19 Jul 2017

La Dolce Vita: In The Shade

La Dolce Vita: In The Shade on vickiarcher.com

La Dolce Vita, the sweet life, is the perfect expression for a holiday in Italy.

Italy is as sweet as the sweetest and beyond relaxed, not to mention a cuisine to tempt the strongest of souls. We have moved to another coastal location to join friends for a few days in their villa. Life is lazy with the faint hint of a breeze, the lapping waves of the Mediterranean and the kiss of sunshine all day long. How to ever come back to earth is my only niggling thought? The days pass in a blink as I manage my self-induced coma of delicious food and wonderful friendship.

Slim Aarons photographs of La Dolce Vita speak a thousand words and more. We could step straight into these images and feel right at home. There is something still ‘untouched’ about the seaside in Italy compared to other European coastlines and even though millions of visitors pass through each year it remains relatively unspoilt.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci

La Dolce Vita: In The Shade on vickiarcher.com


Today I am seeking the shade and sneaking a little computer time.

I am protecting my skin with a few hours inside and a parade through a favourite website, looking for last minute summer deals. Sale time is upon us and I might be in holiday mood but it doesn’t stop me from a bargain hunt. A good sale is an excellent diversion especially if I follow my own “rules”.

Getting the most out of sales means solid detective work. Finding the best of what is online requires time, patience and a fair bit of discipline. Whether sales are summer or winter I do try and follow my own advice and not end up with pieces I don’t really like or want. It does sound extremely obvious, but it isn’t. It is so, so easy to get it wrong during sale time and however experienced a fashionista we might be, the traps are there.

My regular shopping mantra is to buy only what looks better, what I don’t already have or what is a replacement.

La Dolce Vita: In The Shade on vickiarcher.com


When In Doubt: The 5 Do’s And The Don’ts

Do buy what you already like.

Don’t buy the unfamiliar.

Do replace the old with the new.

Don’t try and re-invent a whole new you.

Do invest at sale time; cost per wear is the best equation ever. Use it.

Don’t buy because the price is right; the piece must be right.

Do buy the classics; they aren’t boring but good value.

Don’t buy to grow into or squeeze into; it never happens.

Do return if need be; when in doubt, vote out.

Don’t be put of by too much choice; take a deep breath, read the above and streamline the basket.

Today’s edit comes from Halsbrook, a site I enjoy because it is easy to navigate and well curated. That makes all the difference; too much content and the confusion is overwhelming, not enough and I loose interest.

There is an added incentive, 25% off with code HOT25 to bring the discount to around 75% off.

I have found plenty to love, perfect for La Dolce Vita and so much more. xv

La Dolce Vita: In The Shade on vickiarcher.com


In No Particular Order

living la dolce vita

sale to sable tunic   ||  navy and white tunic  ||  kayu pinyata tota  ||  serpui wicker tote  ||  elie tahari white blouse

perserico dress with bell sleeves   ||   kobe halperin black dress  ||  bella tu caftan  ||  elie tahari lace dress  ||  white bella tu tunic

Bella tu jacquard tunic   ||  blue peony embroidered top  ||  black silk tunic with beading  ||   hydrangea dress with white trim

daytime, nightime, any time

navy and white stripes  ||  honeycomb short tweed  ||  soft ivory tweed  ||  cream tweed with navy trim  ||  white stretch lace blouse (xl only)

Thank you Halsbrook for partnering with, La Dolce Vita: In The Shade

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Love Slim Aaron’s photos. Particularly the ones of Italy. The colours and glamour! Italy is glorious and our second favourite country to spend time after France. So many wonderful places. Lovely that you’re able to relax in such beautiful surroundings!
Have already spent all my shopping money in France, specially in the Paris sales. Wonderful bargains. And if you’re on their list (affiche – I think they call it) you can buy at sale price days ahead of the official day. Found all sorts of wonderful things, including a beautiful Stella McCartney black and white geometric silk scarf, a gorgeous necklace, a cashmere sweater and scarf for husband, a Vanessa Bruno cabas, a Christian Lacroix scarf, a couple of things in the Chanel concession, etc, also a Neverful – not on sale of course but was able to buy it at less than half price using my 24 Sevres fidelity points, one of the great benefits of doing most of our shopping in Le Bon Marche with a store loyalty card. Love their system for rewarding customers. Plus lots of things from brocantes, including a lovely French oil painting for 12 euros and an old framed engraving for not much more. We had to buy a new suitcase to bring them home – but we do this every year anyway. Husband has now taken away my credit card! Best wishes, Pamela

Taste of France

Wonderful photos, though I realize I would never put myself in the sun like that anymore.
Good tips for shopping. My daughter is just in her early teens but has a litany of questions she asks when she shops; she is very savvy and manages to avoid regrets. Makes me proud.

Anita Rivera

WOW, what a visual feast of classic summer dreams. The European feel of love of the sun and classic film star beauties makes this a very special post. Oh, don’t you just wish summer was forever?


I am feeling envious of the people tanning without fear :) I used to be one of them .. before the words s k i n c a n c e r
came into my vocabulary :(
I was lucky, or so I thought, I am a blue eyed blonde, very fair, I tan perfectly … but that was my downfall .. that and living in Arizona, California, Hawaii and North Carolina … my skin didn’t stand a chance :)


These photos are amazing! They have a glamorous vintage feel to them that’s making me feel so nostalgia for some reason…Funny enough, I have the same shopping mantra :D

Gina L

I love what you come up with Vicki. I am going to throw out a question on this blog with fashion minded ladies. I am off to Provence for 5 weeks. I need some great comfortable black sandals. I wanted the Bottega Venetta woven slides but they are not available in my size 9. Any favorite tried and true favorites? I have been looking for several years and have not completed the task yet. Thank you in advance.


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