4 May 2017

Wearing The Red Just Like Hotel Plaza Athenee

Wearing The Red Just Like Hotel Plaza Athénée on vickiarcher.com



The Hotel Plaza Athenee reminded me of a woman who knows how to wear a good red lipstick.

A hotel well known for accents of red has been sitting brightly on the Avenue Montaigne for as long as I can remember and I have walked past a million times but never ventured in. I have snapped the red geranium infused balconies and taken countless shots of the doormen against the red awnings; especially at Christmas time. Avenue Montaigne is one of those streets to see over the festive period.

It was only last weekend when I paid an impromptu visit to Paris that I made this connection. Hotel Plaza Athenee does remind me of a woman and her red lipstick and why the wearing of a red lip is such a winner.

Red accents are in profusion; in the furnishings, the carpets and have of course the world famous awnings and outdoor hanging geraniums. Contrasted against the red are the rich creams of textured upholsteries, the warmth of antique furnishings, white and creamy flowers (the hotel was full of beautiful white Arum lilies, bundled up and clumped into their Deco style vases) and the overwhelming twinkle of a myriad of chandeliers. The red, like our much-loved lipstick is an accent, a pop of colour and one, which really gives the hotel her personality.

Wearing my red lipsticks makes me feel much more lively and full of personality but it is a bit of a give and take. If I wear the red lips I feel much more bright and buzzy but to feel like wearing it I need pep in my step. The answer is probably put it on and let the fun begin.

Next visit to Paris put on your red lips, wander down the Avenue Montaigne and depending on the weather have a tea in the gallery or bag a spot in the little outdoor restaurant. It is the perfect people watching spot and if the sun is out, a heavenly little interlude. Don’t forget to look up at the inside of the awnings; Fragonard style paintings are printed on the reverse. I had never noticed before.

And as for wearing red lips, I think we must and more often. We should dress ourselves up, just like Hotel Plaza Athenee.

Use a good pencil if you are nervous of the lip line and make sure the red is sufficiently matte to stay firmly in place.  

I am going to wear red more often because if nothing else I shall be reminded of this wonderful Parisian hotel. xv

Just Like The Hotel Plaza Athenee

tom ford ruby rush  ||  mac ruby woo  || bobbi brown red carpet   ||  charlotte tilbury re-shape lip liner in kiss ‘n’ tell

images, the dorchester collection

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Anita Rivera

WOW, I don’t think I had the pleasure of seeing this hotel when I was in Paris for eight days, but eight days is simply not enough time to see everything! And I so agree about the red lipstick. I look and feel much better when I get on my lips in the morning! If I miss putting on my eye makeup, at least dressing up my lips makes a big difference and I am ready for the day. What a beautiful place!


Definitely worth a swing by on your next visit, Anita… I’ll meet you there for a cuppa :)

Mimi Gregor

After years (decades?) of wearing all black, I have incorporated quite a bit of red into my wardrobe. (Yes, including lipstick!) It really makes me feel a bit more happy and revitalizes me in some way. It’s addictive; now if I were to wear all black, I would feel like a Greek widow.

Taste of France

I like to emphasize my eyes, and a red lip can be too much (though it works better in summer, when the eyes are behind sunglasses). But red is a faithful accent color that withstands trends and never looks anachronistic. My red bag makes me happy!
Love your photos….sigh.

david terry

Oh, Oh, Oh….who was that woman (she bascially invented the computer router with her husband, started one of those multi-billion dollar companies in the late 80’s, and eventually decamped to buy up all the available Jane Austen memorabilia)?……in betweenher ventures, she also started (with the help of some other woman) some cosmetics company that made even more millions by selling a supposed punk/goth/”urban”/”junk” look.

It was all very Kate-Moss-Before-Rehab. All I recall is a friend of mine who LOVED an off-putting shade of putty-blue lipstick that the company sold. I told her that it made her look as though she died of cholera or hypothermia just before going out for dinner.

Red is, as you say, best (although my very proper mother would tell you that it’s appropriate only after 6 pm; prior to that hour, a lady may publicly wear a watch, but only “tangee” lip-balm. Welcome to The South…..).

Advisedly yours as ever,

David Terry


Vicki, I’ve always wanted to say there, it looks so welcoming with that red. My favorite color! Now that I’m older, ahem, I do have to choose exactly the right color of red for my lipstick, as the wrong color can make it too harsh of a look.

{David Terry, I don’t know you, but if you are not an author, you need to write a book! }


He certainly does Candice and I hope one day Vicki features him in her blog! Never personally met David Terry but I think he would be on my guest list of 10 fav. people I would ask for dinner if I could. Wouldn’t need alcohol to jolly us around – we’d all be rolling around with laughter instead ha ha!


Last year in Paris, at Le Bon Marche, I did the rounds of three of the big brands – Chanel, YSL and Dior – asking a consultant at each to recommend their best red lipstick for me. It was sheer heaven. They didn’t rush, sat me on a stool, analysed my skin and hair colours and noted the colours I was wearing and each came up with what they thought was the perfect red for me. They were all different – but all were wonderful. I felt fabulous – and they pressed lots of beautiful samples on me – skin care and perfumes mostly. Such a lovely morning.
The Plaza Athenee is gorgeous. Next time in Paris, fairly soon now, we’ve booked breakfast at the Ritz to see what it’s like after the big refurbishment. Will wear one of my red lipsticks. Maybe G and I should pop in to the Plaza Athenee one afternoon for a cuppa. It was years ago when we were last there – for “un verre” as the French say.
Have also since discovered the Chanel lip inks. They have great reds with real staying power. Best wishes, Pamela


My black Versace sunglasses and
a deep red lipstick I’m an Italian movie star
instead of a SoCal housewife! Love it. And have to say Paris does that to me. Throw a huge
silk scarf around your shoulders, red lips and
Voila! I am inspired to be the best of me whenever I am in that fabulous city!


David Terry…..anyone who knows of his very proper Mother’s strict Southern Rules regarding women and “tan-gee” lip balm must have volumes of funny stories inside. Yup, I can only dream of being seated next to Mr. Terry at a very Southern “dinnah pawty.”


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