14 Jul 2017

The Beach Babe, Spaghetti Vongole And Slimming Trick Of The Year

Beach babe and spaghetti vongole, an odd pairing wouldn’t you say?

No, it’s not in Italy.

What I mean is a beach babe has beautiful connotations here. Women enjoy their food and bare their bodies and it is truly a wonderful thing.  Women of all shapes and sizes wear their bikinis or one-pieces without a care in the world. They enjoy their spaghetti vongole without guilt, with no regret and with gusto.

Forget the cover up, lying on the back to make the stomach appear flatter or worrying about every dimple and wrinkle. Italian women parade in their swimsuits without concern for body image and what others may think of them. I am in awe of their lack of self-consciousness and their innate self-confidence.

What I envy is their comfort in baring it all.

I admire the way they wander in their swimsuits regardless of size and many are very voluptuous and of generous build. Watching the Italian women at the beach club reminded me to enjoy the spaghetti vongole and worry less about the rest. I could see straight up the difference good posture makes and how a dose of self-confidence is probably the slimming trick of the year. Standing straight with shoulders back and head held high takes the eyes from the minutiae and puts the focus squarely where it should be. The beauty of women is so much more than the perfect 10 body.

The women with the bellies and the buttocks looked so stunning because they exuded a love for life. Enjoying the moment, like they do, is a habit I will take to heart. Walking tall with great posture, using our muscles and feeling confident mentally is something I will strive to remember.

I am not suggesting we abandon all restraint and over-indulge but rather we accept ourselves, on any given day, rather than our oftentimes default position of self-criticism.

With our confidence and posture in hand, a good swimming suit can also make the world of difference. I’m still a big fan of the one-piece, both the sporty and the vintage styles and I am working my way towards enough “Italian” confidence to get the bikini on.

Rome wasn’t built in a day ;) xv

Be A Beach Babe And Eat Spaghetti

sporty babe

line up  ||  trudy in graphite  ||  trudy in black  ||  solid parma  ||  sporty mesh  || italian color block

vintage babe

**yvonne halter  ||  pin point  ||  solid flounce  ||  ruch front  ||  scalloped high neck  ||  palm springs scallop


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image, hamilton wright in capri 1939


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Taste of France

There’s a line between paying attention so we don’t fall apart and heedlessly pursuing beauty, which will never be enough. Most of us aren’t in magazine spreads or on TV, so it’s insane to try to keep up with people who are.
Last night, I went to a contemporary dance performance. The dancers in the audience were easy to distinguish from the non-dancers, especially among the older ones: perfect posture. Walking through town to the venue, my daughter picked out women and girls she suspected were headed to the theater, and she was right every time. They weren’t any thinner than anybody else, but they stood straight and glided, whereas most other people slumped and stomped.

Anita Rivera

I agree, as always!

I have been “studying” certain feminine builds lately, perhaps because it’s summer and most everyone, whether they have a 10 body or not, are baring ALL. I ask myself, “So why am I so ashamed to wear shorts?” But just as you have observed, I too have found what I think is the trick: good posture. Now, I have that….so, why not shift my focus on how I present myself instead of my out-of-proportion thighs?

I don’t know if you’ve seen the American TV series, House of Cards, with Robin Wright as the infamous Claire Underwood. Goodness, the woman is beautiful, but I notice her posture; she has a perfectly fit and PROPORTIONED body to begin with, but the same body on someone who doesn’t have good posture would not make as big of a statement. So in watching how she carries herself, I see how that inner confidence exudes through all the extremities, through every movement. While I may not indulge in my pasta (had to give it up), I do think I’ll let my summer swagger give me that lift I so need, as I approach 60 in April!!!!


Love spaghetti vongole, but I’m not good with long strands and I usually end up wearing half of it – a good reason to eat in a swimsuit I guess. Love Italy – and specially Capri. Also, if you didn’t visit Taormina on this trip to Sicily, it’s a truly beautiful place – magnificent views from the high, top rows of the ancient (Greek/Roman? Have forgotten) theatre across to Mt Etna (looming very close) and of the stunningly beautiful coastline below. Then there’s the lovely town and the hotels with beautiful gardens. Much loved by artists and writers, including those from the past, like DH Lawrence.
The French at normal beaches are not so very different (though maybe they don’t have quite the posture of the Italian women). For part of this May we were as usual in Antibes, and the French women (and men) on the lovely public beach there (with a view across the old town and its towers to the snow-capped Southern Alps) were totally unselfconscious. There were all shapes and sizes happily relaxing on the sand and unpacking their picnics (no spaghetti vongole) – mostly baguettes, cheeses, ham, salads and wine/mineral water. Young – from children – to the old, a bit saggy, a bit baggy and definitely wrinkled. But happy and enjoying life. It’s more at places like St Tropez, Cannes, Nice or Monaco that you see the svelte and the chic wearing designer gear. I love to see ordinary people enjoying themselves, happy in their own skins, whatever they are like. Best wishes, Pamela

Linda B

As usual I am inspired by your post! I am going to make an extra effort today to stand tall. (Feeling a little pudgy still after a 16 day trip–partly for work and partly for play!) And I also need to continue striving to improve my “inner posture”–that self-confidence! It is wonderful and inspiring to imagine the Italian women you describe.

Anita also was onto something with the image of Robin Wright in House of Cards. Posture has everything to do with inner strength and resolve and a clear sense of one’s life mission. . .


You are spot on with the posture comment Vicki! Makes all the difference. I have been working on this….

Mona Turner

Great post Vicki! There is such beauty in being “bien dans sa peau!” Why does it take some of us so long to see that?


As usual, I am in agreement with both you and Anita. It’s all about the confidence, and the joy one exudes! Posture has everything to do with how we look, in anything. For now, I’m sticking to my one-piece (which is as brave as I’m willing to be!) but wear it with joy. I went swimming the other day with my grandchildren, and it was refreshing how they just want to have fun with me, they never even look at what I’m wearing or what I look like….they see with their heart. Something to aspire to!


MY ITALIANS HUSBAND’s MOTHER ALWAYS wore a BIKINI and I was in a ONE PIECE!!!!!!I think it’s just TOO HOT TO CARE and the LOVE of FOOD is a way of LIFE.THose ITALIANS have A LOT to teach WE AMERICANS!!!!


Thumbs up Vicky for that encouraging call regarding body-confidence and I hope you
didn’t abstain eating spaghetti vongole and wine and all the other italian goodies. For
though I am slim I prefer a swimming suit (because it accentuates the figure better and more elegant) rather than a bikini


Amen, sister! We will all be dead, sooner than we can imagine. Do everything now. Rejoice in our pasta, mango, ice cream, veggies and wine. Laugh at everything. It’s all wonderful.

I’m just coming off a 6-week horror show of flunking multiple mammograms and imaging tests and being told that I probably had breast cancer. The final biopsy revealed that I do not have cancer. My 71-year-old boobs, of which I was severely critical until last week, have never looked so good to me!

So little of what we angst over is ridiculous. Carpe diem! And the pasta.


So true… and I am with you… enjoying every moment.. Great, great news, Ann :)

Melody Bryant

Thanks Vicki! I am leaving for the Amalfi Coast in 2 weeks and have been struggling with bathing suits that flatter my less than perfect (despite working out 5 times a week) over 50 body. I feel much less concerned now. And appreciate your post on white — that certainly simplifies packing. If anyone has suggestions on things to do and places to eat please let me know. We have a villa about half way between Amalfi and Positano.


Melody you must have a drink on the terrace of Il San Pietro Positano and visit Villa Cimbrone in Ravello you won’t be disappointed.


So many wonderful things to do on the Amalfi Coast. Really depends on your interests and how much time you have. There are of course the Ancient Roman sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum – both fascinating and work touring with a guide, if you’re after more than a beach holiday. Also a visit to Ravello, a divine village perched very high up with magnificent views over the coastline. It’s not far from Amalfi but the road there is very narrow and winding – would be dead scary to drive yourself unless you’re a super confident driver as often you’ll meet an oncoming bus on a bend and there is no space to pass, so the car has to back up to find a place where the road is wide enough for each to pass. We decided to take the bus up from Amalfi, much better. There are some lovely historic hotels with gorgeous gardens in Ravello that are worth visiting- people like Greta Garbo and her then lover Stokowski used to escape there. The local ceramics are also wonderful. Lots of wonderful places to eat along the Amalfi coast – and you must try the local limoncello. Best wishes, and have a great time! Pamela Also take the ferries to some of the other towns along the coast – so beautiful!


If you’re in Sorrento, try afternoon tea or a drink or even dinner at the Circolo Forestieri. It’s the Foreigners’ Club but you don’t need to be a member to go there, you just walk right in. There is a large wonderful terrace, high up looking across the water to Naples and Vesuvius in the distance. Stunning views and lovely inexpensive place to relax. We used to enjoy their three mushrooms risotto with the local red. Often used to meet friends there. Some evenings they had a local dance band with plenty of room for dancing. It was some years ago but I’d guess it’s still operating. You could google. It was great fun. Best wishes, Pamela


Great post – sensible advice, maybe I will be brave and buy a new swimsuit this year. It is winter in this part of the world and a grey day outside, so the idea of Capri and those sparkling waters and hillside villages is very enticing….enjoy your holidays one and all.


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