26 Aug 2017

The Addition: Leopard Print #1

The Addition: Leopard Print on vickiarcher.com

Leopard print is it an addition or an essential?

I am going with the latter. A touch of leopard print is a winner in the wardrobe.

My wardrobe is lacking. Well, that is not entirely the truth.

My favourite leopard shift dress is alive and well. It is hanging with a lonely and forlorn look, as it has not been worn much lately. It’s not the fault of this well loved dress but rather mine; a little too much holiday indulgence and an unforgiving zipper is the truth. Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

This morning as I made a hasty attempt at packing, I thought the answer was to include a dash of leopard. My new coat has not arrived (that would have worked brilliantly) and as my dress won’t work, I had to content myself with a clutch. It is not exactly what I had in mind but it will have to do.


Leopard is one of those prints I write about every year. Yes, I absolutely love it when worn in the right way. I am not a top to toe fan of the leopard. I prefer to take my leopard in bite size pieces.

There are certain leopard print pieces I believe all wardrobes can include.

They are the coat, the shirt, the dress and the scarf. The rest, while also fabulous, is optional.

Today I am starting with the coat or jacket.

When I see women wearing a leopard jacket or a longer style coat I notice. It goes way back to one morning in Paris when I saw this women rushing towards the Grand Palais with her coat tails flying. She looked gorgeous and I can still see her in my mind’s eye. Her coat was probably of vintage era, by the style, but leopard is leopard whichever way their spots turn.

That is the genius of this print, it translates beautifully and works it’s magic in so many shapes and forms. xv

Leopard Print #1: The Coat

via spiga leopard  ||  alice + olivia leopard  ||  badgley mischka leopard  ||  joe’s cardigan  ||  kendall leopard  ||  leopard print shirt jacket

divine inspiration

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Anita Rivera

I must have it too, in my wardrobe. Currently, my only and my favorite accessory in leopard is a pair of GLOVES! Can you imagine how fun they are with a black coat or jacket? I love them. I did have a leopard jacket many years ago while working as an elementary teacher. My students loved it so much that when the jacket got worn out, I added it to our little classroom theatre collection of props and costumes. Even the boys fought over who would wear it! LOL!

Mimi Gregor

This puts me in mind of a vintage leopard-print trapeze coat that I bought second-hand back in the 80s. I can’t remember why I no longer have it — I probably wore it to death, or possibly my biceps outgrew the coat, as I was waiting tables at the time (carrying trays really builds up the arms!) and I find that arms in women’s clothing of any era only fit those with less musculature. I still miss that coat, and also a leopard-print raincoat that I had in the 90s. I keep hoping that I will find a worthy replacement for them (second-hand, of course. I depend completely on serendipity and synchronicity to find things.), but I am very picky about details.


This reminds me that I own a timeless (but now seldom worn) leopard print knit dress by Marni – which is totally out of place in my wardrobe of mainly black, white and red. I LOVE this dress, and if I can shrink a few pounds, it’s time to wear it again. Probably under a black coat or jacket, but am I brave enough to top it with a bright red Chanel-style jacket or is that colour match best left to the youngsters?


You and I both must get our dresses back on and out and about, Roz… I am working on it!
Wear the red with confidence… and wear the black too… :)


Once when shopping with friends, one of them tried on the most gorgeous leopard coat I’ve ever seen in Dolce & Gabbana. Just below knee length and it fitted and suited her perfectly. Absolutely stunning. I hoped she’d buy it and I think she was very tempted but she wasn’t sure her husband would be too thrilled with the serious money it would have cost.
Personally have only a few silk scarves (Roberto Cavalli) and a cashmere pashmina in leopard – also a pair of ankle boots in black leather and leopard. Love them all. Have fun in Oz. Think the weather in Sydney is rather good just now. Today in Canberra it was bright, sunny and fresh with a maximum of 14C. The buds have begun to open on the blossom trees – always lovely when that begins. Best wishes, Pamela

mona turner

I had a beautiful silk leopard print scarf that I gave away a few years ago and I don’t know how many times I had wished I had that scarf to complete an outfit. Why oh why did I give it away? Anita’s leopard print gloves sound like a great accessory that I think I will find myself looking for. I find so many great inspirations on your posts Vicki!

Linda B

I have longed for a leopard jacket for a few years now, but have not quite convinced myself I can pull it off! Silly me. I do have a pair of low heeled leopard pumps that I love, and I even designed and made myself a knitted then felted leopard clutch. . . But I am somehow reluctant to don a full set of spots though I think they are so gorgeous! It might be I am afraid of being too conspicuous, even though I love it on others.

J. S.

Let’s not forget the impact of the perfect leopard scarf. They can even be found at outlets. Who would know?

Our French Oasis

A little leopard here and there is always a good thing. I remember reading a post of yours several years ago when you perhaps first mentioned leopard print. I was so taken with it that I reupholstered a blanket box in leopard. It sits proudly on the landing, a real statement piece and it is all down to you!


Love leopard prints on other people but generally not for me. Over the years I have tried and bought various leopard print pieces – top, jumper, even a coat – but invariably end up taking them to the charity shop after one or two wears as I feel a bit self conscious (a bit ‘tarty’)! I’d be terrified to wear a full on leopard dress! There have been exceptions though – I have loved & worn a pair of leopard flats and I do own a leopard print scarf, so maybe that will have to suffice for me. Perhaps if I lived in a big city and still worked I’d be more brave.


I just ordered 4 pillows in LEOPARD yesterday!
In fact, I was thinking about a HEAD TO TOE LOOK of LEOPARD for an up coming event……I KNOW THAT’s NOT YOU but it is ME!
Enjoy AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!

Taste of France

With a fan blowing on me as I type, I cannot wrap my head around the idea of coats and gloves. Not yet!! However, shoes are one of my favorite ways to wear leopard. Just enough to be fun.

Pauline from Phillip Island

Hello Vicki,
I also love leopard print. I have had many different items over the years and I still have a pair of leopard print ballet flats that look fabulous with black and many other colours.
Nice to hear that you are coming to Australia. Hope that you have a wonderful trip.


Hi Vicki, I just realised a comment I just made – yet to be approved – might not be appropriate. (I asked Pamela where she lives – I was just surprised that as she is in the same city as I & there aren’t often comments identified as Canberra – but on reflection it’s probably not appropriate to ask that in a comment.). I couldn’t delete it after posting – so if you’d be so kind. Thanks. Mary-Jill

Jennifer Schoch

Have just seen Attenborough s beautiful Planet Earth tonight and envy the snow leopard!! His pattern is so amazing!
I agree with all your post and have many treasured items of leaped from shoes to jackets.


I have a handbag that is leopard print fabric with tortoiseshell round handles … that is about as much leopard print as I can wear .. and happily, it is FAKE Leopard ….


I have a leopard print scarf that I purchased back in the early 80’s! It’s still my “go to” with a simple black turtle neck in the Fall/Winter.. always adds that little bit of pizzazz!


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