1 Aug 2017

Forever Black And White

Forever Black and white on vickiarcher.com

Black and white is forever.

Not only black and white beautiful images that stand the test of time, like these of French actress Jeanne Moreau, but in our fashion.

Black and white, together, alone or one on top of the other is an easy one to get right. Wearing this doesn’t require a whole lot of finesse or mind numbing decision-making. It is a foolproof combination.

I like black with white trim and equally white with black trim. A black and white print can do the trick as can an all white blouse worn over a pair of black trousers. Or the reverse.

And let’s not ever underestimate the power of a black and white stripe.

Forever Black and white on vickiarcher.com

I often wonder how it is I never tire of black and white?

The older I get the more I like it. It is not because I am losing my nerve, far from it. I think I am much more adventurous and sure of my fashion self than I was in my younger years. I do wear more all black than all white and I probably accent more with white than I do the other way.

Black is oftentimes a more flattering option, especially on the lower half. Summer and in particular summer holidays are when I forget all that and wear the all white, whether it be pants and a tee or an all white caftan.

Looking for these images to pay tribute to Jeanne Moreau reminded me not only of the brilliance of black and white but also the beauty of a feline flick when it comes to the eyes. I use the same eye pencils over and over but it’s time to venture out. I have three I want to try, recommended to me by readers. It’s time and these images were the prompt I needed.

givenchy magic  ||  nars night caller  ||  giorgio armani smooth silk

I don’t know about you but my summer wardrobe is starting to feel dull, it needs a quiet kick and a little more black and white won’t hurt. Winter is coming but I can’t face it quite yet; the sales still have my attention.

You might like some of these additions, too. xv

Forever Black and white on vickiarcher.com

Forever Black And White

all black

eileen fisher midi skirt  ||  eileen fisher sheath  ||  eileen fisher pants

all white

kate spade tie neck blouse  ||  eileen fisher white linen poncho  || eileen fisher stretch easy shirt

black and white

eileen fisher black and white 3/4 sleeve  ||  **equipment animal print shirt  ||  vince stripe shirtdress  ||  jermaine embroidered shirt

images jeanne moreau

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Mimi Gregor

I wear black and white a lot, since my entire capsule wardrobe consists of black, white, and red. I especially like to mix patterns: My black with white dotted halter top with my black tulip skirt and my husband’s black and white checked tie as a belt, for example. The trick is to wear just the two prints, one of which is smaller than the other. When I do this, I collect compliments, as I think most women are afraid of mixing patterns. But it is an easy way to feel a bit of a fashion rebel while still being presentable.

Anita Rivera

I learned late yesterday of her passing. I enjoyed her in her early films, and was amazed to learn she played the older mentor in La Femme Nikita. She of course had the French style and class, but her demeanor, that look, and even her imperfect teeth made her extremely beautiful. She had the inner confidence and I even think her looks are more iconic in black and white. Yes, as for this color combo, it’s my signature style and I’m confident I’ll be wearing it to school this year. You can’t go wrong with black and white.


The thing that struck me most when l saw the photograph of Jeanne Moreau was how healthy and naturally beautiful she looked. No Botox, no fillers, no porcelain teeth!
Personally l am not a great fan of a black and white combo – to be honest it reminds me of a waitress/waiters uniform.
However, l love black and cream – think of the iconic Chanel black and cream shoes – hmm just gorgeous!
Black and white photography however is a totally different concept. Old fashioned elegance that does not detract from the subject matter as per colour photographs with their sometimes garish colours for clothes and surroundings.
Just my thoughts!


I have loved her films, and Jeanne was always the perfect example of the French woman, elegant, slightly imperfect (unlike American women French women embrace their imperfections- it’s what makes them so charming) and possessing amazing joi de vivre. She was extremely beautiful. I love the classic black and white, it always looks “well dressed” – throw in a little color ( red, camel) and it’s a stylish statement. In my work warderobe, I mix them with khaki and jeans so that I can go from visiting out-of-the-way antiques dealers and warehouses, auctions etc. to lunch with an editor. Like Anita said, you can’t go wrong with black and white.


I am still having problems with my “feline flick.” Any chance of a video or photographic tutorial?


Jeanne Moreau was such an icon. Thank you for honoring her in this way. And yes, black/white is my most frequent black/X combo, as well.


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