3 Jul 2017

Wrist Wrapped: Pearls And More Pearls

Wrist Wrapped: Pearls And More Pearls on vickiarcher.com


“Lace is one of the most wonderful imitations of nature.


But pearls are perfect for every occasion.”

Coco Chanel



Pearls and I go back forever.

At 21 I was given my first “proper” string and I haven’t looked back since. Pearls are one of those joys where less is definitely not more and today their design is so sophisticated and beyond the mere simple string. Not that the simple string (and multiples of them) or the pearl stud earring can ever be considered old fashioned. If one element of jewellery is ageless it must be the pearl.

My latest crush is the pearl bracelet.

Summer time and especially on holiday I like to mix the dresses with a multitude of bracelets. Wearing casual and fun wraps decorate and add a touch of accessory whimsy to our outfits. Lately I have been without my watch and wearing the bracelets on both wrists. I can’t tell you why I like them so much, but I do. It is female prerogative to have such a crush, right?

This summer we are exploring Italy, parts of Sicily and the Amalfi coast we have never ventured before. The only jewels accompanying me (apart from the wedding ring) are the pearl bracelets. I’m travelling light and that meant the accessories got cut. I couldn’t go without any decoration so these bracelets made it in.

I have been collecting these leather and pearl wraps from Mizuki for a while now. I like the sensibility and comfort of the design. They are beautifully made and blend in well with other wrap bracelets in my stash.

I’m doubling up on one wrist and on the other I am adding some simple pearl bangles into the mix. It doesn’t matter what goes where, they all work in together. Whatever colour or non-colour I have chosen to wear, they match. I wore these wraps with a white lace dress the other day and they where enough. I find too much jewellery in the high temperatures can be uncomfortable.

Another little idea,

If you have some spare pearls or an old style bracelet you don’t wear anymore have them “re-strung” on multiple leather cords. I like black leather because it contrasts well against the lustre of the pearls but ecru works beautifully also. 

Don’t forget the pearls, they really are perfect for every occasion. xv

p.s warning

it is difficult to stop at one ;)

Wrist Wrapped Pearls And More Pearls

the base

mizuki black leather and freshwater pearl  || mizuki ecru leather and pearl  ||  chan lu natural leather and pearl

add many more 

**bourbon and boweties pearl bracelet  ||  **bourbon and boweties pearl cuff  ||  on sale chan lu braided leather and pearl

the divine is in the detail

mizuki pearl  bracelet  ||  mizuki single pearl cuff  ||  mizuki pearls and diamond cuff

image, kate moss chanel

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Mimi Gregor

I LOVE my pearl necklace, and I wear it all the time. And I do mean all the time. I only take it off to shower and when it needs to be re-strung. The luster of real pearls cannot be imitated, although some fakes come close, and I have some longer fake strands that I sometimes layer with my “precioussss”. I have an elderly relative, and every time I see her, she mentions my pearls. She can’t seem to get over the fact that I’ll turn up wearing them even if I am coming over to pick grapes or to help her can them. I guess most people would wear pearls “for special occasions”, but I think that one should wear one’s best always, because every day that one is alive is a special occasion.

Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki, you touch on the BEST ideas ever. Pearls are my go-to for a quick touch of elegance. I have my eye on a pair of tear drop pearl earrings. They look like the sort you’d see on a woman of means in a Dutch painting; they have that contorted, bumpy texture to them, like a freshwater pearl, but are larger in size. Hmmm…you’ve got me thinking.

Wishing you a most elegant week of summer beauty!


I was spoiled by a great grandmother who had ropes of wonderful pearls that she left for me .. and a husband with great taste in jewelry. I have a set of earrings and a ring , large pearls set in gold, from my MIL .. plus the necklace my husband bought for me from a NY designer … I am set on the Pearl front LOL

Janet Waring

I am a Gemini we wear pearls the best. I was in Japan in the 70’s and bought myself a string of real pearls love them and after reading Mimi’s comment will wear them more often. I also love mother of pearl, and have recently been to Vietnam wear I bought lovely colourful earrings of this , even got my hair cut recently so I could show them off. Pearls are wonderful as is your insightful columns Vicki.

Linda B

I received my first string of pearls at age 13, as a gift from my aunt–a classic, beautiful strand. I also have a strand of grey pearls that belonged to my grandmother. My husband has given me several beautiful necklaces: pearls with amethysts, and more recently, a single dark grey pearl on a gold chain–my wonderful every day necklace!

What I am missing is a pearl bracelet–I used to have a pretty one that had been my great aunt’s, but it was stolen a few months ago. It was actually only costume jewelry but so sweet. I think I need to replace it now, with one of your excellent suggestions, Vicki! I love the look of these modern iterations.


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