5 Oct 2017

Autumn Reflection: Refresh And Revive

Autumn Refresh on vickiarcher.com


“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” Oscar Wilde
It’s autumn, it’s getting cooler and I feel a little in the doldrums.

Wardrobe wise, I mean.

Apart from a few house-hunting setbacks I am feeling in fit form. I am back at the gym, exercising well and showing some healthy restraint for what I eat and drink.  When the mind is in gear, nothing can stop us and it feels wonderful to be driving the wellness agenda rather than letting life push the most important of all to the back of the queue.

Except, when it comes to my wardrobe, I am not entirely happy.

The new “feeling good” regime is encouraging a freshening up of my wardrobe. Most of my essentials are in ok shape and if not that’s an easy one to fix. Replacing more of the same doesn’t require too much energy or searching; when we know what we like and what works, that’s a wrap.

No it’s not that, it’s more I feel like a few new pieces to welcome in the autumn days and blow the fashion blah’s far away. Perhaps it’s watching all the shows in Paris – they do wet the appetite.

I am beginning to understand and accept the degrees of change with what I wear are narrowing. It is not boring and neither does it feel dull; it simply means I am happy with the way I dress. Not always, but more often than not. However, this does not mean I won’t flirt with new pieces and create statements in other ways. The changes may seem small but if they make me feel content and confident, I am winning.

Autumn Refresh on vickiarcher.com

A wardrobe is like an interior; they both need revivals from time to time.

Hence my choice of moody images today. This fabulous Parisian apartment designed by Iryna Dzhemesiuk & Vitaliy Yurov is out of my comfort zone but there is something that makes me want to examine the photographs in depth.

This is how I feel about my current wardrobe. It needs some investigation.

Halsbrook, have a friends and family discount of 20% until the 10th October, so with this in mind I have had a long browse at their newest arrivals. There are so many pieces, particularly their dress edit, which would do the job I have been mentioning here.

I’ll show you what I am deliberating over – and what I consider a done deal. xv

Autumn Refresh on vickiarcher.com


“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” F.Scott Fitzgerald


Refresh, Revive And Save

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dress for success

cinta dress with topstitch  ||  sissi purple dress  ||  joyce tweed dress  ||  verdigris wool crepe

piaze sempione sweater dress  ||  paul ka emerald green jersey  ||  shoshanna navy crepe

up the ante

cheetah print jacket  ||  bella tu embellished velvet jacket  ||  circolo 1901 velvet blazer  ||  cable knit cashmere poncho

pearl hoop earrings  ||  pearl sand necklace  ||  spur palmer blue sweater  ||  inverni cashmere pompom beanie

Thank you Halsbrook for sponsoring Autumn Reflection: Reflect And Revive

images, parisian apartment designed by iryna dzhemesiuk & vitaliy yurov

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Those photos remind me of Winter more than Fall, which where I lived last was warmer and much more colorful and also my Favorite time of year. That is one of the things about living in the South / Florida … no seasons !
Even though I don’t like walls that look so dark/black, I do love the room .. the vastness of it and those windows :)

Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki! I too have had to rethink my wardrobe and every week, I get one new item. However, I always have my “go-to” outfits and they are all either black or gray. I LOVE those two colors! But I’ve been adding a pop of color, as I have learned to do in my home décor. But no matter what, my happy place in the wardrobe department is that black and gray area. What great photos you share!


Moody, interesting apartment. Without good lighting and on a dull day it would become very depressing over winter – and on grey days any time. The chairs are for sprawling on not sitting as there is no back support. An apartment probably for athletic thirty somethings!
As we’re now in full spring mode with wisteria draping our decking and scenting the house, the fruit trees in blossom and the hyacinths blooming – also the azaleas, all gorgeous pinks and crimsons – I just can’t relate to autumn/winter clothes. So glad to be able to throw these off now.
Good luck with your house hunting! Best wishes, Pamela


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