6 Sep 2017

Hong Kong And A Love Of Embroidery

Hong Kong: A Love For Embroidery on vickiarcher.com

Hong Kong and my search for embroidery continues.
I have had a love affair with Hong Kong since forever and part of this love affair includes embroidery. Embroidered anything to be precise.

My first trip to Hong Kong at the age of ten was an eye-opener. Hong Kong was a very different place in those days and the quest for embroidery far easier than it is today. Hong Kong is a fabulous fast-paced city with an eye for the modern rather than the traditional.

I understand desire for change and progress, but my love for the old-style continues.

Touching down in Hong Kong, even for 24 hours and even in the typhoon season, still thrills me. Asia because of its close proximity to Australia, always feels like home. It is a familiar city to me and like the creature of habit I am, I head to the same places.

With limited time I stay on Hong Kong Island and head straight up towards the Hollywood Road and Cat Street area. Hollywood Road is not the same as it once was: the area is becoming a cool and fashionable place with less art and antique galleries to peruse but more boutiques, bars and restaurants. I don’t mind.

The walk up the narrow alleyways past small market stalls selling everything from fancy dress costumes to hanging lanterns is a great one. Rich in colour, crowded with people and heady with the spicy scent of Hong Kong, it is a feast for the senses.

Hollywood Road winds past many galleries selling the real and maybe the not so real. My attitude is, if you like it and the price doesn’t offend then buy. Don’t be overly anxious about whether your ‘fabulous find’ is genuine or not, enjoy the moment and hone your bargaining skills.

My destination was not for pottery, Ming or otherwise. I was looking for embroidery and headed to Cochrane Street and Linva Taylor Fashion.

This is serious cheongsam and embroidery heaven.

The ideal is to have time to create the piece of your dreams. All the fabrics are superb and the workmanship wonderful.  Gucci you are fabulous but this shop is the real, real deal.

I didn’t have time to create a cheongsam but I did find the most wonderful embroidered kimono style gown. This season embroidery style jackets are top of the charts.

This kimono may make it out of the house and on to dinner or it might be the glamorous dressing gown I have been searching for. Either way, it doesn’t matter. I love it for the workmanship and the pleasure of where I bought it. xv

A Love Of Embroidery

alice & olivia embroidered long kimono  ||  love, fire placed floral kimono  ||  free people embroidered kimono

the kooples embroidered fringed kimono  ||  elizabeth and james tracey embroidered jacket  ||  kehlani embroidered jacket

Linva Fashion

38 Cochrane Street


Hong Kong
tel: 2544 2456

images, gucci

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Do include a picture of yourself in the kimono, Vicki, please. Sounds wonderful. Many thanks for the tips on where to shop for embroideries.
It’s been years since we last visited HK. I remember the days even further back when the planes used to take off and land at the old airport. Flying up through a narrow corridor of high rises to get properly airborne. In the old days airlines always put their best pilots on the HK run because approach and departure were so challenging – dangerous in fact. I remember our son as a little boy looking out the window during final approach when he said quite loudly, “look Mummy, we’re going to touch the mountain!”. The people around us gasped audibly. Much less exciting since the new airport was built. Best wishes, Pamela


Pamela, the same I wanted to write too. The approach was really exciting but HK itself still is.

Anita Rivera

I loved Asia. I almost made it to Hong Kong on my dance tour, but we had to end our 3-month tour in 1978. We did see fantastic art work in Japan, Korea, Philippines, Guam and Okinawa! I came back with a few beautiful dresses and kimonos as well, but Hong Kong? Oh would I have loved that….

Donna D

I too choose HKG as my stop over enroute to Europe…so vibrant and welcoming and that beautiful busy Harbour is enchanting with the lantern laden junks and ferries criss crossing. As Pamela commented, the old airport was thrilling landing and taking off in between highrise, one could actually observe the families inside those buildings! Shopping is always good there, be it the beautiful embroideries, cashmere, silks or china. A “must” if heading that way! Safe trip home. dx


I loved reading this. Hong Kong is so “on my list” but is overwhelming to think about – your specific directions make it seem all the more possible.


I lived in Hawaii as a child and my best friend was a little Japanese girl … I had the most beautiful kimonos and slippers that someone gave me .. I still have memories of those colorful soft robes..


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