13 Sep 2017

The Indispensable: Leopard Print #3

The Indispensable: Leopard Print #3 on vickiarcher.com

#3 in the leopard print series is indispensable in my view.

For me, it is the dress.

I don’t say it is first on my list but is definitely one I want in my cupboard.

For some it is a coat, a wrap or shoes (we will talk about those next) and don’t misunderstand I absolutely love a leopard coat and an accessory. Probably a faux leopard print coat is number one on my list this year but the dress, the leopard print dress is a winner.

Leopard print dresses are harder to find this season, the ones I like anyway.

For me a leopard print dress needs to be simple: the print is enough and manages to do all the work by itself. My inclination is to a straight shift style or wrap around; the sleeves are up to the individual. Alternatively I like a semi-caftan style, it is a little more voluminous but not entirely casual.

Dolce & Gabbana have always created the classic styles in leopard print and if an investment in one of these is an option, I would look no further. They are beautiful but they require a big vote of confidence and deep pockets. If you consider them on a cost per wear basis, my fashion philosophy when buying clothes, they are certainly worth the jump. Their style and print has not changed in forever and their fabric quality is mostly excellent.

There are other leopard print dresses to do the job that won’t break the bank. If you are experimenting with a leopard print dress for the first time then this one is a very friendly one to start with. It is inexpensive and made in a flattering style with a good print. It might not be in silk like the D & G, but it is a great buy and a very wearable dress.

Leopard print comes in various shades and spot sizes. It is a matter of choosing the tone and print you feel most confident in. Yves Saint Laurent was a big fan of leopard print and they seem to still get it right.

I am working on getting back into my leopard dress but in the meantime, I am looking at this one. xv

The Indispensable Leopard Print Dress

run don’t walk

**bardot leopard wrap dress  ||  elie tahari leopard dress  ||  rachel palley longer leopard dress  ||  diane von furstenberg leopard wrap

divine inspiration

dolce & gabbana stretch silk leopard sheath  ||  dolce & gabbana stretch silk flutter hem  ||  dolce & gabbana silk leopard dress


it might not be on your leopard spot radar, but take a peak, this is fabulous.

image, yves saint laurent caftan (no longer available)

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Leopard is timeless and classic. I’m leaving for an antique buying trip for the shop in Italy in a few weeks, and am thinking of taking two leopard pieces and a leopard scarf in my very basic travel wardrobe. Not just great with black, white and jeans, I love it with kelly green and red!

Linda B

Just want to note that though I don’t own a leopard dress or jacket, I do have leopard pumps and today, when I have a challenging meeting at work, I wanted to feel my best–and wearing these shoes are part of my strategy.

Mona Turner

That dress is fabulous! It’s funny, how along with all the obvious signs of beauty, we notice jawlines. I never payed much attention to jawlines, before but I do now.

Beth Anderson

I have a number of leopard print accent pieces including a faux coat (and shoes, and belts, and purse). I’m not yet sold on the whole dress yet – for me – but I love love love love an LBD with some touches of leopard. Or maybe a black coat with leopard touches… although if I had somewhere to wear a dress like that I would be more comfortable I think!


Did you see my INSTAGRAM TODAY!??YOU must look because if you want a KIMONO I think I can get it for YOU!


Oh, Vicki, that D&G dress is phenomenal, simply divine. And I’ll take the DVF dress as my second favorite. But that D&G version makes my hear flutter. Thank you for sharing these dresses. Cheers, Ardith


Leopard skin brings out the vamp in me! Check out Camilla Franks (Australian designer) she does an amazing leopard caftan, also swim suit and sarong. Guaranteed to make you sizzle!

Melja Eccles

Haircare for older women grabbed my attention on FB, but now I read all your posts and find them enjoyable, interesting and enlightening. You give me a new perspective on some long held opinions. Thanks


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