9 Jul 2017

Scents Of The Summer: Lemon And Orange Blossom

Scent of The Summer on vickiarcher.com


What scent will You Wear this summer?

I am inspired by Italy, the citrus side of life is heavenly here and so misting myself with an orange blossom scent, or notes of wild mint and lemon seems about right.


Fragrance is something so unique and we each have our special loves. For me, it marks a special occasion, a season or a frame of mind. I change my perfume accordingly, leaving the heavier and more lingering scents for the cooler months. In the summertime I want to feel invigorated by my fragrance, lighter and more vibrant; in winter I wear deeper notes to feel cosseted by the fragrance.


I prefer scent to leave a subtle reminder.

Heavy perfumes that cling and cloy are not the kind to wear in summer. Summer is all about the light, the fresh and the sunny. Wearing scent does make me feel happy and without it I feel I have lost a best friend.


Sicily and the brief brush I have had reminds me why I crave these citrus fragrances in the heat. Everywhere, in the restaurants and bars, the food markets and on the roadsides, the lemons and oranges are in abundance and so fragrant. Is it the sunshine? Is it the relaxed and joyful atmosphere? I have no real idea except they are so much more flavourful than any others I know. The citrus scents are the right notes for caftan weather and for long lazy days by the pool or at the beach.



How do you spritz?


I spray perfume the French way. I squirt a fine mist in front and walk through to cloak the body. The coverage is even and gentle, without too much emphasis in one place. Sometimes I will dab a little behind my neck and wrists if I want an extra dose. Oftentimes I will do a double spray and walk.


It is my final and probably most important stage of dressing and once I am wearing fragrance I feel ready to face the world.



Do you feel like experimenting with a new and delicious summer scent? These are my top citrus scents for this summer, an old faithful and a couple of new ones to try. Pick one, you won’t be disappointed.



Here is to happy summer days ahead. Xv

Scents of The Summer

le labo neroli  ||  route du thé  ||  coqui coqui orange blossom  ||  carthusia 1681

image gray marlin

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Mimi Gregor

I’m one of those women who have one signature scent, and I wear it year-round (patchouli). I have tried other scents over the years, but I always come back, partly because it seems to be the only scent that provokes people to ask what I’m wearing (in a positive way, let me add). It’s one of the things I’m known for… like wearing black. Since it’s an oil, I cannot spray, I just dab a little behind my knees and on my wrists.


I totally love patchouli .. I used to wear it in Winter .. Summer I had a light fragrance that my husband bought at
Penhaligons ..

Anita Rivera

Mmmm…….fragrance is such a strong memory trigger and mood bender. I think citrus is perfect for summer fun! There is something so heady and earthy about the citrus fragrance out in Italy, isn’t there? When I was in Italy, I was reminded of my childhood in California, where citrus was a part of our lives. We had lemon, lime and orange trees in our garden. The fruits were used in daily cooking and baking. We ate the sun.

I think I may get a spritzer in citrus to keep me cool and close to my roots this summer. Thank you again chère Vicki!


Love light fresh summer scents. During a holiday in Sicily some years ago I bought a bottle of D&G’s perfume called Sicily. It was perfect – just the right notes of citrus et al and every time I wore it, it brought back so many happy memories of a wonderful holiday and so many beautiful places there. Sadly they discontinued it some years ago.
In Paris this year bought a bottle of Chanel 5 L’Eau. Haven’t yet opened it as I’m keeping it for home but they gave me heaps of little sample bottles so I get it to enjoy it now.
Made a big mistake earlier on this trip – bought a Serge Lutens fragrance from the boutique in Palais Royal. On opening discovered it wasn’t a spray bottle – it had a glass stopper which wouldn’t stay in securely. So I wore heaps of it as I loved it but knew I couldn’t pack it in a suitcase as it would have leaked – and was too big for carry on. So in the end I gave the more than half full bottle to the lovely concierge at our Paris hotel, whom we’ve known for some years, and she loved it. But I miss it already! Best wishes, Pammie


Didn’t write it down, but think it might have been Pas de Soie. Not absolutely sure though. Best wishes, Pamela


But I think it may be a fragrance they sell only in their own boutiques. Best wishes with finding and trying it out. Pamela


The citrus scents have long been my favorite, Vicki, especially since I can no longer wear most heavier scents without developing a headache. As a teen Love’s Lemon was my summer go to, now I prefer a more sophisticated scent. I am going to take your list with me to Nordstrom’s for some “scent testing.” Enjoy the rest of your Italian adventure! { Can’t wait to venture to the great antique show of Parma later this year.}

Linda Boardman Kerr

I still use my old summer standby, Acqua di Parma. It never fails me. Also, Eau d’Hadrien (another oldie). Tom Ford also has some nice summer scents, but I hate to spend the $$ and am not a fan of the man himself.


Route du Thé! I had forgotten all about that perfume. I wore it daily in my twenties! Speaking of Neroli, I adore Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino but it does not last very long and is quite expensive. Thanks for the suggestions of new (to me) scents to try!


How fabulous a Filicudi get away ! I’m jealous
Not many people know the aeolian islands let alone Filicudi . I have lots of family in Lipari . It’s so lazy laid back and fun . Perfect for citrus based fragrances, lazing around in a caftan drinking lemmoncello


I used to have Penhaligons ‘Lilly of the Valley’ which is a wonderful summer/hot weather scent .. very light and pleasant.
I wear Cartier in winter but Summer these days is a perfume with Neroli which is a lovely light orange-y scent.


I share your fondness of citrusy scents worn in the summer months. My favorite is Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom Cologne. I have read where Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge also keeps a bottle handy for a splash now and then.

Gina O

The Tulum and the coqui coqui is on my list to visit! Love the scent and the compound! I think you meant Grey Malin on the image credit.


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