16 Oct 2017

Maintaining The All-Star Silver

Maintaining The All Star Silver on vickiarcher.com

Silver is the all-star grey shade I’m hopeful for.

The all over silver to be more precise and if I could dip my locks to be instantly platinum, sleek and shiny, I might even succumb.

It’s not so easy.

Right now I am still in the streaky stage; grey streaks and a bunch of darker ones.

No doubt the grey will outrun the brown pretty soon and I will be ready.

The “grey” issue I am beginning to face is the slightly yellowish tinge that coats the silver and dulls down the grey. I can’t say I am crazy about that. As much as going grey is all about low maintenance and saving time, it still requires the right products and my attention.

Going grey and owning the decision means a commitment because grey only works if it’s “good” grey.

There are a few pointers to growing grey, which we have covered, but what about once we are there? xv

Maintaining The Grey

Grey hair should be in the best condition with no frizzies or fly aways. 

Curly or wavy grey hair is beautiful but the wiry version looks better tamed.

We are very fortunate these days there are products to help us calm the runaways.

A regular haircut is essential with a grey head.

Length and style are personal choice, signature style and whatever else makes us feel confident within but grey hair needs to be maintained in a very regular fashion. I can almost mark in my diary the day I need a cut; hair is all well and under control and then suddenly it’s not.

Grey hair needs polishing.

A silver shampoo or conditioner used every few shampoos enhances the look and adds shines. Grey hair needs not only to move with a smart cut but also shine brightly. I have recently added the silver shampoo to my routine and thankfully my hair has lost the slightly golden tinge.

How often I use this is dependant on how my hair reacts. At the moment I am using it once every third wash to avoid the “silver rinse” look.

Make sure the rest of your  style adapts to the grey hair.

Once our hair changes colour, whether it’s from brown to grey or red to blonde, everything looks different. I found this to be the hardest adjustment of all. The colours in my wardrobe and the products in my make-up bag did not necessarily look right anymore. My palette has changed and I needed to understand that. Red lipstick is so much more my friend than a bright pink; as a blonde, the pinks were the dream. Not so much now. Beige and caramel, as much as I love them, don’t love me and have all but left my wardrobe. 50 shades of grey are my wardrobe staple, along with black, navy and cream. And of course the vibrant gem colours work well with a grey head of hair.

Maintain That All-Star Colour

these are the 2 shampoos i have tried – they work to gently cleanse and add silvery brightness to the hair

aveda blue malva shampoo  ||  clairol shimmer lights conditioning shampoo for blonde and silver

image, marian moneymaker ford models

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I just went from blonde to silver and am thrilled with it. My hair dresser suggested “purple” shampoo (I’ve tried several brands and ended up using Clairol Shimmer once a week) to brighten the white hair and to help fade out the blonde. Since, I went for a shorter, sophisticated cut, the transition was complete in six months. So happy with natural hair again.


I am slow to embrace the gray, a sloth moves faster! The big fear is that my natural mouse brown hair will turn into a mouse silver hair color. For now I am content with a light brown, but the root touch up is happening more frequently. Brassiness can be a problem, particularly for those of us with natural red highlights, perhaps the Aveda shampoo will help.


Yes.. it’s great for coloured hair too… give it a try, I think you will like it Jeanne :)

Mimi Gregor

Just another reason I cannot do grey: I cannot control the frizzies in my high-humidity climate. I refuse to spend more time than I already do, or purchase more products than I already do, or use more heat tools than I already do. Enough! I am growing it longer and when the humidity is high, I will embrace (or try to) the wildness. But the greyness? Nuh-uh. Not yet.

Sharon Bernhardt

I have similar hair… prone to fizziness… I have stopped using shampoo and only ‘wash’ my hair with conditioner. It has made an amazing difference. I still colour my hair but would love to go a beautiful silver grey, but I thjnk I tend more towards a dark salt and pepper. When my hair is feeling a bit dry and frizzy and rub some jojoba (or macadamia) oil into my hands and rub it through my hair… it is all absorbed in no time and leaves it smooher and curly/wavy.


I let my hair grow out to see how grey/white/silver I would be. Not enough and my once blonde hair seems a mousy brown now. How disappointing! So, I’m back to adding blonde highlights. I did use purple shampoo while on this journey as advised by my stylist.
You mention hair cuts with movement to highlight your grey and give it shine. Would you do a post on cuts you think are best for going au natural.


My blonde hair just turned white. It looked like I had gotten a highlighting … I love the color and I never have to think about roots :)
And I also like to keep my hair long …


The hair salon I normally go to when stopping over in Singapore for a few days each year recommended Kevin Murphy’s Blonde Angel conditioner. It’s designed to moisturise and soften bleached, highlighted and grey hair. I use it occasionally and it really gives my long hair a boost – it’s always so silky and shiny afterwards – and lots of volume. It’s not really grey yet – mostly light reddish brown with blonde/sand coloured streaks and silver threads. Quite a bit of white hair around my ears that I cover with top strands. Has always been naturally streaked, mostly from the sun when I was younger. Have never coloured it. Even my beautiful young grand-daughters have streaked hair, also quite natural. It’s strange, don’t understand why the streaks except it must be genetic. When I’m at the hairdresser, more frequently now I’m older as it’s my weekly treat to have a shampoo, head massage and blow dry, other women tell her that they want their hair streaked just like mine. So I guess there are some compensations to getting older. Best wishes, Pamela


Vicki, thank you for this lovely post. I too have gone natural and get so many compliments.

My issue is this, I am half French American and Filipino, thus I have olive skin and almost black eyes and all of the articles/blogs and Pinterest relate to mostly light skin and all light colored eyes.

My natural hair as blue-black, now silver and lighter black/grey. My veins are green indicating by some that I am a warm winter.

I am struggling to not look washed out!

Long way to ask, please help. Should I wear gold or silver jewelry? Jewel colors, grey?

I welcome any advice.
Thank you in advance.


Hello Michelle,

Send me a photograph and I would happily make some colour suggestions for you :)


You can have your colours assessed. Try House of Colour. You can also join an on line grey haired community – I’m on Silver Sisters Cafe Gray – to see all the varieties of grey hair and skin colouring and to get tips on products and makeup and all things grey hair.

Chirlene Rhode

My hair is white – not grey – since my late 30’sh. It’s a family thing. My friend sends me a hair product from France which I apply daily and my hair is never yellow.


I’d love to know what that product is called. Purple shampoos dont touch the yello/gold that’s taking over my white hair!


My hair was blonde … white-ish blonde naturally .. so when it started to change, it didn’t get grey but whiter … it is like it never changed, except it is so shiny now .. people actually comment on the shine ! :)
My hair is straight and I have worn it one length to the shoulder for years and years … sometimes it gets longer, recently I just had it cut, to shoulder length instead of the middle of my back.
I started to worry that from the back, I looked like a young girl, then when I turned around … well, not a young girl.
I love the color .. I never thought , in my 30s or 40s, that I would end up with my hair the color I always wanted it to be :)


Give Schwarzkopf BC Color Freeze Silver Shampoo a try.
It has a pH of 4.5 and leaves my wavy hair very soft.


I found my first grey at 24 and have been fighting with it ever since. *Trying* to embrace the idea of going completely grey but just can’t make the commitment…yet. It’s so tempting! Maybe after my next birthday? In the meantime I’m going to keep turning to you for inspiration.


I became allergic to colourants and had to go natural. Cut my hair very short and went through the process. Loving it but the yellow is a problem. I react to all the brightening shampoos. My solution is to add a few drops of Gentian Violet to a spray bottle of water and spray onto my hair after washing. Leave for a few minutes and rinse out. Brightens grey.

Sue Malizia

Just curious, what other shampoo/conditioner do you use or recommend to use in between using the silver toning products. Think I’m using my Joico silver products too often…and think I should be using an additional shampoo/conditioner.


Final cut this Sat removed the last of the dyed hair…I am loving the feel and investigating the variants of non-color!
I use Klorane shampoo ( wonderful) and just confiscated a bottle of Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla leave in conditioner spray…great smell and shine. My hair is very fine/curly and after trying different lengths, short is for me. Took six months with just cover up of roots/sides for a few months. At 60 I am getting renewed attention…my husband ( younger than me) said he wants to dye his hair gray to catch up with me.


Vicki, I went silver almost three years ago after reading one of your articles. Harrowing, but now I am here. My natural brown had a lot of red, and the back of my head still has some brown to go. I couldn’t have been happier to find that the grey hair came in as a deep pewter with very light silver white streaks shot all through it. I love it and get more compliments than I ever did before. I also tend to get a yellowish tinge. Silver shampoo worked for a while but suddenly my hair began to grab the purple and covered my white streaks no matter how quickly I washed it out. At last I discovered Schwarzkopf Royal Absolutes Silverwhite Brightning Spray which removes the yellow and brightens the white beautifully. Monique Parent has a video online which demonstrates the prouduct which you heavily spray on and let sit 30 minutes before rinsing out. I use once a month if needed. Love love love it! Especially good if you added highlights to hasten the going silver process. They tend to go yellow. Available on Amazon.


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