ways and counting.

Ha, ha don’t panic

I am covering up more and more these days, except in my make up.

As the temperatures mount, the season trend for fresh-faced beauty and neutral shades is one that I am ready to follow.

Whenever is “nearly nude” not a trend? This natural look in make-up is one I have always loved and it is one I find even more of a winner now. If I make up too much on my face not only do I feel silly but also uncomfortable. Too much generally means a re-start.

Each year I mix it up a little with a couple of small additions to the make-up palette. Small changes can make us feel invigorated and up to date.

This doesn’t mean I’m saying goodbye to my deepest, darkest reds, roses and pinks. Not at all, never. Those shades will follow me always; at least I hope so.

There is no harm in going nude every now and then ;) xv

Count To 5: Going Nude

 1. prepare a make up base with primer and foundation


2. on the cheeks, using the ring finger, gently dab the rouge on to the apples of the cheeks
remember less is more and extra can always be applied.

 try bobbi brown pot rouge in ‘rose’

3. gently press the eye colour on the eyelids, and then using a separate brush, blend the colour within the eye socket

my best colour is laura mercier matte eye colour in ‘truffle’ 

 4. curl the lashes and apply a couple of coats of mascara

can’t go without shu uemera lash curlers  ||  dior show mascara

 5. lipstick,  blot and more lipstick

the best nude mac cherish

images cate blanchett

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Mimi Gregor

I’ll have to try the MAC cherish the next time I’m near a MAC counter. It’s hard to find a good nude lipstick! Most of them are too light, and make me look ill. The best I’ve come across thus far for my coloring is Nars Pigalle. It matches the color of the skin on the inner part of my lip (which I’ve heard is the best way to pick nude lipsticks and blushes). I even use it as my cheek color. I love when a product can multi-task.


When I’m travelling I often use my lipstick on the cheeks.. one less thing to carry! :)


I have white blonde hair ( white mixed with blonde :) and I need some color in/on my face and most often, lipstick is the color. I don’t like to overdo the blush or foundation colors.
Nars is fabulous .. I have used MAC for years. and Lancome still has some lovely shades of blushes.


I agree… lipstick in strength is brilliant but too much of the rest and we are in trouble :)

Beth Anderson

Love that color, truffle! My old favorite eye color by Lancome was discontinued a long time ago and it’s hard to find something similar. truffle looks a bit darker than the one I liked but it looks like a good one to try.

I’ve never worn blush…


Thank you Vicki, I’ll go look at the lipstick next time I’m at Nordstrom’s. Like Mimi, I’ve had a difficult time finding a great nude color. A great nude lip is a great look for those of us over 40. {I already use the others, Dior show is my absolute favorite mascara of all time.}


I have lost count of the times I have relied on “Cherish”… I think its one of the best.. :)

Liz Detrich

I like the idea of going nude, but with my olive skin and dark features, I find I need a touch of shimmer and a pop of color to make my face come alive.
A great nude (rosy plum) lipstick for brunettes is Perfect Fig by Lance, it’s the perfect my lips but better, and for a rosy blush, I adore Edward Bess’s Love Affair, but because I have sharp cheekbones, I apply it not at the apples of my cheeks, but a bit higher and further back towards the hairline. Also wonderful is Lancome’s Cedar Rose blush, I’ve used it for years and it’s never failed me.


Thanks Liz… I shall look for these… and what a great cheekbone tip.. :)

Liz Detrich

One correction, I didn’t realize that autocorrect changed Perfect Fig by Lancome to Lance.


LOL Liz… there are days that AutoCorrect is not our friend :)

I am fair skinned and white/blonde. I have to be very careful with how much blush I use and be sure that I don’t have that dead white look, when / if I wear a lot of white.
A white shirt requires a good warm lipstick .. I like peach colors rather than red which can make a Blonde girl look Hard.
I use dark brown eye liner rather than black but I do use black mascara.
Perfect Fig sounds like something I would love … to eat and for a color lol


I will share my new most favorite nail color ever … it is clear.
Until you put it on . then it seems the pink part of your finger is a bit pinker … then another coat and your nail is still clear but shiny and a bit pink .. the more layers the pinker it gets but always clear and shiny.
FABulous darling. Dior NailGlow

Trish Murphy

Vicki I have been going to try the Giorgio Armani Silk foundation for the past few months. Next week I will set aside a day to go to a consultant and I will try the Mac lipstick. I love Mac lipsticks. Thank you for the great tips Vicki women of our age need all these helpful tips 😩X Trish


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