4 Sep 2017

“If At First You Don’t Succeed, Apply More Lipstick”

If At First You Don't Succeed: Apply Lipstick on vickiarcher.com

Apply more lipstick? Absolutely, Always and Forever.

Lipstick is the best feel-good there is. I am never entirely sure why a small tube filled with colour can delight in so many ways. It does.

Lipstick is one of the best aids I know for a broken heart, a bad mood or even sadness. Okay, even lipstick can’t cure a broken heart but it sure can make us feel better for a mini-moment.

Wearing a =, whatever your game can make the world of difference. A solid shade is my go-to when I feel less than buoyant or I am in a racing hurry. Especially a good red, light or dark; a great red is the difference between feeling just so and feeling on top of the world.

Sometimes small things make big impacts. Lipstick is one of them.

And as my mother said, ” going without lipstick is like being undressed.” I am not entirely sure her logic applies all the time but I know what she means on many an occasion.

Choosing a lipstick is a fickle business; I flip and flirt between many brands. Right now I am crushing on Nars, their Audacious colours and their Velvet pencils. They feel good, stay on and are easy to apply.

Sometimes a girl just has to stray. ;) xv


“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.” – Liz Taylor


4 Steps To Fabulous Lips

1. Exfoliate the lips with a damp flannel, and sparingly apply lip balm before applying the rest of the make up.
Dry or cracked lips will make application of lipstick more difficult and the end result won’t be as polished.


2. If using a bright or very dark shade, ensure the skin tone around the mouth is even using a concealer or tinted moisturiser.
This will enhance and make the colour pop.


3. Using a matching lip liner outline the lips to avoid bleeding and then fill in the entire lip with the pencil. This is wear I often use the Velvets.
Filling the lips in with the pencil will ensure that the colour stays longer and avoids that washed out look after eating and drinking.


4. Using a lip brush, carefully apply the colour in long sweeping motions across the lip.  With a tissue, blot the lips and reapply the colour once more.
This will give the colour more staying power.


** To make a lip colour more matte, hold a thin tissue over the lips and brush with translucent powder. This will also increase the staying power of a creamier lipstick.

4 Fabulous Colours

wind it up

audacious charlotte  ||  audacious jeanne  ||  audacious carmen  ||  audacious limited vibeke

pencil it on

velvet endangered red  ||  velvet mysterious red  ||  velvet belle du jour  ||  velvet la dolce vita

image, elizabeth circa 1955 silver screen collection/getty images


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Mimi Gregor

I also love Nars lipsticks. Have tried other brands, but they always look either too glossy or too cakey. Nars is always “just right”.

As for lip exfoliation, one doesn’t need all those special products for that purpose that they sell; I just run the damp toothbrush over my lips before I brush my teeth. I’ve done this since I was young (before exfoliation was such a big deal) and my lips have stayed full and lineless, even though I am now “of a certain age”. Because they are still in such good shape, I can forgo the lipliner. I apply the lipstick to my lips, blend with my pinky finger, and blot. Of course, I DO have a good-sized area to work with and a steady hand, so there is that….


For me, the funny thing about lipstick is that most men hate it … they just don’t like lipstick . It might make you look
better but they don’t want to kiss it or get it on them. But we don’t care :)

Linda Boardman Kerr

Totally agree with all of you. If I had to limit myself to one makeup item, it would be my MAC Craving. Though it would be hard to not have my LORAC Goddess, my Nars Anna, and Smashbox Audition.


Agreed! And I shared this post with my beauty Facebook group. I love that the brand I wear doesn’t feather into fine lines and wrinkles around my mouth. Important for us femmes d’un certain age ;-)

Beth Anderson

I rarely have trouble with lipstick bleeding… what I seem to have trouble with is the outer color staying put and the inner color coming off right away – or quickly – and of course only really noticeable when it’s dark lipstick.


My mother always kept a lipstick near the front door…in case someone knocked or she needed to rush out the door! Didn’t matter that she was in slims, flats and a sleeveless blouse with four children in tow. When she was at the helm of her Vauxhall she was armed with her Cherries in the Snow!


Great post, Vicki and I loved the toothbrush tip, Mimi. When it comes to lips it is tricky to find the correct application. A little off and it ruins the whole show. Also, blue undertones in lipstick color makes teeth appear whiter!


Bold lipsticks never fail to make an impression! Love to wear it with a plain white shirt, jeans, jacket, and stilettos and dear I’m good to go. Thanks for the lovely tips.


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