28 Aug 2017

The Essential: Leopard Print #2

The Essential: Leopard Print #2 on vickiarcher.com

Another leopard print essential? Yes.

This time I am thinking about the shirt.

A leopard print shirt is one of the most practical pieces a wardrobe can include. While the print and the effect is exotic, a blouse in an animal print really gives great bang for your buck.

I am often looking for clothing not only for its practical work but also to make me feel good about myself. Yes, it’s true, we need to have it all happening internally or nothing will work but if the exterior feels right at the same time, it is a winning combination. A leopard print top is one of those pieces to elevate an outfit and lift a mood.

A blouse is less challenging to wear than a dress in some ways. I suppose if the print feels “too much” it is a way of wearing it, without wearing it entirely. I am a fan of the print dress but I do understand it is not for everyone. The coat on the other hand is a different matter.

How to wear the leopard blouse?

I mostly wear my leopard print tops with black. When something works why change it? Leopard print and black is a wonderful combination and has been a classic since forever. When I think of leopard print in the fashionista sense my thoughts turn to Yves Saint Laurent, where the print and black were often paired together.

leopard blouse + cigarette leg trousers + black pumps = can’t go wrong

I see leopard worn with beige or khaki and this is a great combination for summer. It is less striking and for some reason the light accessory makes the leopard appear more casual, but it works. This is when a leopard print tee, camisole or cashmere comes into play.

leopard print top + cargo style pants + sneakers = weekend wonderful

Have you tried leopard print and red?

Red is a brilliant accompaniment to the print and if nothing else try it with a red lip.

leopard shirt + black pencil skirt + red lipstick = bowl them over

A leopard might not change his spots, but we can ;) xv

Leopard Print #2: Top It Off

equipment slim silk  ||  equipment washed silk  ||  equipment longer line  ||  equipment reese print  || rockins crepe de chine

divine inspiration

dolce &gabbana tie  ||  saint laurent silk  ||  dolce & gabbana chiffon  ||  dolce &gabbana classic  ||  saint laurent silk  ||  dolce & gabbana lace

 a hint underneath

alice & olivia sleeveless  ||  joie halter neck  ||  melanie cashmere sweater  ||  majestic cotton/cashmere sweatshirt  || cosabella tee

image, kate moss for gucci jackie bag campaign

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Mimi Gregor

As much as I like the print either in coats or in small touches, for some reason it just does not work for me as a top. I had a merino wool sweater set from J Crew that I eventually sold to a consignment shop because I just never wore either of them. I think it has to do with wearing such a bold print next to my face. I can wear nautical stripes, but somehow I just feel “lost” when it’s anything more conspicuous. After all, I want to stand out — not so much what I’m wearing.


Leopard, it’s my absolute { and really only} print. There is something elegant and luxurious about leopard, isn’t there? Leopard is a timeless print, more of a neutral, really. And also something fun. It looks awesome with black, and red? Stunning. Even Kelly green makes the spots look beautiful. Great post! Xo fellow leopard lover Lidy


Some month ago I commented that Leopard never get out of fashion (at least for me) but now I must
confess that I am a bit tired about. And if, only a high quality fabric , like silk, works


I have vivid memories of a neighbor of my parents – she was a well known local realtor with a flamboyant style. She always wore her signature leopard (or other animal print) with her jet black hair, red hat, red lipstick and nails! She was quite a picture – but once you met her you didn’t forget her! I wear leopard print but temper it a bit when I think of this lady. I just purchased a 3/4 length sweater coat in black and will wear it this fall with one of several leopard print tops – blouse, turtleneck, tank and a stretchy top with 3/4 sleeves. I will wear it with jeans, black leggings or black pants.


Sandy’s comment reminded me of a Belgian woman when I was teaching English as a Foreign language in Cambridge, in another life many years ago. She wasn’t in one of my classes but you couldn’t help spotting her. Leopard was her signature too. She wore it every day: coats, dresses, shoes, always something. She was blonde and wore very red lipstick. Perhaps if she had worn the leopard once a week it might have been OK. But seeing her every day. Much too much. Sadly for her, the conservative Englishmen teaching there were not impressed and laughed about her. As a result I started to worry about my then maxi silver grey lizard print raincoat – I did have to wear it quite a bit in the English weather. But they said that was OK. Probably just being kind to a colleague. Best wishes, Pamela

Anita Rivera

Good morning, Vicki! I’ve been doing some back-to-school shopping (and having fun doing so with all the sales) and I think I need to get something leopard. This shirt would be fun with a great pair of black slacks or skirts, what I enjoy wearing the most. Gorgeous!


At the risk of being rude – a sense of imperative or even urgency. I am reading your leopard stories. Where is #3 or can we fast forward straight to shoes…..please! Calgary is hardly the backwaters of Canada but assistance to track and trap a classic pair of leopard pumps is needed – looking forward to your help where to stalk them.


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