24 May 2017

Lace : The Before And After Story

Lace: The Before And After Story on vickiarcher.com


Lace and I go way back. Really way back.
This was evident over the weekend when the daughters came to stay and we opened my old suitcase of “keepers”. My fashion of before became their story for the future. For one who loves a throw out and spring-clean it is clear to me I don’t always follow my own advise. I have much in the vein of “vintage” – yes, it would be fair to call these items vintage – keepsakes.

Lace: The Before And After Story on vickiarcher.com


Dresses, jackets, coats, handbags and shoes I could not part with.

They really were worth keeping. The girls went home with much more than their arrival carry-on. The styles are still as relevant today, which only enforces my intuition of buying classic and investment pieces. The quality has remained and the styles, many of them 20+ years old, look absolutely perfect for today.

What they loved and what I have, is a real penchant for lace.

My suitcase revealed lace tights, still intact, (I am keeping those) and lace dresses. I am a huge fan of these. Sadly those kept don’t quite fit in the same way they once did so they now belong to my girls. Another “wanted” item for my wardrobe this season came to the forefront of my mind.

Most designers showcase lace each year and the lace dress is one of those beauties to stand the test of time. Blouses, skirts and dresses are something I always covet. It doesn’t matter what age we women are; the look of lace is ageless. Obviously the girls carried off my old pieces beautifully and it reminded me to follow suit. I have been online looking for new dresses ever since.

Lace is something not to be relegated for “special” occasions; lace should be worn and worn often.

A lace dress can be a substitute for the LBD. Worn with denim jacket or a fleet jacket it looks super up to the minute and casual. Dress it up or down, it doesn’t matter and goes from zero to hero in under 60 seconds. I do like to have a dress in the wardrobe that doesn’t require a huge amount of thought to get right.

The ‘before and after’ lace story is different today but manages to play out very much the same. xv


The Laciest Of The Lace

don’t refrain

lidia midi  ||  maya fit & flare  ||  ellen midi  ||  maggy detail sheath  ||  eliza j inset midi  ||  illusion sheath  ||  embroidered sheath

plus must have

net lace tights ||  ‘chanel’ like flat pearl mules

Thank you Nordstrom for partnering with, ‘Lace: The Before And After Story’.

images, Kristen Stewart For Chanel Paris in Rome Metiers d’Art Campaign

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My girls wear my mother’s garments from the 50s and 60s and they are stunning. Those beautiful old furs look fabulous and edgy on them. On me they look like old furs. I agree, classic and quality, is timeless. My only granddaughter has the suit, all white lace, that I wore for the blessing of my wedding. I asked her to wear it for our 50th anniversary event. Having girls is an awful lot of fun and I still get to dress them up!


Treasure..your moments….my only daughter ,Yolande…was murdered..two years ago…I’m LOST..without her….s…


I am so very, very sorry for you loss Olivia. It is impossible to comprehend. Our thoughts are with you. xv

Anne Campbell-Crawford

Those are MY lace tights, or certainly very similar !! Mine are by La Perla and don’t have the sexy gaps. I would have bought them otherwise. Anyway I still have mine and still wear them, in fact I darned the toe parts as they were beginning to let my own toes come through. How’s that’s for thrift, love of good old things, forever vintage etc !
Your articles are such fun and always feminine, long live Les Girls !!
Bizzz, bizzzz,

Vicki Ford

When you go through your mother’s wardrobe, and in my case my grandmother’s wardrobe, you entet a precious world of the soul of a woman. Often these kept older pieces have an eternal style as it were, something mysterious yet timeless. The younger wearer feels she has been given part of the life story of the original owner. And knowing how classy and genteel the previous generations are and were, this is a wonderful thing. As the younger wearer you imagine the sophistication of the times a particular dress was worn, the perfume that was worn, the setting, the other guests….what were the others wearing? How did you style your hair? What shoes were worn and what clutch or bag went with the outfit. Gosh a wonderful novel could be written about stepping back in time when you put a garment on! Blessings to you and your daughters, may you continue to have tonnes more fun!


I have a lace blouse my husband bought for me years and years ago. The “color” is a lace ruffle, the “cuffs” are lace ruffles, the entire blouse is unline lace in a sort of pale pink/beige/skin color ..
I have to wear a pale beige camisole under it … it looks fabulous with a black skirt or trousers or with a pair of jeans and high heels :)
I am not so crazy about lace stockings though .. :)

Anita Rivera

Ah, another topic that piques my interest. Lace combined with denim. Lace combined with khaki…to me, it’s like mixing a vintage zinc bucket with a copious bouquet of pink roses. The combination is a surprise. I think you’ve once again fueled my interest in joining the elegance of lace with the unexpected textures of everyday accessories. I think I’ll buy that lace top I saw the other day in a shoppe as well! Thank you, Vicki!


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