31 Jul 2017

What To Wear And Be Quick About It?

What To Wear on vickiarcher.com

Do you ever have wake up to the dreaded thought “What will I wear this morning”?

It always happens to me and particularly on a Monday.

For some reason it is the hardest day of the week to get dressed efficiently and quickly. I don’t want to waste time thinking about what to wear and I would rather have extra minutes lazing in bed reading or even better yet, going for an early morning walk.

Spending excess time on what we know will be a ‘done deal’ is a waste. There is no negotiation, we have to get up and get dressed so we may as well be prepared and work with the minimum of fuss.

If I spend some time planning beforehand I am so much happier. The “not knowing” or being without ideas drives me crazy and I never end up wearing the right pieces. I will either over dress, under dress or lack creativity.

Monday morning and every other morning runs so much more smoothly with a few regular routines in place.

What To Wear on vickiarcher.com

What To Wear And How To Be Quick About It

  1. 1. Be planned about the day.
  2. It makes what to wear so much easier when you know what is on the agenda. Look at the diary the night before and know whether you need a gym kit and trainers or a tailored suit and stilettos.

  3. If you live in a climate that can change from one day to the next, like London, rely on the weather forecast to help you decide. I check every night what the day will bring because here it’s all about wearing the right jacket.

  4. It might be summer technically but don’t let that fool you.

2. Do not underestimate the power of an organised wardrobe.

A well-planned wardrobe can save hours of looking, extracting and tidying. Knowing what is on your hangers and in your drawers makes a whole load of sense. When everything is shoved in and mixed up it means a total rework every time you want to plan an outfit. This is a total time waster and frustration.

Be tough. If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing because each time you reject it for one or another reason, give it away. It won’t become prettier, more flattering or fit better idling its time in a pile of unwanted-ness. We all make mistakes and buy clothing we regret; the smart move is to cut our losses and save precious time as a result.

3. Accessories are everything.

The right shoes, bags and whatever else is your accessory go-to not only make all the difference but also make putting together a great outfit easier. Know your accessories and invest in their future because they do truly do make all the difference. To pick up a beautiful handbag and sling it over the shoulder may take.10 of a second but elevate your look 1000%. The fabulous mule will give your plain pants a whole new lease of life and take you no time at all to figure out. I think you get my drift.

Have these finishing touches well organised and close to hand. The simplest of dresses, which is quick and easy to throw on, will come alive with the right earrings, or shoes and handbag.

We always say, it is all in the accessories and not simply because they look good; they save so much time.

What To Wear on vickiarcher.com

  • BE Quick About This

Here is one dress to wear on those lazy, don’t-know-what-to-wear days and one to throw on in no time at all.

Add your cute trainers and it’s out the door in minutes. Both grey shades are coming my way. xv

images gigi and bella hadid for fendi spring 2017

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Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki, and welcome back HOME!

I had struggled with this very thing of which you speak for the entire month of June. When the high pressure and highly organized life of academics ended, I found myself at home wanting to carry out many plans and PRODUCE much more than I was able. I felt a failure. But by mid July, I learned a few personal lessons. I actually have been learning (by force, not by choice) to embrace the slow-paced day. With no one in sight to help me organize and realize my goals, I had to turn to personal reflection. It has helped me “recalibrate” my compass and to actually plan much better than what I though I was ready for.

HOWEVER…..now that school will be in session in about 28 days, a well-organized wardrobe will be necessary. I feel that my success in a classroom filled with young eyes and minds who are looking to me for guidance, is based on how I FEEL about myself every morning that I start class. And my well-being starts with how I prepare myself on the inside as well as on the exterior. With that said, it’s time to SHOP!!!!!!


When you work full time and with such a schedule Anita, a well organised wardrobe with winning outfits is essential. I am sure yours will be at the ready and you will inspire your students completely… Off to Nordstrom for you ;) Such a great sale…


Perfect advice, Vicki. When I’m in Europe, the weather forecast is the first thing I check ( the night before.). And you are right, never under estimate the power of accessories. One stunning statement necklace brings my often simple outfits of jeans and a linen shirt together. My favorite bag and shoes, and I’m out the door, ready for whatever the day may bring. I would agree that a few very good, well chosen designer bags will last for years, vs. a bunch of bags that are nice, but not of the quality or classic style, which don’t add the same elegance.


I am finding this more and more Lidy… In summer I tend to buy less expensive accessories.. for example, a cute basket is perfecta s a handbag on holiday but in the winter I try an stick to purchases to last the long haul.


Mondays for me are always a PILATES REFORMER CLASS out the door early……
Today is my MOTHER’s 92 BIRTHDAY so a quick change at home and out the door again!


Nice to see you are back again…
your are right Vicky…it’s a hard deal but for me not on Monday but packing for holiday
espec. when crossing different climate zones. As I live the most time of the year in a moderate climate I have actually no problems and try to dress without being fussy.


They are just so easy and no matter where you are they look great. For me, that is. I just pop it over my head and go. Nowadays, sometimes, I don’t even wear makeup in summer. I know, I know, just lazy I guess, but with my sunglasses I feel safe, like hiding behind them. It’s 100f in Texas right now. Horrible horrible horrible.
sending love, V


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