15 Jun 2017

The Five Step Summer Makeover

The Five Step Summer Make Over on vickiarcher.com

Holidays, heat and happy times are my associations with the summer months.

Too much make-up in the warmer months not only doesn’t feel right but also can look out of place and too heavy. We have to avoid the over-done look at all costs because sadly, for me anyway, the days of a whole face full of make-up and a zillion products is over. I have to follow the less is more path otherwise I am in serious trouble. My idea of going all out is the addition of a few extra eyelashes and a pencil or two on special occasions.

But, I still need a little help. And it must be easy. Make-up needs to be easy to apply and easy to transport because summer is hopefully about a vacation somewhere.

My summer routine involves simple methods, with five steps I know and trust. The process is all about the application, the effectiveness and the effortlessness. Make-up routines have to work like that or they won’t ever happen. Right? xv



 Five Steps To Summer 

#1. Instead of using foundation, which is not always needed for the summer months, the Tom Ford Illuminating Primer  + the Giorgio Armani Luminescence CC cream gives a light coverage and subtle glow with the added benefit of SPF 35.

Apply all over the face to ensure protection from the sun and to even out skin tone.

#2. For a slight bronze/sun kissed look… gently dab Tom Ford Skin Illuminator on the cheekbones up to the brow bone, along the middle of the nose and on the cupids bow for plumper looking lips.

For a little extra shimmer, add to the collarbones.

#3. For the eyes, the Charlotte Tilbury Rock n’Roll pencil in Veruschka Mink gives just the right colour for soft shading and definition around the eyes. Sweep across the eye line from the eyelashes to the socket, following these suggestions.

This “eyeliner” trick has revolutionised my way of doing things. Have you tried it yet?


#4. Apply Dior Show Mascara to the upper lashes.

Leaving the lower alone (other than a regular tint) makes the eyes appear more open.


#5. Pick a shade, a red, a pink even an orange and pucker up.

Brighter rouge and a stronger rose are my summer favourites.

Summer Plus 5

giorgio armani cc cream  ||  tom ford skin illuminator 

charlotte tilbury rock and roll in veruschka mink 

dior show mascara  ||   kevin aucoin ‘eternal’

images marion cotillard for elle magazine

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I’m into a subtle eye with a bright pink lips. Currently I am loving Bobbie Brown Hot. It’s a great pink. and agree, less is more in the summer.

Mimi Gregor

I don’t actually make any changes in my makeup for summer, as I don’t wear foundation anyway, and I prefer a “no makeup makeup”. I don’t get a tan, so I don’t have to change so much as my concealer shade. Unless one is actually going to the beach or otherwise spending time outdoors, I think that changing one’s makeup is more for psychological needs than physical ones. After all, most people will be going from one air-conditioned environment to another.


I don’t change my makeup in summer either or rather, I wear the same amount all year round …. and now that I am living in the US South, I am content with a light bit of makeup on .. and a light scent. I can’t tell you how ill I got not long ago, being stuck in a line with a woman ahead of me who had obviously taken a bath in cheap perfume .. it might not have been cheap but too much on a hot summer day can make a person gag.


That’s probably true in the US. At the moment in Paris the streets are very hot and there’s more hot weather to come. It’s a city where people probably walk a lot more than in the US. And small shops (like pharmacies) with no air conditioning are even hotter than outdoors. We’re thankful that tomorrow is forecast to be a little cooler as we’re meeting a friend at Place Saint Sulpice to attend an antiques fair in the open there. The stall keepers are usually under some kind of cover – but walking about you’re mostly in full sun. Two or three years ago with our friend we met Catherine Deneuve there (they’re old friends) – she lives very nearby
It’s a fabulous fair, we go every year but can be exhausting in higher temperature when make-up can drip down one’s face. But I do still wear a light foundation with sun protection. Best wishes, Pammie

amy howell


I love the recent post about keeping summer make-up simple and to a minimum. The eyeliner trick you wrote of sounds simple enough, but when I try it myself, I am at a total loss. With my eyes open I can’t get the pencil to my lid. Would it be possible for you to create a short video of that particular technique? It would be most appreciated!

Love, love the website! It inspires me every day to be and love who I am, sun spots, wrinkles and all!!!! And you make it seem so easy to not worry about the aging process. I love that the women you choose to profile are aging beautifully, gracefully and un-apologetically. Thank you for writing from the heart.

Best Regards,

Amy Howell


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