16 Jul 2017

Next Step: Add Some Embroidery

Add Some Embroidery on vickiarcher.com


What’s next after the all white?
Summer holidays need a clever pack if you are travelling and need to make the most of your pieces. Carrying too much luggage can be more of a problem than not including enough.

I am on the road for three weeks and had to make sure my choices worked not only as individual pieces but also together.

The all white and the black and white have been easy options. My plus three is an embroidered blouse. Taking inspiration from the Frida Kahlo “look” I have long been a fan of embroidery and especially the peasant style top to wear with jeans, black pants or white ones.

This summer, forget the jeans, it is way too hot to wear those. Linen pants worn with a peasant blouse make a great alternative to the classic all white. Add the bracelets or a pair of dingle dangle earrings, a spritz of citrus and it’s a whole new outfit that takes up very little space in the suitcase.

Wear the peasant blouse over a sarong – I always have a cotton sarong in my beach basket because it is so much lighter to carry than a thick towel – add a pair of espadrilles and another pretty outfit takes shape. After two weeks away I am mixing and matching fast and furiously to find as many new options as I can.  

Tonight’s outfit,tick, tick. xv

Add Some Embroidery

**kate spade stripe  ||  joie embroidery  ||  **have it my way  ||  montauk tassel tie  ||  sidra woven

**tanya taylor cross stitch  ||  adriana bell sleeve  ||  ba&sh sean embroidery  ||  kate spade embroidered

images salma hayek from frida

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Anita Rivera

Yes, accessories like paint on a white canvas. I’ve been having a different sort of fashion summer, wearing mostly dresses and skirts (I tell ya, my once dancer legs are not what they used to be for shorts!) and accessories are turning a simple dress into a dressy affair. Thank you Vicki for your suggestions!


You are such an inspiration! Such a great post. I am going to be traveling for a few weeks so this post comes in very handy.



Hi Vicki
Look at that photo of Salma as Frida- in the film she is in Paris- and hating the ‘set’ of people, complainers, and bores. Everything in her life was passion,pain,drama,persistence. And color !! No half measures for her, spoke her mind, did what she wanted with in reason. But to look like she did with the excruciating pain she must have gone through, always stunning, colourful and native. Love her. Frida Kahlo viva.


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