14 May 2017

Who Would Have Thought: The Hoodie

Who Would Have Thought: The Hoodie Lauren Hutton on vicki archer.com

Yes, the hoodie has made a comeback.

The hoodie has always been a gym staple but now its turf has widened and it is being worn out and about as fashion piece.

Can I even believe “hoodie” is in my vocabulary let alone I would be mentioning them here?

Truth time.

I wasn’t sure about this idea at all. Like all “new” trends I like to look and see before I adopt them. I wasn’t convinced I could wear one and not look like I was in my exercise clothes.

Wrong, I can and I am. I actually think they work and what’s more, I like them.

It’s a sweater that is not for everyone but if you are comfortable with the extra addition of the hood then there are ways to successfully wear one.

I like the hoodie to be fine and simple.

What I mean is I don’t want logos emblazoned across my chest (unless for a good cause) and I want them to be made in a light fabric; either thin cashmere or a soft mix. I’m not talking college or university style sweats here. The hoodie has become more elegant and refined as a piece.

I like them worn with jeans or with pants and a blazer, the hood part sitting over the collar. It gives the impression of a scarf. There is something flattering about a little extra fabric and softness around the neck. It may have something to do with the less than tight jawline. But, let’s not go there on a Friday :)

Experiment with one of your children’s hoodies and pop it on under a blazer, fluff the neck a little and see what you think. My guess is you will be surprised at how cool it looks. Add a pair of trainers and feel good to go. I wore this one on my recent travels to Japan and I wore it under my duster coat also. Worked every time.

We don’t have to pay Gucci prices for a hoodie, as gorgeous as they are, we can get the look with something else just as easily. Re-thinking and re-interpreting is where it is at.

The hoodie is one of those; didn’t think I would but now I’m mad if I don’t. xv

These Hoodies: Big Tick

shadow dolman  ||  destination  ||  pink scallop pullover  ||  grey pullover  ||  camo zip

image lauren hutton by steven klein for alexander wang

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Mimi Gregor

I’m on my second black cashmere hoodie, as I wore my first one to death. I wear them around the house when I feel chilly, but I also add them as a layer under my overcoat in the winter. Even in summer, they come in handy in overly air-conditioned places. A secret to get rid of pilling: Keep a scrubby pad (the kind you use on pots and pans…. yes….) in your closet expressly for sweaters. When I lightly run it over my sweaters, it de-pills them. Works better than those utterly useless “sweater shavers”.


Thank you Mimi!! That is a brilliant tip… Do you mean like a scourer? I guess not too abrasive… I will try tomorrow… :)

Mimi Gregor

I use the green “Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scour Pads.” They aren’t too abrasive, but they do a great job on sweaters AND on tough cooked-on messes. (Just to clarify: the cooked-on messes are on the pots and pans… not the sweaters. ;) )


Wow what a great tip. As you so rightly say those de-pilling gadgets are absolutely useless and l have tried my husbands razor without much success. I have used scourers on suede shoes and bags – gently of course!!!

Heather Lindstrom

I wear my hoodie to pilates and feel comfortable running around town and grabbing lunch with friends. I love it! Great tips!
Happy Mother’s Day, Vicki!
xx, Heather
PS-we are especially excited this holiday since my step-daughter is expecting her first–our first grandchild!:)


My eight grandchildren wear hoodies all the time. My daughters like the nicer ones as casual wear. But.. I think at this stage of my life (62), I’ll pass. With all the beautiful sweaters available to us, why chose a hoodie?


Joanna, have you never worn a sweater with a hood on it ??
That is all it means, it has a hood. I mostly take the hood and pull the cord and make it scrunch up around my neck making more of a scarf/turtleneck when it is really raw and windy out.


I’ve not had one since I was young. I believe we called them kangaroo jackets in my youth. I just feel that it something that I should leave to the young. But…having said that, I’ve never tried on a nice cashmere one. That you for responding Candice.


Oh, and I think Lauren Hutton is a timeless beauty. So nice to see her age gently, instead of fighting nature.


The pink pullover & Destination hoodies are wonderful. They not only provide a current look, but can be useful when a cool breeze is in the air :)


Have never worn a hoodie (except on a raincoat). My hair is so long and thick it keeps my head and neck warm – but if it’s really really cold out would probably wear a hat – eg have a super wool coppola (think that’s the word) bought in a brave piso free shop just near the Teatro Massimo in Palermo. I love it. Fun and really warm. Prefer a hat and scarf to a hoodie. Best wishes, Pamela

Linda Boardman Kerr

For years I have had a black cashmere, front zip hoodie cardigan in my wardrobe. I wear it several times a week, for basically the same reasons Mimi gave. Another big plus, is that if it is slightly raining, or misting, I pull it up over my head as I dash from car to wherever, as it keeps my frizz prone hair dry.
It, along with black jeans, is a wardrobe piece I will never be without! Especially when traveling.

Anita Rivera

I agree with you; I can wear them, but as long as they are light and not too bulky, or else I get LOST IN THEM! But the casual look accompanied by an elegant swagger, how can you go wrong? And, a happy Mother’s Day to you dearest Vicki!

Marie-Anne Duarte

Thank you! Love your blog. I follow you from South Africa and we are now going into our winter season.
So I’m now on the hunt for a cashmere hoodie. :)


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