5 Jul 2017

Summer In Italy: C Is For Caftan

Summers In Italy: C Is For Caftan on vickiarcher.com


C is for caftan and there is nothing more comfortable and fabulous than wearing a caftan.

Summer and caftans go hand in hand.

It’s the season when comfort, colour and exuberance work together, when fashion relaxes and the classics are put aside for the summer holidays. I am in Italy this summer but it doesn’t matter where we spend the warmer months, a caftan is a wonderful way to dress.

A caftan and I go way back; my first trip to Bali at the age of 18 introduced me to flamboyant colours and exotic styles. I may have already been committed to a life of fashion but my sights were limited. As I have grown up I have continued to collect caftans from my travels and they have evolved into a summer staple.

What would a beach holiday or a pool party be without a caftan?

This holiday apart from a couple of linen dresses, the lace one I showed you and a few swimsuits I have packed caftans. Some are new and some are old but they all have one thing in common, they are super easy to wear. Add the accessories, in my case this year it is the wrap bracelets and a pair of cute shoes and that’s it. Whether we are going to the beach, a party or dinner, we are dressed.

I can’t wait for this time of year when I can show you my favourites.

Caftans are everything from the most glamorous of dresses to the best of beach chic. Long gone are the days when they were reserved for the bohemian and the hippy. Caftans can be all things to all people and that’s what I really like about them. The ones we wear can express not only ourselves but also move us out of our comfort zone. I am a super tailored gal but not when it comes to my caftans.

Even when I am at home in the city I will wear a caftan at the weekend; if nothing else I feel like I am on holiday. What a brilliant change from the perfection of the plain?

Summer and caftans, they make a match. xv

C Is For Caftan: In No Particular Order

tory burch  ||  asa marrakech desert  ||  catherine malandrino  ||  sea folly lace  ||  rachel pally  ||  rhode resort  ||  mes demoiselles

wicked temptation

marie france van damme embroidered  ||  **lila eugenie floral embroidered  ||  by walid bird print  ||  kalmar leaf print

image, dolce & gabbana tropical collection 2017

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Vicki, believe it or not I currently don’t own a caftan. Sacrilege, I know! I am going to search for one this week. I’m wondering if they will work just as well in fall? Maybe as a “hostess” dress for parties at home. I’ll be going to Parma, Italy in the fall, but not sure about a caftan for then.


Lidy, if it is September I would still wear mine… If the weather holds I would pack it :)


I don’t mind admitting to a caftan a few years back. It was a pink flowered polyester concoction with a fine label. My then husband insisted on referring it to as a moo moo. It was hot and miserable. I noticed quite a few maxi dresses at public Fourth of July celebrations and wondered just how comfortable it was in 90 degree temps with all that extra cloth but at least they didn’t have those huge flowing sleeves that are prone to tip a wine glass. I can’t quite get there but I admire your style.


Couldn’t agree more, wearing a cool caftan gives you that wonderful feeling of being on a summer holiday. My current loves are from Camilla…such exotic prints with a bit of glam! Resort wear at its best.


Love this pineapple dress and backdrop! One of the D&G hydrangea flowered dresses in light blues, mauves and greens boarded our flight from CDG to Heathrow yesterday and sat just in front of us. Accompanied by a light mauve/lilac crocodile bag. It looked divine. Looks lovely in Filicudi – have a blissful time! Best wishes, Pammie

Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki! What a glorious photo this is! How I wish I had access to such models and props!

I love your photos of YOU, beautiful you. You wear the caftan very well. And your long hair in an updo compliments the airy, summery feel. HUGS!

Jane Dunning

Hi Vicki – have you come across Aspiga? Lots of lovely things on their website. I don’t have any connection with the company – my London friend gave me their brochure and I loved so many things! Enjoy the rest of the summer… Best wishes, Jane


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