2 Sep 2017

3 Things: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

These 3: Don't Leave Home Without Them on vickiarcher.com

3 things have saved the day on my latest voyage.

Around the world in 5 days just about sums it up. I have been in Sydney for a family celebration and had a wonderful time; if I stay any longer I might not go home.

My suitcase was packed in haste. Since arriving there have been three standouts and in future I am never travelling without them.

Three Little Lifesavers

My packing is predictable in the most part. I like it like that because time away is not the moment for surprises. I don’t want to be experimenting with a new look or wearing pieces I am not entirely comfortable with. 

These three are new additions and totally random but have they been worth there weight in gold.

 overcome tiredness

Nothing can truly compensate for the exhaustion jet lag entails. My solution is to try and look bright and shiny, as though tiredness never rears it’s ugly head. The fact is I am tired most of the day when I am in the opposite time zone. I am never complaining as I love it but I do believe in fooling as many people as I can, most of the time.

This is where the Youthful Radiance Camelia mask comes in.

Seriously, this is a wonder and I have been using it most nights before I go out. The smell and texture are divine but more importantly it helps how I look. Perhaps it is in my imagination but I don’t think so. It’s brilliant stuff and if you haven’t tried it I am fairly confident you will like it as much as I do.

 stay warm

I packed the blouses and pants as my go-to outfit.

It was a successful plan, except there have been chilly days I didn’t really count on. At the last moment I bought a cropped sweatshirt to wear over the longer style shirt and trousers. It is a sweatshirt but slightly smarter than a sweatshirt, if you see what I mean. The shorter length enabled me to wear my more detailed blouses and layer up. I like the look and will be working it when I am home.

A beauty from Raey came with me in black, but I am tempted by the white and grey options. It was a spur of the moment purchase – and I haven’t gone a day without it.

forget aching feet

Thank you very much fashionistas, the block heel is back and I am supremely grateful.

Packing light this trip, my three-shoe rule, means one pair of dress shoes to work with everything. The flats and the sneakers went in and did their tireless best.

For my besties, I decided on the suede boot with block heel in a medium height. I have almost fallen asleep in them; they are so comfortable to wear. A slight exaggeration there, but they truly have been perfect. They accompanied dresses, crop pants and longer trousers; total winners.

They are a random mix but truthfully, the best companions ever. xv

24 Hours In Stockholm, Heidi Mortlock, vickiarcher.com

Don’t Leave Home Without These

darphin camelia mask  ||  raey cotton jersey sweatshirt  ||  **top shop version  ||  margaux ankle boots  ||  **vince ankle boots

image steven meisel for louis vuitton campaign

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Anita Rivera

What a great reminder, Vicki! I always travel forgetting such things and end up coming home extra tired because I failed to pamper myself while traveling! Great photo, as always!


How totally wonderful to have reached 100. I wish I could have had my mom for so long …
Thanks as ever for the valuable advice. Diana x

Jackie Edwards

How wonderful that your mum has turned 100 and that there was a celebration for such an event. The weather has been a bit odd in Sydney lately but I am sure that it was a wonderful time. By the way did she notice your hair?


No.. she can’t see that well.. so I didn’t have to take the heat! Hers of course was done and coloured.. ha ha.. :)


Oh we won’t talk about memories … mine is the worst ! But then I can remember things from very long time ago…just not what I left the room to get … I stand in the hall and ask myself , what am I looking for ? sigh~


What a wonderful celebration for your mother – 100 years – and her telegram from the Queen. She must have been thrilled to bits that you were able to fly home to spend her special day with her. So happy for you too.

I loved celebrating my mother’s 80th, sadly she didn’t make it to her 90th, though her sister did. When her sister turned 80 she received a special message from the State Governor, organised by my cousin. My Mum lamented that when it was her turn she probably wouldn’t get anything like that. I had to do something – so galvanised my contacts and friends. A friend of my brother’s and mine was then a coalition politician so I asked him for help with getting a card written by the then PM. Also managed a card from the Deputy PM, and my former boss, Gareth Evans, who was probably our most famous Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister for decades (he wrote her a lovely note on the card). As she was opening each telegram and card at her party, she read them out. And then she said “who’s John Howard, I don’t know anyone by that name?” and for a second wondered why everyone laughed. Then the penny dropped. Though a swinging voter, she was really thrilled.
Vicki, with your mother’s genes, you’ll be celebrating 100 one day far into the future too! Best wishes, Pamela


Not as glamorous but I read a tip in a blog years ago – take a small roll of black electrical tape with you. Who would think one would ever need such a thing? When in London and readying to head for the airport, the handle broke on my train case. Immediately I knew I could have used the tape to keep the darn thing closed if all else failed. I was able to get the handle fixed (and glad I’d started getting ready early instead of last minute!) but knowing that little roll of tape was there took away a lot of stress.


JuLee – So agree – these practical things are so important/useful when travelling. I always take spare batteries for both my mobile phone and camera and mini torches with LED batteries and powerful bulbs. Useful in case of a power outage in the night or just to read by in bed when husband wants to sleep as soon as he hits the sheets. Also some anti-bacterial wipes to use on planes to wipe down the entertainment remote and the tray table. Then of course my own sleep mask and ear plugs for long haul night flights. We also put a combination lock strap around each suitcase and take a spare in one of the bags. It’s useful in case the bag gets damaged in flight, the strap is just something extra to hold it together and also to keep out thieves (have experienced both and strap worked). Also we attach the same coloured and patterned ribbons to the handle of each bag, including carry-on bags. Makes them so easy to identify on carousels or if a bag goes missing (also useful to tie to the handle of hand luggage Longchamps Pliage bags – there are so many out there that all look the same, eg the black with brown leather or the navy with brown – once sat in a lounge next to a woman with an identical bag, she’d put hers next to mine which luckily had my ribbon on it). I also take additional ribbon in case a tie falls off and is lost. Best wishes, Pamela


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