9 Oct 2017

L’Oreal: One Way To Close The Champs Elysées

L'Oreal: How To close The Champs Elysees on vickiarcher.com

Yes, they did it again.

Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda were knockouts when they walked the runway for L’Oréal this past fashion week in Paris.

Ok, the truth is I didn’t adore their outfits but I absolutely adore them and their ability to shine.

They are both outstanding women and if they aren’t “better not younger” then I don’t know who is.

Bravo L’Oréal for your first runway show and for the celebration of all women.

By the way, the hair was fabulous, too.

L'Oreal: How To close The Champs Elysees on vickiarcher.com

I did take particular notice of the combination of Ellery coat, shirt and pants worn by Helen Mirren.

I mean the navy (Is it dark navy? Even if it’s not this is the combination i’m going for), the grey and the white worn together. It is a brilliant combination and with Mirren’s red lips we should have this working for us in our wardrobes.

Navy I do occasionally – note to self – wear it more often.

Grey plaid pants or grey flannel trousers? Yes, please.They look brilliant with navy and I would definitely like to see them happening in my coming-very-soon winter wardrobe. Grey, nothing new to me, is something I usually pair with white and black. It’s time to bring the navy back. Navy I tend to wear with navy or even black but how good it looks with a grey check?

White blouse buttoned up? We’ve got that.

Man style shoes – brogues, lace ups – they may just be the winter version of the mule for me.

L'Oreal: How To close The Champs Elysees on vickiarcher.com

Inspiration comes in many ways and while I might not be able to carry off such a wide-legged trouser or extreme jacket I can adapt and find a new and eminently wearable look for me.

To me this is what fashion week is all about; seeing the upcoming trends, being excited to re-invigorate our wardrobes with fashion updates taken from the runway and celebrating the creativity and beauty of it all.

It is even better when women like Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren are closing the Champs Elysées. xv

A Winning Combination

top it off in navy

laundry fit & flare  ||  ted baker skirted  ||  ralph lauren fit &flare  ||  eliza j military  || laundry military  ||  vince camuto double breasted

armani single breasted  ||  burberry double breasted

strike a pose in plaid

halogen relaxed  ||  tibi high rise  || calvin klein straight  ||  piazza sempionne ankle  ||  eleventy pin stripe  ||  giorgio armani herringbone

button up

signature silk   ||  essential silk  || slim signature  ||  santana oxford  ||  tory burch lace-up  ||  manolo blahnik oxford  ||  stuart weitzman velvet

images pascal le segretain/getty images for l’oreal paris

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Taste of France

Just look at her! Helen Mirren is everything. The clothes…whatever. It’s the way she wears them. She makes the outfit. All attitude.
Great makeup on her, too.


The attitude.. but the best kind… confident and happy.. :)
The make-up is simple and with a strong lip; my favourite look too.


I am so very happy that my blonde hair is not turning some kind of grey brown mix but it has turned pure white.
My hair is long and it is the same color as Helen Mirren’s … She is a role model for so many women , I think ..


A fabulous colour .. aren’t you lucky… and yes, Candice.. what a great role model she is :)


I don’t even recognize Helen! New face job. Too bad I liked her before. And Jane Fonda too. I liked these two before they became someone “else”!


Perhaps she has tightened her jaw line?.. I think she looks wonderful and still “her”. She looks “well groomed” rather than younger. The photos could well have been touched up too..
Such a personal thing … especially if you are in the public eye.. but I have learned I “never say never” anymore.. :)


Agree she does look different. Not sure quite what it is. But I had to keep looking at the pictures and thinking “this isn’t Helen Mirren she must be in the next pic”. Still, she looks fabulous and hasn’t gone for that dreadful tight mask look that so many actresses get with surgery. I’m still a great fan! Love how happy she looks in these pictures. She seems to be having a ball. Also love Jeanne Moreau’s comments about her own age! It’s the way to be. So important to enjoy time with young people as it helps keep one young – I love being with my grand-daughters! Best wishes, Pamela

Jan Lavoipierre

I agree not everyone wants or indeed can afford the best of the best plastic surgeon and then as you say Vicki photoshopped by the best in the business. Nevertheless the style can be achieved. Navy,grey and white. I love it. So I will add Navy to my wardrobe for a great new look. The face will have to do!

Mimi Gregor

I read a quote that I think you will appreciate, as an answer in our local newspaper’s Cryptic Byword.:

“I shall die very young… maybe seventy, maybe eighty, maybe ninety, but I shall be very young.” — Jeanne Moreau

I just LOVE that! That is SO how I want to be!


Helen is still a beauty. The walking stick gives her attitude plus but that smile warms everyone around her. I would love the opportunity to meet her (in my dreams).
Yes, with a few tweaks that outfit could work. Off to check your links.
I still haven’t found a red lipstick that doesn’t look harsh. Perhaps, I need one that leans towards the pink spectrum. Give up….. never. Lol


Look at Rouge Ne from Chanel. It is deep but not screaming. At least on my complexion…pale with freckles and 68 yrs!


Helen, as ever, looks spectacular. And I would absolutely wear the ensemble she models here. It’s the first set of clothes I have lusted over in years. I’ve been patiently awaiting the demise of the high-end “bag lady” looks for as long.


I can’t get past Jane Fonda being a traitor and comingling with the enemy — straddling the barrels of the weapons that were killing our soldiers. Along with all of her plastic surgery – she’s someone to whom I do not aspire in any way.

Anita Rivera

WOW. Power to the women of TIME. We don’t get there until we’ve lived long enough to learn the strut of self confidence and wisdom. And it sure helps to have a lovely wardrobe! I actually love this “trench” that Helen Mirren is sporting. Magnificent!


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